Friday, October 31, 2008

hmmmmmphhhhh... baru tau harry potter n half blood prince postpone to july 09. hampessss... penat tunggu.

xpe la. tunggu twilight pun jadi. janji vampire nye ensem kuikuikui

btw tgk pathology x? bosan ah aku. harap si milo tu je ensem. disebabkan download aje citer nye, maka buleh la fowed2 sesuka ati. cm x bersemangat langsung tgk citer.

layan katun lagi best.
Consumer cut in spending the most since 1980

WASHINGTON – Scared and out of money, Americans stopped buying everything from cars to corn flakes in the July-September quarter, ratcheting back spending by the largest amount in 28 years and jolting the national economy into what could be the most painful recession in decades.

With retailers bracing for a grim holiday buying season, the economy isn't just slowing; it's actually shrinking, the government confirmed Thursday. It reported that the nation's gross domestic product declined at an annual rate of 0.3 percent in the year's third quarter and consumers' disposable income took its biggest drop on record.

In simpler words, "The train went off the tracks," said Brian Bethune, economist at IHS global Insight.

Wall Street took comfort in the fact that it wasn't even worse. The Dow Jones industrials rose 190 points.

But economists say tougher times are still ahead. Believing consumers are cutting back even more right now, they predict a much larger economic decline — anywhere from a 1 to 2 percent rate — during the current October-December period. That would meet a classic definition of a recession — two straight quarters of shrinking GDP.

read more here. sources from yahoo news.

to think that u have to stop to buy even cereals that u've been eating everyday for breakfast as a result of economic recession is downright scary. n yet mastercard and visa reported that they saw higher use of them credit cards during the previous malaysia megasale as compared to last year's!

hmm... malaysia market yg x tergugat dgn ekonomi org lain ke org malaysia yg xpenah sedar dan tetap berbelanja seperti biasa?

i think i vouch for the latter, on my behalf.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

do u girls notice that us asians can have freckles as well? no, not the kind thats on the face but on the body?

Well, i have some, on the back of my hands. Other ppl won’t notice, yet, but i do. Hehehe.. shows to u the extent of my vanity.

I’ve had it since school. But its getting more noticeable since i work here. Then i juz had to nag about it to my sis.

Tgk la niiiiii... freckles bykkkk... nnti nmpk cm tompok itam. Jadi cm tgn abah.

My sis went:

Hah, tu freckles ka? Laaa... org pun ada. Org ingat daki ka hapa. Patut la xmo keluaq.

Hahahahaha.... patutla mandi berjam2! Tonyoh freckles xkeluar2 rupanya!

Lesson for the day:

Those of u yg mandi lama2, yg nk berus gigi n ambik air smayang utk subuh pun 30minit, pls check if ur scrubbing dirt or freckles!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


smlm kan.. aku kuarkan minced meat dari freezer.. konon2 nk buat beef patties.. sementara nk tunggu defrost tu aku cincang la bawang.. boh dlm mangkuk.. tinggal la tepi sink tuh..

pastu kan, aku rasa2 mcm lama lagi daging tu nak defrost, aku mandi la dulu.. siap syampu rambut nyanyi sumer siap.
pastu aku p la nk smbung prepare tuh.. tgk2 ada dua tiga ekor semut dlm mangkuk tuh.. aku buat la mcm bunyi bising, hariz pun tnye...

apsal tuh

xde pe.. semut..


dia terus dtg dgn senjata baru dia. ala... ridsect yg ada muncung haluuuussss tuh. aku pun ckp:

xnak la sembur skrg... nnti2 blh x..

pastu dia tah ke mana2 dok sembur2 jgk. seb baik jauh dari tmpt masak. tp busuk la kan. dh la umah tu kecik cenonit..

aku mula la hangin, time2 ni la nk sembur menatang tuh.. aku dh la x suka bau dia..

dh siap, aku pun buat la burger daging tu.. dalam ati tgh marah lg.. marah ape lagi pun xtau dah. tp tau nk marah. nasib baik x hangus burger.

dah abis goreng, kuarkan daun salad n tomato, potong2. pastu aku p smayang maghrib. dlm ati stil lagi distraught ntah apsal. tgh2 smayang tetiba nangis.. basah telekung.

hariz dah abis smayang maghrib dtg kat aku,

ni apsal menangis plk nih..

aku jawab la xtau.

sedih, sbb sllu marah2. kengkadang tu mende kecik je, tp marah jgk. abg pun satuuuu!!!

nasib baik dia paham. siap pujuk baik2, buat lawak2. dia tau,

aku tgh saiko skrg.

pastu mkn beef patties kepit dgn wholewheat bread. pastu aku ok, walaupun mata sembab dan pedih. happy blk, smbil mkn aiskrim potong kacang merah.

ke sebenarnya aku lapar yg menyebabkan ke'saiko'an aku?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

there goes my money again!

tp x kira, nak beli jgk buleh? (dah beli dah pun)

went to SACC Mall td and who else yg tgh sale (lagi!) but MPH? saw this book and i juz have to have it. ada byk short stories, most of them are the ones i have read out of children's encyclopedia masa kecik2 dulu (yep, dari kecik saya ialah budak pelik yg suka baca encyclopedia dan dictionary kanak2). excited ok! :)

what i did these days

had a terrific cuti. connection breakdown at home made it impossible to update during the weekend. so, a lil' bit of everything:


janji dgn hariz nak p MPH distributors sale tu seawal mungkin. tp alih-alih pukul 8 jgk baru nk mengeliat2 bgn dari katil (tu pun mak amazed (she called from saudi that morning), ai, awal bgn! - hahaha, kantoi!) iron baju, goreng kropok lekor, buat air, mandi2, siap2, have breakfast... pukul 9.30 baru jalan. sampai pkl 10, dah susah gila carik parking, since there zara and mausimo dutti pnye warehouse sale juz across the street.

dah tgk the ad in the star since 22hb, tp forgot all about it and went to buy BREAKING DAWN at full price of RM50! after i bought it only hariz asked me why didnt i wait for the sale. aiyoh, lupaaa!!! imagine my horror looking at it at the warehouse at only RM32!!! keciwa!!

tp xpe. i managed to bag quite a few. the highlights:

contemplated to buy this as its stil a tad pricey ( i could've bought THREE books for the price of this one!) tp hariz pointed out that i wd be looking for it later anyway and it retails for RM90, so, into the basket it went. soft cover, RM55, hard cover RM58. no price for guessing which version that i bought ;)
this one was a mystery for the MPH staff to solve. i saw it inside the warehouse at RM32, so decided not to buy. but then saw it again, outside. at RM15. fab grab!

i dunno what made me buy this one, but it was sitting there so prettily and it reminded me of the old days so i went ahead and bought it. bagus utk di pass ke anak cucu di hari tua!

masa all the hoopla that this book was given, i didnt really care to check it out. dah selesai movie pun keluar dah, baru sebok nak baca. :) stumbled upon both small paperback version and hardcover version at the SAME PRICE! in the end bought the small version as the big one x dijilid elok2.


pagi, went to tg karang for a friend's engagement ceremony. lmbat skt gerak sbb hariz kena p hospital prepare chemo, ada dr yg 'baik' sgt order four day course throughout the cuti. nasib baik sampai ngam2 pkl 12, rombongan lelaki baru nak bertolak.

ptg pkl 3, bertolak dr tg karang to farina's open house. lasagna sedap!!! and apple crumble yg aku request pun ada. yeay! dah brp kali mintak resipi, tp x tulis. then x buat2 plk tu kan, harus la lupa. peon dgn baik ati bagi kertas dan pen utk aku tulis resipi. lps ni x lupa dah! ;) thanks farina, ur a fab host!

blk umah, dah lps maghrib, baca novel 2-3 page, terus tergolek tido. aku golek2 kat luar, hariz golek2 kat dalam. pkl 10 terjaga, masuk bilik sambung golek2 bersama2. penat!!


went to ampang to visit hariz's cousin yg baru deliver baby girl. cumeeelll sgtttt!! tp x dpt nk dukung. asek tido je si kecik tuh. congrats yah! ur an aunt! :)

then anto my sis back to her hostel in shah alam. b4 that, lunch kat subang. yep, all this while my sis ada with me kat umah, tp dia ikut ke mana2 pun sbb puasa. kesian aku tinggal dia sorg2 tp nak buat cne, karang terliur plk p umah org kan.

ko tgk, brp byk tmpat dlm selangor aku cover dlm 3 hari?

kepong - pj - kepong - tg karang - pj - kepong - ampang - subang - shah alam - kepong.

lps tu wonder why rumah asek bersawang. go figure lah.

Friday, October 24, 2008

hooked, again!

went to my sis's hostel room and saw a novel that got me reminiscing on the good ol' days in SSP. it's not the novel itself but the writer that got me going, heeee, teringat zaman skolah dulu....

masa skolah dulu sgt suka baca books by this author, as it swept me off my feet with its dazzling and dashing dukes and earls and their share of equally beautiful (and virgin) wives, with their swishing 19th century ballgowns, living in their larger than life mansion.. errr.. u get what i mean..

yep, dulu sgt suka berangan (actually sampai skrg pun..)

judith mcnaught, in one way or another, has taught me quite a bit about relationships n its ups and downs, albeit century old kind of love.

wonderful indeed!

farina ckp ada baaannyyyaaakk buku judith mcnaught di MPH Distributors Sale itu. haruslah kene pegi kan! :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008


the new soho collection by coach! i really love this!
but then again, i also like this:
and this!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

yes, it's official now

u know how i always loved stephen king's salem's lot, and anne rice's writings. n although i didnt watch buffy, i 've always liked the spin-off from it, angel. all of which have led me to the twilight series.

now, hariz n i are officially hooked on 2 other series vampire related, BLOOD TIES and TRUE BLOOD.

true blood revolves around a telepathic waitress, sookie stackhouse(played by anna paquin, the one who played as rogue in x-men), who falls in love with a 100sumthing y/o vampire named bill compton, in a world that somewhat encourages the vampires to 'come out of the coffin'. all this thanks to the invention of synthetic blood by japanese scientists, called 'true blood'. in the meantime, more and more women are killed mysteriously with their blood all sucked out. and the plot expands from that scenario.

no surprise there.

i think its a very different drama, with that texas twang and all, and very interesting angle for a vampire story, given that i never read anything with a plot that the vampires make their existence known to the rest of the world. baru ada 5 episodes yg downloadable. i'm waiting for more!

p/s: pls don't let the little ones watch this with u. its not that the blood and gore are too violent, no, but it has sexually graphic content.

blood ties revolve around a private investigator, vicky nelson, who retired from the police force due to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa, which reduces her eyesight progressively. in the first episode, her investigatioon collided with a drop-dead (but... already dead one...) gorgeous 400plus y/o vampire, henry fitzroy. from there they begin to cooperate in various cases brought in by her clients yg, bila diorg report, polis x percaya. every episode brings a different case, while showing the progress of their personal life. sorta like bones, which i like too.

i know, i know, i like complicated stuff in a story, investigation, blood and gore, bring them all in!

it's aired in a fairly unknown (to me) US channel, lifetime. honestly i think if the series were bought by a more popular channel (like hbo bought true blood) this will be a BIIIIGGG hit!!!

update: juz read somewhere that the series is already cancelled after the two season. great. juz great. n i haven't even finished the first season!

n, pls compare. who is hotter? bill yg suka tayang bulu dada? or henry yg xde bulu dada? (bill, u can see from the pic, that he has. henry, u have to watch the series first! ;))

bill compton - dead at 30, 100+ y/o

henry fitzroy - dead at 17, 400+ y/o


its dark, and raining........... whattttt?????!!!!

EMPTY-BEAKED STORKSSS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no wonder we're yet to be three!

it's supposed to be like this:

or even better, like this:

on second thought, ke diorg dah abis hantar all those babies to 12 (pls count the number of birds in the first pic) mommy-to-bes n left me out?


pls count me in for the next delivery ey mr. stork!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

kejadian slps weekend trip

i told u guys b4, for two straight weekends hubster and i went back to trganu via plane. subang terengganu back to back, twice. left d car at a fren's house in subang. during the first wkend hariz left the car together with the carkeys with the friend. however, last wkend, he did not, and brought the carkeys to trganu.

guess what happened.

yep, tertinggal.

hanya disedari kat atas plane back to subang.

how can i not realize it when its juz on top of the bedside drawer??!!!!

actually, perasan je mende tu kat situ. i was the one who packed the bags (of course lah!) and clean up all the mess we made in the room, while hariz dgn abg2nya p buang sampah yg berlambak2 di luar rumah (sbb masak sendiri punya pasal). saw that carkeys and the thing that crossed my mind? oh nanti hariz mesti ambik. tinggal la situ, karang dia cari plk..

i took everything on top of the drawer, our perfumes, brooches, creams, butang baju melayu, rings bracelets etc, hair gel and serum, sumer la pendek kata.

heck, even safety pins.


hariz was furious with me for not taking it, n i was mad at myself, and at him as well. sbb usually one of us mesti take a once-over look at the room to make sure nothing is left behind.

nak buat cmne, mende nak jadi.

nasib baik my second BIL stil in trg. kirim la dgn dia, mcm xde mende lain nak kirim. org len blk dr trg kirim keropok lekor, kita kirim kunci kereta.

smpai subang, blk umah terus dgn cab. turned the whole house upside down in search for the spare key. jumpa kunci, tp REMOTE TADAK.

korek lagi, habis satu rumah. jumpa remote. hariz went back to subang to fetch the car. skali lps 1/2 jam dia tpon.

'ayang, remote x leh pakai.'


abt 15 mins later he called again. luckily his friend managed to solve the remote problem. blh lah blk umah.

at six kitorg kuar semula. p open house my cous, mcm xde pape jadi. padahal!!!!!

nasib baik p open house. dapat resipi dadih yg sgt sedap.

i like!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i'm back. for good now. no more travelling until raya haji, i suppose.

yesterday everything went very smoothly, all thanks to mama's very detailed, all-laid-out plan. me n hariz, sbg ahli jwtnkuasa door gift dan menyambut tetamu, naturally dok kat luar. poor hariz had a sunburn line on his forehead (thanks to his songkok), not that he needed any more tanning. me, apart from a bit of red flush that can be seen today, i'm all good (yeeahhh riggghhhttt, padahal kena naik umah by two, setelah almost 3 jam kat luar. migraine, panas sgt. saya kan puteri lilin!)

food was marvellous, home cooked, mind you, not catered. kari daging sedap gilaaa!!!

then after kenduri me and hariz lari dari rumah, jadi tour guide abah to masjid kristal. dgn x tukar baju lagi, busuk masam dgn muka berkilat kitorg p masjid tu hahaha.. org pun pandang2 kitorg, hariz dgn baju melayu (nasib baik dah buang sampin) aku dgn baju kurung riau (pink!) french lace, courtesy from my MIL. nasib baik aku gemuk, kalo x ppl wd say menantu lama was trying to steal the limelight! ;)

kitorg xsempat (n x larat) nak tour taman tamadun islam yg ada byk masjid replika tuh, although kat luar nmpak sgt cntik, ppl yg suka architecture sure will dig this punya lah.

Friday, October 17, 2008

cuti lagi hari ni (mcm minggu lepas).

packing (again) for a weekend trip (again). going back naik firefly (again!!). same time plk tuh flight hari ni dgn last wk's friday.

the only diff is that this wks theme is pink for the family, and mak abah will be around as well, together with 2 bros and 2 sis.

will be back sunday noon (kan aku dh ckp sama!)

will keep u guys posted! daaa!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

lawak org kawen

went for dinner at uncle lim's subang parade. both of us had their laksa.

tgh sibuk usha anuar zain di meja yg berdekatan sambil melantak, tiba2;

'ai, baru nak breakfast ke pakcik?'

'abg ckp dgn sapa?'

'xde la... tgk la pakcik tu. mcm mkn breakfast.'

'mkn apenye?'

'kopi o, roti bakar anddd... mmm (sambil mengintai) telur separuh masak.'

'telur separuh masak?'

'ha ah.. mm ohh..'


'(sambil senyum kambing) malam jumaat..'

as if that explains everything.. men!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

chocolate and green and everything in between

i love chocolate. anything chocolate. i'm sure many can relate to me regarding this one everlasting love.

n i love it more when its paired with mint. love it, love it, LOVE IT! be it ice cream, chocolate bar, or cupcakes, i love them all.

in comes another one. lippy. i do like to play with lippies, be it balm, glosses, or plain sheer lipstick (although i basically stick to safe colours -brownish rose and nude pink which suited me well).

what happens when all three are combined?

u get this:
one swipe, and one sniff of it is enough to elevate ur endorphin levels! plus, u don't have to worry about the extra pounds to pile if ur addicted to this!

what a way to destress!!!

i am so in looooovvveeeee

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

saya budak baru belajar

u guys know what an ignorant i am. how oblivious i am to my surroundings. to the point that i didnt notice the glaringly obvious in front of me, until somebody point it out, years later.

aritu i learnt a new thing about cars. this is not new, mind u, its juz that i juz realised it. have u ever noticed that some cars kekadang tuh ada something dangling behind the boot? like a chain or belt somewhat? it looked like some useless thing, or so i thought. one day (finally) i asked my hubby about it as we passed through a grey wira with that thing dangling from its back. it says 'EARTH BELT'. i wondered, that thing has a name ke.... hariz says it is to expel all the statics from the car, discharging it to the earth, hence the name.

oh wait, i said, i thought i've learnt that concept some time ago in school. but didn't it require some connection the earth (as the belt on the wira x cecah tanah), baru blh transfer the static? hariz confirmed my concept was true enough. ooohhh, salah concept la si wira tuh rupanya, ni mesti sbb dia tinggikan buntuit kete dia, dah tertonggek cmtu xkena la tanah. rugi la cmtu kan. the belt cost about a hundred gak. btpa pasang kalo it can't serve the purpose?

hmmm... i wonder if this is a case of following the trend blindly, like a fashion victim gitu... kan?

Monday, October 13, 2008

ada ka patut?

on a different note today. dunno if u guys ada baca or its in the news, but my FIL told us later in the evening after nikah day (saturday), that a baby was found in the folds of a prayer mat in the masjid terapung (the one where the nikah was held), dead. it was juz hours before the akad ceremony when they found the body. i dunno the details but it appeared that the baby's tali pusat was not clamped, which if it was, may save the baby's life.

we were appalled that somebody blh buat something like that. obviously it was a muslim doing it lah kan, dah campak dlm masjid. i mean, ko nak baby ko tu selamat ke x? rasa mcm blh selamat kalo dok kat masjid, tp yg p bungkus dgn sejadah tu apsal? x ke lemas budak tu? ke ko mmg benak, xtau org mmg susah bernafas kalo terbungkus cmtu? kok ye pun xnak budak tu, jgn la bunuh... ramai org lagi sanggup beratur nak jaga anak ko. like, some ppl sampai bergolok gadai nak cari duit nak usaha dapat anak, those procedures can reach smpai puluh2 ribu. ko Allah bagi senang dpt anak, main buang cmtu je. binatang pun tau sayang anak tau!

tu la... lain kali, dah pandai buat anak, dah dapat anak tu jaga la. ni dok seronok nak 'main' je, dah dapat anak campak2. berani main, berani la tanggung!

attempted to write a few things, but they ended in the draft after a few sentences. i guess writer's block finally got to me.well what to do... a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do kan..

so. recap on a few things.

cuti on last friday. packed a few things to bring back to mama's place in terengganu. juz one bag for two of us, including stuff yg mak kirim to mama. good! i never thought i can manage to pack little (i usually pack a lot, like kalo blk seminggu tu mcm blk sebulan! :D) but we ended up hauling two more paperbags into the flight, sbb bawak balik benda penting - sirih junjung untuk hantaran. nasib baik la daun2 dgn bunga2 tuh x berkecai.

next, abg emi's (my first BIL) nikah on saturday morning di masjid terapung. BIL berjaya akad on the third attempt, alhamdulillah.. but back in the car, his two younger bros were celebrating, like, 'kita menang, yeay!'(my second BIL succeeded after his second attempt, while my darling hubby succeeded after his first!) i guess boys will be boys kan, they'll always compare to that, among other things... ;)

next. wedding reception on the bride's side. a bit of time miscalculation. terlupa abg emi's wife not a veil wearer, so ppl terlupa take into account time utk set rambut. no matter. the wedding was lovely nevertheless. aku jadi pembawak dulang jugak walaupun xrupa anak dara pun.. nasib la labu... kuikuikui..

hariz's cousin mentioned that our nephew, fawwaz, look more like him rather than his father (my 2nd BIL). aku ckp, mentang2 la si kecik tu sepet n gelap skt cam laki aku... hahaha.. and that night, we went through hariz's photos masa kecik n whaddaya know.. mmg sebijik! well, then kitorg blh curik dia la skjp buat jadi anak kalo ada org tnya dah ada anak belum... hehehehe... ape2 la labi..

balik kl yesterday afternoon, arrived in subang airport at about 2. n yet aku dan hariz cuti lagi hari ni. why? nak kata letih, naik flight. nak kata x letih, hhhmmm.. letih jugak rasanye. lps smpai subang terus p open house kawan hariz di shah alam. then blk umah, xkeluar2 dah smpai skrg. figured we can go sort out a few things today. tp poor baby had a nightmare i suppose last night. kejap2 bangun, lps subuh ni baru tido elok skt. ni pun x bgn lagi. biar la kejap lagi eh..

nak p iron baju. later babes!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh ketch! oh hiro-pon!

once u see these crazy ppl's show u won't hesitate when it comes to silent comedy. this dynamic duo named GAMARJOBAT from japan has long been established since 1990's and never failed to bring smiles, if not thigh-slapping-and-tear-jerking laughters to their audience year after year.

aku p tgk this duo perform at actor's studio bangsar last tuesday. gila. i tell u. gilaaaaa!!! gila xtahan lawak diorg!! n to think that u can understand what they're conveying although they don't say a word throughout that 2hour show, except some 'oh', 'ah', 'oooooooohhhh'!

their opening act was simply hilarious. being japanese naturally they are punctual lah kan. yg masuk hall lewat tuh siap lah jadi target diorg. and for silent performers, they surprisingly managed to interact very well with the audience, coaxing their desired response. aku nak cerita kat sini mmg didn't do their comedy justice. u should go n watch them urselves.

they'll still be performing now until the 19th oct. don't miss it!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

kids do the darndest things

my youngest brother mmg sangat nakal. even my arwah tokwan, yg biasanya ingat the first half of his cucu of his thirteen children only, remembered him. 'anak hang, en..' (my father - 'en' as in 'enjin', not in 'encik'), he always said, sambil geleng kepala. tgk muka pun tau nakal.

as naughty as children are, they actually know when they do something wrong, despite what we adults (i stil consider myself adolescent at heart!) might think. kalo buat salah tu pandai plk nak sorok.

this raya, as usual dia order la mercun2 segala dgn paklong. berlambak ok. berplastik-plastik mercun bola, yg besar plk tuh. xmain la bola kecik2. abis serata kampung dia campak. baling dlm bendang org (petak xde padi la, dia pun xde la x pk langsung hahaha), balut dgn lumpur pastu campak ke alur sungai smpai bergegar lantai umah, bubuh dlm sabut kelapa, tin susu, mcm2 la inovasi dia. dah ada suami cousin aku plk nak melayan, naik sheikh la dia pun. siap lawan baling mercun dgn budak mana ntah. kat kampung kan, xde la polis nak merayau time raya 1st.. hahahaha..

pastu blk rumah dia main lagi. aku dah ckp, 'hang ada berlambak tu, sehari 3 ja. cukup la nak main 30 hari'. tu pun sbb dia dah abis kan 20 lbh biji kat kampung. ada dia nak dgr? takdeeeeeee... dah ada geng, berdentum-dentum kawasan taman aku dibuat nya. dah la kawasan xramai melayu pun. aku pesan dgn dia, space out sikit baling mercun bola tu, kuat, takut bunyi byk2 skli bising, polis dtg round. yg mercun lain2 xpe la, x bising. dia main jugak.

skali ada bunyi kereta dtg dekat dgn rumah. apa lagi, mencicit la dia dgn geng (cucu2 jiran aku) lari p sembunyi kat tingkat atas umah aku, sempat lagi angkut dgn plastik2 mercun. 'POLIS MAI, POLIS MAI!!!'

aku dh mmg kat dapur, hariz p la tekan remote pagar, dan dgn selamba nya tgu depan pintu rumah 'la.. td x dgr pun siren...' smbil senyum kambing. aku dah cuak. btl ke polis? biar betul!

rupanya adik aku si safwan balik dari beraya. cis!! penat jantung aku!

aku pun lupa dia keluar dgn kawan... kete semua dah ada kat umah so of course la xtau kan keta sapa yg dtg. budak2 yg bersalah tu pun turun la dh dgr semua org dok gelak. haaa... tau takut!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

raya tag

Berapa pasang baju raya anda tahun ini dan kaler apakah?
2 pasang, biru dan putih. biru tempah, yg putih pasang siap.

Apakah makanan raya tradisional kegemaran anda?
mak punya ketupat pulut hitam dimakan bersama mak's serunding ayam/daging. a must have!

Apakah biskut raya kegemaran anda?
ol' love: kuih tat gulung, semperit
new love: farina's kuih cornflakes, mama's semperit badam
endless love: kuih bakar n makmur

Berapa banyak duit raya anda dapat n spend untuk bagi kepada budak-budak?
ni satu crita klakar. we went over to my neighbour's on the first day. pastu lps mkn blk la kan. ok la. pastu my youngest bro blk umah dgn sampul2. aku pun dapat! 2 plk tuh! turned out my neighbour's sons tanya dia, ada brp org kat umah? dia jawab, 'cm biasa la, LAPAN'. bijak! :)

i spent about 500 this year for my siblings and anak2 my cousins. n i bet next year kena kuar lg byk! good kan, i know where my money goes now. cool!

Apakah aktiviti malam raya korang?
iftar with my inlaws in a mid eastern restaurant in ampang (my inlaws raya kat kl, hariz n i balik kedah. awkward!) blk umah, hariz tido, i packed our things. pukul 12 lbh bertolak ke kedah.

Who to tag?
sapa2 yg rajin lah :)


fuhhh.. baru blk dari kedah pagi semalam. sampai umah around 1 sumthing. sori la x terupdate blog ni, blk kedah asek sebok makan.. hehehe.. n to nobody's surprise, i gained back every tiny grams that i shed during fasting month, all in a week! *seb baik x turun 10 kilo pastu naik blk sumer tu... heee.. ngeri...*

the whole family on raya morning

this raya is my first with my family as a wife, since last year we celebrated raya in terengganu. it does have a different feel to it, i tell u. but i cant really point out what it is. but it feels good to be back home, with all my siblings around. i was glad that hariz seem to have enjoyed raya in kedah. risau jgk takut dia sangap dok kat rumah ke hape. nasib baik he wasnt, sllu distracted especially by the abundance of food! mmg madness la... byk gila mkn.. laksa, briyani, mak's fruit cake, mi kuah, nasik minyak, not to forget all those lemang, nasik impit kuah kacang, n my favourite ketupat pulut hitam n serunding ayam & daging mak... oh sedapnyaaaaaa...

baru 3 family (mine n my 2 uncles) dah penuh rumah

ouh, and this year i was reminded of my love towards kuih makmur yg sgt lah sedap menjilat jari, n a newfound love towards cik farina's kuih cornflakes. i like! hariz pun asek berulang ke dapur amik kuih cornflakes, last2 dia angkut dgn balang2 skli pi mkn smbil tgk tv. farina, nak order lagi!! :)

my weekends are all mapped out for this month, sbb this weekend n the next i'll be over in terengganu for my BIL's nikah n wedding. enjoy ur raya everyone! ;)