Monday, May 26, 2008

movers coming thru...

since i'm kinda bored oredi with updating different stuff in separate places, my facebook n friendster n here as well, i decided to move any movie or book review i feel compelled to write on from friendster to here.. so here goes another one..

went on a date to watch prince caspian the other day.. no actually not to watch it specifically but juz to shop around n ended watching the movie in between shopping.. i think it is safe to say that the movie is 'safe'... not that interesting tp not that it makes u snore in public either... but then again its hard for me to fall asleep in cinemas so i can never tell... hehehe..

well, the prince is easy on the eyes (to think that he's my age! ;)).. tp kinda naive n i dint fancy the accent.. its somewhat like the previous movie la... nothing to go ga-ga about... tp i can tell u one thing... its actually better than the book... which is totally opposite from what usually happened - i.e. u read the story n have high expectations when u head to the cinema, n end up disappointed when the movie is not ambitious as u want it to be (as happened to me everytime i go to watch the first few harry potter movies) sorry c.s. lewis but i prefer adamson.. the one character i liked most was the totally cute mouse warrior chief 'who' always throw in a nice remark whenever needed... kinda reminded me of the cat in shrek 2..

most of the time if i want to watch a movie i always read what 'the star' has to say about it... they were ruthless when it comes to giving stars to newly released movies and they were usually right... n for this movie they were right again! well the reviewer stil liked lewis better than adamson but he's right on it being forgettable.. u can read the full review here...

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