Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a heartwrenching news.

a death news took me by surprise today. the more harrowing part was she died due to the negligence of her baby sitter.

Deanna was only four months old.

seems like only a few days before i met the little girl, a little nervous to hold her - the old adage said that if ur holding a baby n he/she doesn't cry, it means the opposite gender is in your belly. not that i totally believed that since i hold both a niece and a nephew and they didnt cry, but that's another story.

she happily chatted away in her own language, talking to my yet-to-be-seen belly. a sure signal that she's sleepy, her mummy said. how adorable it is for an infant to babble to say she's sleepy, no? Deanna.

it really hurt to think about it as i am in emotional limbo these days, but its my dear cousin's only child. n my heart aches for her loss.

sleep well sweetheart. my love goes to u. Al-Fatihah.