Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i want i want i want!!

i've had one, n its been my go-to sandals during weekend. nevermind that the lipstick red clashes with the rest of my outfit. until i saw this, n I, in the most hyperactive manner, definitely WANTTTTT!!!

pic from fitflop.com

designed by Anna Sui, n not available in Malaysia. not to mention the price (BP70). sedih!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

me and things non pharmacy related

u know how i adore things non-pharmacy related. i mean, how exciting can a pharmaceutical product get physically? white box orange box blue box white pill round pill green pill rectangle pill... booooorrriiinnnngggg...

the most exciting that i ever saw looks somewhere along this line:

serius bosan ok.

speaking about mideastern cuisine and tarbush restaurant, the one thing i adore most is not the meals, but the beautiful mosaic tables. MashaAllah memang laaaa sangat menarik sampai ada hati siap menggoogle macammana nak buat mosaic art sendiri, heh. berangan okk. iyelah kalau nak beli tu side table kecik pun mau parah jugak poket.

pic googled

lawaaa... and it is actually quite doable, but u have to have the appropriate mediums and tools, annnddd the patience to cover the whole surface. but me being me, ehem. tak tau la bila kurun baru nak attempt.

Friday, November 12, 2010

mid eastern food closer to home

we went for a quick arabstyle dinner at a new shop in the strand. its nearby butik najjah if anyone's familiar with that farah diba of tv9's boutique.

no pictures as we were a hungry lot, but its quite decent. n we don't have to go to jalan damai for our mid-eastern fix anymore, yeay! oh ya tarbush still ok, tp kedai ni of course nearer to our home :D

the spread is not much as yet, but we're hoping the shop will add more menu. the lamb mendi that we tried was not bad, the nasik a little biasa but the lamb was sangggaaatttt sedapppp!!! the meat literally jus melt in your mouth and very very juicy. it has three sizes, small (apparently for 1 person), regular and large. we ordered the regular portion for sharing, and boy were we stuffed like some christmas turkey! that, even after taking into account that hariz is a big-portion eater. sangat banyak, so i figured if its only girls with small stomach, regular portion can feed 3!

the only cheesy thing about the shop is not the meals, but the name. KEDAI NASI ARAB. in your face ok! kalau tak paham tu tak tau la.

i am hankering for much meat these days, next time pegi i'll take some pix okies. later!

Monday, October 25, 2010

what's in MY makeup bag

when i first saw this i was already tempted to make a post of my own.

then i saw this, n itched even more.

now that i saw this one in farina's i couldn't wait anymore.

so here's my version of WHAT'S IN MY MAKEUP BAG.

i shouldnt have labeled 1 on the pouch. my bad, hehehe

1. yep, a pouch. a free one when i bought a cute kit from clinique, the hydration range.

2. a spray bottle containing decanted Clinique Clarifying Toner 2. Stingy, i know, but have u seen the mouth of the bottle? its H.U.G.E. it is one of the most useful tips i found in the beauty blogs' world, i can give more miles on it if i do this.

3. Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. Nicked this from my sis (u can actually say its a barter since she nicked something else from me at the same time :D) These days i use it to revive my chapped lips.

4. RENU multipurpose solution. always on standby during those loooooong days, or during short trips to our hometown.

5. Cetaphil cleanser. this was given by hubbsy, a sample obviously gotten while salesrep promoting it in the hospital, meant for dermatology use. a gem, truly, i can get rid of my eye makeup with me eyes closed (literally)!

6. Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. Gotten this when i bought the hydration range. Am not keen to revisit this one. trust me when i say my Clinique Gentle Cleanser (mild) does better job removing my makeup then this - when this one is the one tagged to do so. so having it in the pouch means i wont let it go to waste and just use it for normal cleansing.

7. Clinique All about Eyes Rich. for days when i feel like it.

8. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief. What a relief for parched skin after a day in fullblast aircon room.

9. Empty contact lense case. just in case.

10. Paul & Joe eyecolour powder. its a pretty beige colour with a brown-coloured four-leaves clover, gotten from reena. . again, for those days when i feel like it.

11. Stila CC in peony. i can't emphasize again and again how much i like the colour on my cheeks, n its hole in the pan is getting bigger!

12. Guardian's travel-sized cotton squares. i know, enough obsession with travel-sized items already!

13. Benefit full finish lipstick in Lady's Choice. truly my favourite nude. when i'm in the mood for shimmers, i'd layer it with Stila lipglaze or Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Sugar Cookie.

14. JLo Blue Glow edt. a free sample for those busuk with cafe's smell days. it smells great!

15. Bobbi Brown hydrating cream. a sample nicked while i bought some stuff for my MIL. very nonsticky n yet very hydrating. i like! what i dont like though, is the price tag for a full-sized one :(

that's it, the full content of my pouch. u can see how much i'm a sucker for travel-sized products, so much so that i actually have extras for those already in the pouch! n lets not delve into what else travel-sized inside my handbag (hmmm.. now that i think about it i might actually do that! haha)

so, spill the beans. what's in your makeup bag?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

hey beautiful, come to mama!

this was from yet another successful online purchase i made from strawberrynet!

introducing... adding up to my cheek collection:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose and Nectar!

left: rose, right: nectar

they're such beauties, right? when i saw them on sale (unboxed) for usd16 each i just clicked clicked clicked, then lo and behold, a parcel is on its way to mama! i mean hey, the price is actually about double at the counters and i wont do much with boxes anyway.

these shimmer bricks are meant as highlights, but u can actually use individual colours as eyeshadows, or give a light-handed overall swipe for highlighting. But for me, i cant use them nectar as highlights as its quite pigmented. so instead, i use it as a blush (as i meant to do when i purchase it ;)) it is packed with shimmers though (what am i thinking, it IS called SHIMMER brick isn't it?) so i have to be careful and use a very light hand on it.

rose on the other hand is very nice for overall face brightener or highlighter on my apples since it won't show much as a blush.. somewhat like Benefit Moon Beam in a powder form i think, the similarity is there.

individual swatches for nectar. i won't put them on my eyelids though ;D

i've been using them for a few weeks now. while i'm still getting a grip on using rose (very fair, cool-toned beauty bloggers swear this can be used as blush), nectar is absolute breeze with me! *fondling black case for the nth time*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i'm backkk!!!!!

sangatla kesian blog ni mak dia lamaaaa tak bagi makan sori la ye..

just a few reasons:

1. my life is just same old same old..

2. i dont actually feel comfortable writing on internet space for quite some time. anyone who sees my facebook would know i've been silent for quite some time, only likes here and there on the pages i've been. dunno why but the whole terlebih cakap, n keeping what should be between you and your spouse is not meant for the whole world to see is has gotten to me.

so these days i'm just hiding in the dark, filling myself reading a LOT of beauty blogs til a few days ago Hariz went,

"ayang ni asyik baca blog orang je... bila nak update blog sendiri?"

ok now, i will :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

still masuk ofis hari ni. gigih ok. well bukan sure sure la bukan sebab gigih kan, dah selalu canang aku ni pemalas. anyways i'll be taking the whole of next week off, so, BOOOYAA!

tema tahun ni: PINK. lagi. hariz dah pakai pink last year, tp sebab dia tanak beli baru so pakai yang lama saja. ada dua baju melayu yg pink, but the one he'll be wearing is a peach-toned pink so no, its not too harsh for my darker-than-me abang sayang. aku je la baju baru nye :D

we'll be back on raya eve. tu maknanya malam ni atau malam esok. my PIL will be at our place while we balik sp. awkward? u bet. tapi nak buat macammane, sebab both my BIL and hubby tak balik trganu la my PIL raya sini. so, i can safely say this phenomena will happen every other raya.

kuih dah abis sebalang kat rumah. tapi takpa, makan dua org. eheh. hariz mkn lagi byk dari aku. aku tgh pk dodol kat tepi sungai stesen teksi sungai petani niiiiihhh... ahhh lazat, tapi mesti la takde time aku balik. aaaaarrrgggghhh!!!

akhir kata:

meme4u.com|Send Eid Mubarak ecards

0-0 ye! kalau ada salah silap, terkutuk, termengata, terlaser tak tentu hala, harap dapat maafkan.

ok nak p membuta skjp, later! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

aduh... kesian la blog aku ni jadi tempat simpan habuk. fuh fuhhhhhh.. *please pardon the waterspray*

my ramadhan this year is quite good, alhamdulillah. berjaya bangun sahur tiap2 pagi! yeay! (touchwood) harap2 sampai hujung ramadan i'll still keep up. kalau tak mmg mashaAllah susah susah SUSAAAHHH mau bangun sahur, minum milo pun tutup mata. skrg sudah improve, walaupun juz with cereal / milk / bread / weetameal / milo with supplements and loads and loads of plain water :D

iftar pun menarik. yg klakar nya i'm not very tempted with all the stuff at the bazaar. but i'm not a lavish spender kat bazaar ramadhan anyway, cukup dengan 1+1 main for me and him, 1 jenis kuih / light side dish and air kalau agak2 kena berbuka dlm keta. this year smpat balik rumah b4 azan, so beli lauk half, another half masak je, dgn nasik. sudahla cne nak kecik hari2 makan nasik...

all weekends for ramadhan scheduled for travel / reunion etc. last weekend sudah balik sp, berpening bersama2 abah cari lampu kipas curtain segala. abah sgt ambitious, lps pasang lampu dah nak naik rumah baru. tapi serious tak habis2 beli lampu, i have no idea that a house can pack so much lamps!

i've been hankering for the third Stila Girl Travel palettes, gila punya stalk website hari2 tgk tak keluar2 lagi. brapa haribulan dah ni???? (mesti esok kuar, last month kuar 20hb)
just so you know, the first two look like these:while i'm at it, terasa mcm nak jugak yg ni:
god knows i'm a sucker for travel sized stuff, so a couple of travel-sized clicky cheek stains is giving me loud and clear signal to pick them up as well (whether the pomegranate crush -described as deep plum- suit my cheeks or not, belakang cerita ok! haahaha)

~pic credits to stilacosmetics.com~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

bottom pan alert!


its not one..
not two..
but THREE!!!!!

i've got three blushes that already hit pan!! arrrrkkkk!!!

that goes to show how much i depend on blushes these days ;) the one on the bottom left (stila cc in peony) hits record time, 6 months! granted its kinda small, being 2+grams, but still.. n i only used it after zohor prayers in the office!

i know i can still depend on them and these two..

but my cheeks do itch these few days for another ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ehem. sila baca macam tajuk karangan: MY BEAUTY PROFILE.

Thought i would do my current beauty profile (for my own good):

Face: normal/combi dry (normal T-zone, dry cheeks)

Main problems: hormonal zits, temperamental dry-ish cheeks



Cleanser: Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser , Hada Labo Tamagohada AHA/BHA Cleanser, Garnier Hydrating Cleanser.

Eye makeup remover: Maybelline Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Scrub: Currently none after finishing Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub as i’m using cleanser with AHA/BHA. Also using homemade all-in-one brown sugar scrub if i feel like it.

Toner: Clinique Clarifying Moisturizing Toner 2, Garnier Hydrating Toner.

Serum / Essence: Clinique Total Turnaround Renewer, Garnier Hydrating Essence.

Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (mainly neck and cheeks only – for other parts i just pat on from the residue on my palms), Clarins Renew Plus Night Lotion.

Eyes: Clinique All About Eyes Rich.

Masks: Clinique Pore Minimizer, Clinique Turnaround Facial Masque.


Face: Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Shade 1, TheBalm Time Balm Concealer in Light/Medium (a gem!), Estee Lauder Lucidity Translucent Loose Powder in Light-01, Bobbi Brown Compact Powder in Sunny Beige.

Favourite blushes: Light pinks and corals, currently into cream blushes. My cheeks itch for Dior Pro Cheeks Ultra Radiant Blush :’(

Favourite eye-colours: neutral earthy base with dark colours on the outer corner. Currently experimenting on how to make my Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner stick on my eyes without migrating!

Favourite lip colours: nude rose/pinks. Prefers lipsticks rather than glosses.

Currently hunting for: Tinted Moisturizer with high SPF (L’oreal high in list based on reviews)

Can’t live without: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Sunday, June 27, 2010

:D *sengih kerang busuk*

sori ye. kesian blog ni kurang kasih sayang muah muah muah.

a few things:

1. trip to bandung telah berjaya. happy sangat dapat kirai duit dgn jayanya. not so much of sightseeing, loads and loads of shopping. but since its a family trip, 160kgs of luggage limit saved the day ;)

2. shuhada dah nak sampai dari egypt malam ni, yeay!

3. baru dapat tgk solomon kane and book of eli. verdict for both: SO-SO.

4. the shopping bug didnt leave even after bandung. heck when did it ever leave haha. shopped online and offline for more tudung, cosmetics and shoes. my current wishlist:

its a limited edition Stila Girl Travel Palettes! stilacosmetics.com is launching 1 new palette each month til december, and the best part is, its only USD10!!! unfortunately the online shop doesnt ship to malaysia, unlike benefitcosmetics.com. SEDIHHHHHHHHHHH

5. a colleague who juz had his 2nd kid, and another very pregnant colleague reminded me that, after kids, you'd want to spend more for them and wouldnt care much for yourself. with that being said, my parcels akan sampai next week, yeay!!!!

6. rasa dah lama tak balik sp, walaupun my colleagues noted that i balik kampung a lot. almost every month ada balik kampung trip, be it hariz's or mine. next weekend balik sp with my sista yo! durian fest!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

i lost my ring.

yep. bundled together with my watch.

i'm not the kind that once i wear it i'll never take it off. noooo i just HAVE TO take it off everytime i wash my hands, take ablutions, shower, sleep, its amazing how i didnt lost it all my three years that i had it.

until it happened. today. we were at my BIL's when i took it off n hung it into my un'clasp'able watch, as usual. but i didnt keep it in a bag or anything, instead i juz put it on the carpet (???!!!).

masa nak balik tu laaaa cari tak jumpa. abis satu rumah kena punggah tak jumpa. balik meleleh2 airmata. tapi senyap2 je sebab nnti mesti kena bebel. tapi sayang ok. mana tak risau. that was my engagement ring, n i love love love my fossil.
mine is in copper.
pic googled.

balik rumah punggah satu2 semua kain silk trganu yg berkotak2 yg dibawak balik. pun tak jumpa.


until my BIL's wife called. rupanya si naufal 'simpan' dalam bakul basikal dia. adoiiiiiii... penat risau weiiii..

i'm feeling a storm of headache coming up. dah la esok kerja. i hate mondays. titik.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


oh dear, its been sooooo long.

lately i'm not feeling any inclination to write anything here. but on a few stuff:

1. did watch iron man 2 eons ago. BESSSTTTT!! dan all the downloaded ones berlambak2jugak. tgh tunggu shutter island nih :)

2. OUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!!!! juz had dinner at TGIF since we had to work that day. had a pleasant wake up call come midnight, but i'm not telling ;D

3. weekends are fully booked starting this week till end of june for weddings. every week orang kawin wei, n those are ones that if they'r not close to me, close to hariz. or else close to both of us. mana mau lari??

4. mak pesan to ease off the dinners. bila dah pesan tu pulak rasa susah ya Rabbi. what with those kenduris all lined up. dah la bulan 4 n 5 ni penuh dgn aqiqah invites. kat fridays tak la makan sampai tersadai, tapiiiii appetizer, my main and his main semua cheeeeezzzyyy. the kinds that go straight to my hips and butt. adoooiiii... pastu esok nya makan kat big brother's pulak???!!

5. kena bersiap sedia. mlm ni ada wedding! now where's my girdle....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i admit, i have a very sweet tooth, n i love love love desserts!! be it traditional malay ones or fusion / western ones, i love them all. i recently picked a habit to make bubur yg manis2 for lunch, instead of making it for evening tea. blame it on my mum, yg selalu masak tak berenti2. org baru je abis kemas meja lepas lunch dia dah sibuk buat kuih la, goreng cucur la, bubur la segala makneka dia buat kat dapur.

but oh ya, hariz pun layan je aku masak time pelik2. breakfast lewat -brunch la konon, bihun goreng ka hapa, pastu pukul 2 mkn bubur manis. pukul 5-6 kuar makan :)

recent bubur kacang

bubur for two

kacang hijau 2 genggam - rendam
sagu 2 tbsp - rendam
gula semanis yang perlu
garam sikit
1/2 kotak santan kara
daun pandan optional

rebus kacang sampai kembang atas api slow. jaga jgn sampai hangus ok. air jgn banyak sgt, agak2 1/2 inch above kacang tu je.
dah kembang betul baru tambah air, sagu, gula n santan. biar reneh atas api sloooww. letak garam. siap!

baru ni makan bubur jagung spiked with pulut, sedap gilaa! it didnt help that i had that at 10.30pm. bukan aku masak ok! my BIL's in-laws buat tahlil, bukak restaurant, maka makan sedap2 la malam2. dgn nasik, dgn bubur yg ada pulut, haizzzz... bila la nak menyelim...

Friday, May 7, 2010

i was bogged down by a few stuff, hence the lack of entries. keinginan mengular dan online browsing is a lot more powerful than sitting down and writing posts.

tok meninggal last monday. honestly i can say i'm glad her suffering is finally over. she's been unable to recognize any of us, wasnt able to speak, and was immobile since last year. luckily i was able to see her alive when i last went back in april. teringat dulu everytime i spoke to her, i'd always hug her close, more to speak close to her ears than anything else, sebab dia tak berapa dengar.now, i'm glad i did. n she always has something for me everytime i came by, because i'm the only cucu yg kecik2 dah dok jauh kat asrama di kl (most of my cousins are northbound). sleep well, tok. alFatihah.

now i cant talk about anything else. everything else just clogged in my throat. u guys take care, n dont forget to hug ur loved ones.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

i always dread going to work after days of cuti. well who doesnt? right after my very short balik kampung stint i had to go for a three day course, just to find papers on my desk piling up come friday. gila banyakkkkkkkk....

sedih. masa ni la rasa nak jadi surirumah (LAGI!)

baru baca lightning thief (kali ke berapa tah). i never said anything about it here right? well i read the book first, n watch the movie a few days after that.

the book, is very good i might say. while it is targeted towards teenagers, i find some new words i never thought of looking up into the dictionary. new word for today:

kleptomaniac: a person who is not able to control the urge to collect / steal things.

i love new words.

u know, all my life i never feel compelled to love what i'm doing right now. come secondary school, all i thought of doing when i grow up was picking up TESL and teach english, although i know i certainly wasnt the best in my class. it came easily enough for me, n i never forgot about it. but i know, i'll make a lousy, and a very garang teacher. so i might as well just drop it and carry on.

anybody want to open a franchise pharmacy n hire me?


the movie, everybody was saying it sucks. but i think its not THAT bad. well it is diverted from a lot of things in the book, which is much more interesting. but if u enjoy it as it is, its quite ok. but there's a finality to it, like there's not gonna be a sequel. somehow.

havent bought the rest of percy jackson series, since the last book takde in mphonline the last time i check. ingat nak beli sekaligus je, u can better discounts if u buy from the website.

later, nak siap makan char kuey tiaw. i know i know, dah pukul berapa nih? baru 8.15pm ok. but i'm not quite used to eating later than 8 most of the days. now, dont ask me why i practise all that but none of the flabs recede. just to keep it from bulging i have to do that! darn the stick thin girls who eat all they want.

cheh. emo tetiba. tak kira. nak keluar makan!

Monday, April 19, 2010

finally, an update.

hmm where do i start..

1. went back to my hometown for 4 days and overdosed on durian everyday. which meant, extra, EXTRA hot days since sg petani is a lot hotter than kota damansara. n doesnt rain too.

2. totally ditched my makeups (and skincare on some days, come to think of it) and went au naturel. n hey, i didnt have any breakout for that 4 days (which is uncommon due to my has-a-brain-of-its-own hormone nowadays) so hurray for that!

3. watched a few movies: princess n the frog, tooth fairy and imaginarium of dr parnassus. movie 1 is ok if u like musicals, and happy endings. which i totally dig. :D movie 2 is so-so. not bad but its already a few children movies that dwayne johnson starred in. so.. its starting to get a little boring. movie 3: a very far-fetched imagination. sgt sgt pelik. but that way it glues u to ur seats, or carpets, wherever u might be sitting.

4. oh, still cuti today so i can get my housechores sorted. sorta. i'm taking a break from ironing while on house season 5 rerun, n hariz is out at the barber's. too bad i dont have any experience cutting the boys' hair (they just took turns trimming their hair with the trimming machine-four boys and an ex-army for a father-n that is before they discovered some barbers can make their hair look like christiano ronaldo's). kalau tak, i'll definitely experiment on his hair too.

5. n oh yeah, my mom beat me to cutting fatin's hair. garn! that's twice already!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a few reviews in one go can?

first off, let me tell u i am soooo in love with my newest playthings:


I got it in birthday suit and skinny jeans, what a perfect combi!
birthday suit (nekkid skin colour)

skinny jeans (pretty pewter)
pics courtesy of benefitcosmetics.com

sorry no real pic, malas nak snap (mcm biasa). anyway, one booboo: the first time i used birthday suit it fell n the cap kind of cracked! i was like omg omg omg fuh fuh harap2 tak pecah terus. sayang mcm baby yg jatuh hahaha. well u can say its my newest baby so what can i do except act like a mother ;D

skinny jeans is L.O.V.E. ok. the biggest boldest font size of lotsaLOVESS i can give u darling. its a muted, metallic grey yg sgt gorgeous. i'm toting it everywhere i go now. n it stayed on without creasing till i wash my face. hold on to ur skin like nobody else's business, yet easy to wash with facial cleanser. what more can u ask for?

but ok, Benefit's price is a BIG humongous pain in the ass kat msia. one pot of cream shadow costs u rm85, as compared to only $19 online plus shipping. if ur one badass stalker, u can get it even cheaper, it can get as low as only rm50+! but instead of badass, i'm a HUGEass (pun realllyyyy intended hahaha) so i got rm140+ for two pots cream shadow, a lippie ANd a brush including shipping which would cost me 85+85+75+75=rm310 if i were to buy them here.

QUADRUPLE love, y'all!!

post panjang pulak. nanti2 la review lagi ye. toodles chicklets!

Monday, April 5, 2010

in the deepest pit of s**t

as i'm typing this, my left hand grew heavier.

tu lah. terlebih pandai.

dah tau kidal, nak cucuk tu ckp la kat misi nak cucuk tangan kanan. ni dok sibuk interview nurse pasal vaksin, elok je hulur bahu kiri (unconsciously sbb tgk my colleague hulur bahu kiri).

kan dah lenguh nak mampus.

padan muka. esok DAN lusa ada meeting nih. ada idea nak tulis notes cne?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

my take on war movies

this was supposed to be last week's entry, as this week i had nothing but boring, same old routine, albeit being more kelamkabut than ever in the office.

totally ditched alice and solomon kane, gone to watch greenzone instead. this movie is in the same league with the hurt locker, academy awards winner for best picture and a few other categories. now, hurt locker, i honestly dunno why it got the best picture. hahaha. its actually a story of a day-to-day routine of a bomb defusing squad in Iraq, like everyday a different story, so there's not juz one story in it. no climax either. n its very, VERY disturbing. there's one scene about a boy's body being made into a body bomb, meaning a corpse being stuffed with bombS and self detonate upon activation. i couldnt forget it. EVER.

but if u like the suspense and the anticipation of whether they live or die in each of their missions, this is for you.

i, on the other hand had to watch it since it was at my BIL's house and the boys were watching it.


greenzone wasnt what i expected. coming from jason bourne's director, we came to expect something along the same line. the message is clear:

a lie told can be very devastating.

in this case it tore up a whole nation- Iraq, and its only due to one simple lie.

i was wondering if ever this movie tak kena gonyoh dgn american govt, sbb dia terang2 tunjuk depa sendiri penipu besaq. but well, they showed the president was bush, not obama so i guess it didnt hurt him.

it is engaging while it lasted, but enough la war movies for me. i dont want to watch any more this year. its too disturbing, what's with the shreds of human flesh flying everywhere every minute.

this movie finally cemented my opinion about war-type movies - they're not MY type.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

drool alert!

as promised.

this is the extent of smiling u'd have to do to be captured by the smile feature of the camera. almost like snarling, no? haha

my sister's bolognaise

and the star of the night....

yummy ribs!

the end.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

on a few things:

1. baru tengok new moon (HAHA!) and cirque du freak. honestly i can tell u i enjoyed cirque du freak more. i really wasnt wrong about new moon, although it followed the book to a T, but since its according to the book, it's bleh. haha. i know, complicated.

i've seen a lot of darren shan books on the shelves but everytime i fiddled with it, i put them back, knowing it was for teenage read. but then again, bah! twilight saga is also for teenagers ;)

2. tgh contemplate lagi bila nak p tengok solomon kane and alice in wonderland. i'm gonna pass book of eli (on cinema) since the reviews are not so favourable.

3. of course, i haven't told u guys about my (big) baby's birthday. nothing unusual, but i should've gotten those pix from my sis. the ribs at Big Brother's are HUMONGOUSSS!!! n sooo fleshy n juicy n yummy. keep your eyes peeled on NST because they're making a review of the restaurant. a columnist was there the night we were dining (a frequent visitor, according to hadi, the owner) n if u ever see the review, that's our ribs on the pic! :D
i'll post it later!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLING! i can actually call u abang huh, ur older than me now ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tribute to my favourite nasi lemak

baru cakap pasal nasi lemak lapan kupang, tup2 pagi fly fm cerita pasal mana nak dapat food yg sedap dan palingggggg murah.

so i'm making a tribute for u.


dulu masa awal2 kami berkenalan, meriah woo.. ada ikan bilis, ikan kering, telur rebus DAN telur goreng, kacang and sambal sotong. and some more sambal kosong. see see, meriah gila i tell u. and the best thing was, harga enam kupang saja.

masa kecik, perut pun kecik. makan sebungkus pun kenyang. tapi time pms boleh bedal dua. sebab tak la besar sangat. macam besar penumbuk aku je kuantiti nasik nye. tapi ok ah, banyak lah tu. nama pun breakfast. ko nak mentekedarah banyak mana sangat. dua bungkus tu kalau agak2 mangkit lewat pastu makan dekat2 time lunch boleh la sekali go. tapi jgn la pi bedal nasik pulak makan tengahari tu.

tu harga circa 1990-ish, seingat aku.

fast forward 15 years later, bisnes nasik lemak ni dah diambil alih oleh generasi anak. abah aku lah cakap, sebab dia tukang beli kehkeh.. tapi masih ada. rupa still sama, packing dlm plastic sheet n newspaper, saiz sama, rasa sambal pun sama. gila kagum pakai senduk sama 15 tahun ka hapa aku tak tau la, sampai tak ubah langsung. tabik ah dengan consistency rasa dia.

the only difference is no more sambal sotong (aku memang slalu donate kat adik aku anyway time ada), and harga naik dua kupang, jadi lapan kupang. dah recession dua kali harga naik dua kupang only.

lapan kupang i tell u.

mana nak dapat?

abah memang la pelanggan setia kereta merah tu. asal ada saja mesti beli. n mesti tak kurang 10 bungkus. dan aku la pemakan setia. tak penah tolak, dan kalau lama tak balik, siap mintak lebih. adik aku sampai tak lalu tengok, kalau ada nasi lemak tu dia tak makan breakfast.

takpa la perut aku kan ada. boleh isi extra.

sekarang cik abang pun tau, aku balik sp mesti makan nasi lemak ni. dia kalau dapat pun, bukan dua, kekadang tiga bungkus dia bedal.

satu je aku tak penah tanya abah,

kereta merah tu parking kat mana?

Monday, March 8, 2010

another long lonnng silence. i think if i track the waves of my blogging frequency i can telly it with my emo waves hahaha

oh well. nothing new anyway. apart from minor accidents (knowing clutzy me), hari MC bersama hubby after a day of kenduri (serius ok, asyik bergilir 2-2 org pegi toilet), and emergency balik kampung to sungai petani, everything is just dandy.

and somewhat the same.

only thing is, i do notice bla balik sp je baru sibuk nak makan nasik lemak. in fact hari2 breakfast nasik lemak pun takpe. kalau kat kota damansara takde sibuk pun. siap refrain lagi, walaupun nasi lemak antarabangsa tu dah ada kat dataran sunway.

and satu lagi, sibuk cari goreng pisang.

maybe sebab:

a) nasik lemak kereta merah (thats what we call it) kat sp tu mmg sedap? (sebab dok ulang beli dah lebih 15 tahun sampai adik tak lalu tengok - tapi aku bedal je dua bungkus)
b) nasik lemak tu ada ganja? (macam kas2 kat kedai mamak letak)
c) nasik lemak kat kl memang tak sedap mana?
d) nasik lemak kat sp murah? (mana nak dapat sebungkus lapan kupang wei???)
e) aku saja gatal, sebenarnya rindu kampung? (BINGO!)

tapi memang serius, my family dah makan nasik lemak tu i think since i was in form 1. and i'm never bored of it.

see, siapa kata aku mama bosan? ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


kan dah kata, pulut = starch = heavy = fat arse??!!

DEPRESS MODE: ON (masa makan tak ingat pulak nak stress. hmmphh!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

am heading back to terengganu tonight. heaven knows hariz already has a loooooonnnnggg list of food he wants to eat (that i simply cannot cook). i'm not even sure i want to learn them all, because most of them involves pulut, which, for me means:

pulut = starchy = heavy meal = fat arse

but i do love them! boleh je nak mengadap nasik dagang pagi petang siang malam. which explains the hesitation to learn them, sebab nanti sendiri yang makan, sendiri yang gemuk. pastu sendiri susah hati.

sapa nak tanggung? laki aku jugak.

sotong / udang celup tepung, bereh! buleh nak buat.

tapi nak tiru angin sepoi2 bahasa kat tepi laut tu? tak boleeeehhhhh..

ambience tu penting ok (selamat aku tak payah mengadap minyak meletup2 hahaha)

kesimpulan: food craving needs fixing? balik lah kampung.

Friday, February 19, 2010

clinique's turnaround instant facial

there's something bursting to be said from me, n its been in my mind for a few days. but its too personal, too personal.

never mind.

after more than three weeks of use, let me tell u a product that i'm sure i'm not gonna buy anymore:

pic googled

the texture of this masque cum scrub is indeed nice, very fine grains which doesnt tug at your skin. it has this distant mint smell, but i'm not opposed to perfumed products per say. it does feel nice while it sits on my face, but a little messy when i had to pat on some water to exfoliate after 5 minutes of mask. i never minded the messiness though, i think i had something similar like this a few years back, TBS bluecorn husk mask&scrub.

while it doesnt make me break out or anything, it doesnt do anything either. i mean, you know, nothing to shout about. i know, i know, if u can see the difference in two applications on your face, there IS something VERY strong in that face product n it shouldnt be good for you, but this, i'm not feeling it, u know what i mean?

n to pay RM190 for a tube of 75ml mask just doesnt make sense! i dont know what was i thinking at that time, i guess my curiousity got the better of me :D

now. there's another Clinique's Total Turnaround product that i won't mind spending on. but thats on another post lah.

am making lunch and some spaghetti sauce to bring over my BIL's house. we'll be bunking at their place tonight! later :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what's cooking good looking?

since my last post about body scrubs, i successfully made scrub that will last me a few times of usage. n since its homemade and all, i dont feel icky putting it into the fridge with other foodstuff. win-win! yeay!

i did the 'olive you,honey! scrub', minus honey (since my stock tinggal a few tbsp utk health consumption) oh boy did it smell heavenly! from what i read that scrub can also be used as scalp exfoliant, and also face scrub! double yeay!

please pardon the fuzziness, namanya dok dalam peti sejuk hehehe

the only thing is, if u cant stand oiliness i dont think this is for you. or if you have any issues with cinnamon (i read somewhere some people couldnt stand the stinging sensation cinnamon might give, especially on luka or jerawat) please avoid this as well. but i'm ok with it so i'm good. my only gripe is that it made my skin sooo bloody smooth the wax strips don't want to stick on my legs for my waxing session hahahaha

but i tell u, after quite a long shower, my skin is soooo smooth i couldnt stop touching myself! put on Daisy body butter on top, a touch of lip stain on your lips n cheeks and you're ready for a beautiful day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

am supposed to pack our stuff today but i was lying down with some tissue stuck in my nostrils to keep 'em from running away. dunno if my head can stay on top of my body by the end of the journey. so i told abah we might not be able to make it home this weekend.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

when normal routine just don't cut it.

yes. i'm very obsessed these days. to the point of going beserk if i couldnt figure out how.

How to get that smooth, scale-free skin.

now i'm still hunting, for a good body scrub that doesnt dry your skin. ones that i tried were either too drying or has not as much of the grainy bits as i like. a loofah or sponge just dont cut it. not enough ok. but no, i don't have OCD, or else i (and the whole house) will be sqeeeeaky clean.

cakap pasal tonyoh2 ni, semalam punya la beriya tonyoh kaki dgn pumice block, sental punya sental, tersental ibu jari (tangan) sendiri.

hambik ko. pastu melolong bila jari tu terkena sambal ayam penyet.

padan muka.

this, on one hand sound sooo yummeh, but on the other hand, its ridiculously expensive.pic from Soap 'n Sorbet

from the looks of it, it can be emulated. you can choose either you want a salt scrub or a sugar scrub and start from there. a few homemade scrub recipe that caught my eye:

Honey Almond Scrub

  • 2 Tbsp almond
  • 2 tsp milk
  • 1/2 tsp flour
  • 1/2 tsp honey

Applelicious Scrub Recipe

1 apple, pureed
2 tbs. dark brown sugar
1 tbs Olive oil

"Olive you, honey!" body scrub (from bellasugar.com)

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 4 tbsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp. cinnamon

sounds delish, aint it? some of you artsy people might even make them as a DIY gift! oh wow! seronok nya kalau dapat! (bukannya nak buat sendiri. heh)

while i'm at it, the domestic guru, Martha Stewart has a page for this, and here's another link for DIY body scrub basics at myinspirationlounge.squarespace.com.

macam masak-masak lah. happy trying!

Friday, February 5, 2010

ok. there goes the make up phase. thats because,

now i'm into skincare phase. hahahaha.. my vainpotness is gonna be there forever so this is something ur gonna see forever as well.

maybe it has something to do with having the big THREE OH in a couple of years maka i'm freaking out.

hell, yes.

not to mention skin issues that i never had to face.


so when i went to the beauty counter, punya la panjang SA tu gebang, prung prang prung prang last last hambik ko, berderet2 produk dia kata aku kena pakai.

thats only the basics.

two different masks for different concerns, cleanser, toner, essence and mosturizer.

see? B.A.S.I.C.

tapi poket kering jugak. lets see if i can maintain the routine and see any difference in my facial appearance.

Monday, February 1, 2010

a shoutout

just because i wear baju kurung doesn't mean i can't understand an english phrase.

honestly, "krim manis(whipped cream)"???!!!

how thick do you think i am?

obviously as thick as the 'krim manis'.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

sneak peek!

i was hopping around, happily clicking until i found this image.



pic courtesy of musingofamuse.com

its MAC summer 2010 collection! the seahorse is absolutely to die for. but i dont know if i ever have it, will i ever have the guts to defile it?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

a movie date!

was on a wayang date last night. colleagues kat office terkejut tengok me in baju kurung, then in blouse n jeans the next minute. i guess i got some people a bit jealous that hubby n i are able to do that whenever we want to. but of course when there are just the two of you, nothing's a boundary ey?

had a full line of meals, first stop ayam penyet (which left my behind in a hissy fit the next morning), tutti frutti for desert, then join hariz's colleague for carl's jr. oh, i just had their milkshake, nothing much (!!!).

that was BEFORE wayang.

watched legion, thank god i brought along a quite sheer pashmina. hariz's palm would cover my face entirely, so i wouldn't be able watch the movie at all. see, i admit, aku ni penakut, maka selalu sembunyi belakang tangan dia. but then legion was kind of interesting, hiding behind pashmina was good enough.

it about God being mad with human, and releasing a troop of angels to exterminate them. only thing is, the one instructed to kill the baby that would save mankind, Michael, defy the instruction given to him, and he's helping the humans instead.

a fair part of the movie was interesting, n a little gory (Michael sewed his own back after he cut off his wings, goodness sake!) n other scenes as well, granny who eats raw steak and climb the ceiling of a diner etc. but almost at the end, at the back of my mind i was thinking,

'hey, this is like another version of TERMINATOR (cue background music: dudum dum dudum!)'

well, except that the terminator is in the form of Gabriel.

the scary nenek.
pic googled.

overall its not bad, really. well, at least to my expectation. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

coming... and going away..

pls excuse my previous post. pompuan emo memang camtu, kalau takde peak hours memang bukan la siti yuhanis.

a kind soul (meaning you, fatma :)) noted that my blog is becoming a blog promoting beauty products. it is, in fact, what i'm interested in at the moment.

keyword : at the moment.

i think i've been vain all my life, its juz that it came in waves, like there are peaks and troughs, exactly how my emotions are. sometimes i even think (especially when i'm in clinical setting), 'eh, chop, ke aku ni bipolar?' kind of thing. gila diagnose diri sendiri. but then again,

orang gila takkan mengaku dia gila. heh.

what you're seeing ladies and (looking around if there's any) gentlemen, is a very classic CANCERIAN frantic to find a suitable facial care for herself now that her current routine's stock is fast diminishing.

(i already see myself turning into the cooking phase again).

while i'm at it, hariz has made an almost scary request: for me to make FIVE CHEESE LASAGNA. my hips shudder (or jiggle is a more accurate expression) at the thought.

if i ever find all the cheeses i need, and finally summon all my courage to make it, i'll post it here okies!

Monday, January 25, 2010

tengah tunggu hariz balik ni. bosan la dok rumah sorg2. pening otak aku, lama sangat menghadap pc.

baru tgk up semalam. the first 20 minutes already left me in tears. god i'm such a sucker when it comes to lovey-dovey old childless couple. deep in my heart, if we ever have to face a childless future (ya Allah mintak la simpang), i hope that we ended up like that, romantic and loving, till death do us part.

there's one episode in house pun macam tu. sama la, last2 the wife died. aku tengok sekejap dah meleleh airmata. bongoks la siti yuhanis.

see see?? sekarang pun bergenang. bodoh. nak buat review pun nangis.

i'm outta here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

mainly mane.

am heading back home tonight with my sis. good news is i get to snip some hair, not so good news is i dont get to cut as much as i want, bad news is i dont get to go get my own haircut!

got home and found that nabilah had cut fatin's hair short (which was what I intended to do the last time i got back!). so instead, i just need to trim things in place properly for fatin, and trim both shuhada's and nabilah's hair and bangs.

me? i dont trust my hair (or my skin for that matter) under their hands hahahahaha
(cue evil sister laugh)

nah... they know better.

my hair's more manageable now, thanks to loreal elseve smooth intense conditioner. look mum, no more tangles!
somewhat the same, just that the name elvive is not for asian market
pic credit to loreal.com.au

so thick n yet so easy to rinse, its a saviour for my health-gone-down-the-drain hair. tangles have been a big problem with me, duly noticed by any hairdresser i went to. the one salon that i really like was in plaza masalam in shah alam, where they have a separate room for the hijabis, n what else they use but loreal products! i've yet to try the mask, since there's other more, ehemm, pressing matters that need to be addressed.

i'd love to post a pic of my hair (ends) here, but.. mm.. ada hati yang perlu dijaga, n i'm not even sure if there's any guys (or anybody else for that matter) reading my posts. but hey, i'm not affiliated with any beauty product companies ya, juz to clear that up.

tak banyak nak pack (kata bawak balik barang sikit je kannn), nak pegi jenguk dapur. later!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

in the mood to shear somebody's hair off.

balik kampung! oh oh oh balik kampungggg!

i'm heading north tonight. yep. alone. tak seronok la balik sorg2 but what to do. yang paling seronok skali i managed to pack my stuff for 3 days in a small backpack, weeehuu!! rekod siot. nampak sangat semua ntah hapa2 maknenek selalu diangkut sebelum ni hahaha

my hands are soooo itchy to snip my girls' hair, though they might object (in very loud voices).

please please please let me do some snipping, i'm getting rusty here! bangs pun jadi lah.

ni lah akibatnya the first thing on my things to do tak boleh nak cancel out lagi.

later babes!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

was (and is) a busy bee. january is always a busy month for me. n time2 mcm ni, paling tak suka kalau ada ad hoc instruction from somebody, dari department lain pulak tu, pastu dan-dan mintak,

'i nak ni dlm 3 hari'.

ape ke sengal? get off my ample butt, buleh?

enough entry stress. i've yet to tell you guys how i felt about 3 movies i juz watched.

ingluorious basterds, bleurrrgghh. that quite sums it all. haha.

i mean, geli ok, scalping people's heads. i get the conspiracy theory and all, but still bashing people's head with baseball bat, and scalping the heads? **shudders**

night at the museum 2 was a good watch. very entertaining. i wonder the Kahmunrah's character tu mmg saja2 buat ada lisp ke memang actor dia lidah pendek? i dont think he has any (from what i watch btw, run fat boy run was a good one too!). i agree to a lot of other reviews, this sequel is actually better than the first.

tadi baru tengok push. cerita ada dalam rumah dah a few months baru nak tengok. surprisingly good, i should say. dakota fanning will grow to be a gazilliondollar-churning actress. i mean, she already has, and she's just, what, 15? this movie is in the same genre as wanted, and jumper, about people who has special powers kind of thing, n i must say, push topped the list.

on a serious note,

me being busy ada kena mengena jugak dengan health scenario in malaysia. pesanan penaja, please keep your hand sanitizers and tissues with you all the time if you're coughing or having flu, and jangan pegang apa2 merata2 in public places. jangan dok pegang2 sangat escalator belt tu, ntah sapa pegang sebelum tu ko tak tau. keep your bare hands to yourself ok!

if your feel feverish (especially if 39degrees and above), flu-like symptoms, having body aches, sore throats, and headaches, please see the doctor immediately.

word of the wise, if your going to the hospital/clinic, please keep the entourage to a minimum to avoid getting infection. this little act can save your lives, your families', and help curb the contagious disease.

bukan senang nak dengar cik(puan) anis serius. eceh. tapi serius ok, ingat pesanan penaja!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

not again! another cosmetic review.

the christmas sale had made me crazy on make up spree, i'm almost glad its over. but hey, CNY sale has started!! when its gonna end (n let me please please pleaseee keep some money on me)????!!!

let me review another thing that i snagged online during the last sale.

pic from strawberrynet.com

first off, if you're not a fan of scented cosmetics, this is definitely not for you. but i never minded. the raspberry smell is quite refreshing, i might add. its like dipping into icecream, yummo! its a semitransparent lipcolour that glides smoothly on your lips with a creamy sheen. and the slim tube is quite heavy for its size, not some plain plastic.

at USD20 (about RM78) a pop, i'm not sure if i'm gonna get some other colours of this if its not on sale (i got it for a total steal (a warehouse sale price in Malaysia), RM29!!). the fact is, i don't know if i ever get anything if its not on sale. call me cheap but i really love good bargains!

read more reviews here and here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i know this is quite some crap but i'm gonna jot this down so i wont forget.

my first time threading my 'tache.

it hurt. ok. it bleeding hell hurt. but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. i was like omaigod omaigod the thread's close its close now OMAIGOD its sooo close uh ohhhh... then, oh. ok. its a bit worse than brows, but still manageable.

couldnt stop the tears though.

but still, yeay for anis!! hariz wont be saying that i want to rival his 'tache anymore.

FOR NOW. hmmhh.

oohhhhh... the things you'd do for vanity.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


now that i've watched it, i know dorian gray will never make it to malaysia's cinema.


because there'll be soooooooooo many scenes that will be cut until there's no more movie.

its a dark piece, this movie. reminds me of sweeney todd, but none of the musical stuff. it potrays young dorian gray who arrived in london, very naive, n ended abusing his physical self, well, because nothing will happen since its gonna be transferred to the painting. n the painting was as ugly as what u can imagine, with maggots crawling out of the face. eurgghh. add up a few killing scenes, n that quite sums it up nicely. but the thing is, scenes about him abusing himself also included having sex with different partners, in orgies, women in brothels, a girl who just came of age, then her mother(??!!), ANNNNDDD..

the man who painted him.

gross. i know. now came me being prejudice. all sorts of questions came into mind. why do they have to put this scene in? is this scene (man with man thing) originally written in the book by oscar wilde, who, by the way, was gay?

conclusion: must read the book. to get the truth i mean, not for the saucy parts laaaahhh. but i don't know how on earth can i get my hands on it, since the original was published in 1890, as the only book published by oscar wilde (others were all short stories).

edited: there's (should be!!!) penguin classics version of this!! how can i forget about it! but of course, i'd expect there's nothing raunchy ;)

for more info, please refer to PARENTS' GUIDE FOR DORIAN GRAY.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake up and smell the coffee!! Oh wait. I don't drink coffee. Smell the chocolate!!

Was glancing through my blog layout when i saw the ticker. Eeeeepps!!! This year 3 years already meh? Gilaaaa!!!

Oh well. Takpe, rasa mcm baru kawin dua bulan lepas. Hahahaha.. Still manja, still nakal, still suka usik, and still and still and still. Badan je tak nampak macam time baru lepas dua bulan kawin. What to do... a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

My things to do:

*trim rambut

*thread brows

*beli groceries!

*survey handphone baru - tolong la jgn mati tak tentu pasal lagi sayang oi, aku tak larat nak maki

*start thinking what to buy for hariz's birthday started but haven’t decided. HOW???!!

*pegi tgk avatar and sherlock holmes cepat!!

oh yeah, we attempted to watch the traveller's wife over the last weekend, but to no avail. i dunno, but its really not my cup of tea. we could concentrate, like, for the first 45 minutes i guess? after that hariz slipped into dreamland, n me, happy to find the pc was left alone (yeay!!!)
started twiddledee-twiddledum in front of it.

n the tv was left to watch hariz sleeping :)

maybe when i'm in a soppier mood, i'll try n drag hariz along to watch it. try again next time, anis!

had partial movie marathon last night. baru nak tengok aliens in the attic dengan cloudy with chances of meatballs. both warranted a few more rounds of rewatching. very entertaining!

up next: inglourious basterds, dorian gray, and night at the museum 2!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

avatar versus sherlock holmes

well i know they dont even fall into the same genre, but wth i'll juz say what i thought about both movies.

i watched avatar with no perception whatsoever, except mainly curious to find out why people said its the best movie ever in 2009. after the movie, i still dont get why people are getting fanatical about it.

from my point of view, the movie actually showed the cruelty of man towards other species, and annoyingly it actually resembles cerita penjajah jugak la, which i am not a fan. how can it not, when men pegi pandora nak ambik batu yg berjuta2, dia sanggup banish the aboriginals from their nativeland? this movie sebijik mcm cerita banduan inggeris yang asal2 sekali that was sent to american land and banish the native americans from their own settlements, their own soil. its a very disturbing topic for me.

nasib baik la the natives eventually triumph in the movie (unlike native americans), kalau tak, lagi tak puas hati.

special effects i admit, mmg cantik, n i appreciate that. the forest was very surreal, like a beautiful dream. it was so vivid its almost possible to have existed, the fluorescence and the way the trees swayed and the ferns light up. reminds me of deep sea creatures and corals. i suspected thats where james cameron got his inspiration anyway.

comel kan?

now. sherlock holmes, is soo my interest. i mean, i watch and read investigative sort of stories a lot. like A LOT a lot. i love all the gore and the messiness of crime/mystery solving. and having my iron-man as sherlock helps push things along nicely. what surprised me is how suave jude law looked in this movie, tempang and all. maybe the moustache did it hahaha

solving paranormal crimes with scientific evidences is so very like the sherlock holmes stories i read back then, n i'm glad the movie production house sticks to that plot. but although the movie potrays holmes as a very shaggy, unkempt fella, unlike holmes stories, i rather like it since it fits the movie well. satu je scene macam tak berapa real, when the slaughterhouse tgh meletup-letup bagai nak gila and watson adalah ter paling close to the starting point of explosion, i'm surprised he's still intact. i mean, oi, lose an ear la already. ni luka-luka je?? come onnn..

this movie showed the age on robert downey jr. i mean i was like, wow, berapa banyak airbrush they did in ironman? but the bowler hat looked good on him :D

come to think of it, my scepticism towards avatar probably stemmed from me not getting the space fantasy hype. i mean, i'm not a star wars fan, n i didnt get why people kata pandorum best (sebab aku tengok mengantuk2). i do like fantasy type stories, but only if they remain on earth. kalau underwater ke laut macam mana pun aku buleh terima, hell i love harry potter for god's sake. bila dah ke awan, ke planet lain, tu agak melampau. bagi aku lah :)

i suspected both movies will have their sequels (avatar tu aku agak2 macam jurassic park ah), n i'll patiently wait for their releases.for now i'll juz be content on wanting to watch ironman 2 and alice in wonderland.

i wonder, dorian gray masuk malaysia tak? i'm curious how they put it into movie, not to mention the dorian gray ialah prince caspian (and as young dunstan in stardust) actor tuh, ben barnes. yummo!

all pic googled.