Monday, July 28, 2008


no wonder la i thought mcm terberenti smcm je when i watched the golden compass. then when i read the book, ei, byk je chapter diorg xcover dlm movie. n then when i googled it, i found this, the missing ending from the movie!:

btl la what ppl commented, the producer cut the story short sbb in the book, lord asriel killed lyra's best friend! maybe she reckons she won't make much money if she follows the book. nak untung pnye pasal, cerita pun jadi pelik.

hmmm. apa nak jadi..

i'd rather not talk about why i missed two weddings today. instead i'll juz pen in about the last book i read.

juz finished on the subtle knife, only 60 pages through the final book, the amber spyglass. the second book tu kelam kabut laaa. ada byk new character introduced in the second book, dr mary, will, stanislaus grumman (tp mati at the end of the book). there's one review yg said as what i thought: the second book suffers as the middle part of the story, being a wee bit boring as the author bring in a lot of little little things to justify the climax he'll throw into the finale.

i hope the second movie doesn't suffer like the book.

which reminds me of when i read LOTR versus when i watch LOTR. the middle part of the novel mmg dah starting to bore me, juz a lot of walking n climbing n ducking n whatsoever. tp the movie, i loved the second one the most!

mintak2 la the same will happen with the second movie.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

aku ke yg lambat?

huk aloh.. aku sorg je ke yg tak tau si lord asriel tu gila?

juz finished reading the golden compass n halfway thru the second book, the subtle knife. lambat gila nak abes the first book. movie dah siap kuar dah lapok dah pun, aku baru sebok nak baca.

but then, better late than never.

nasib baik aku baca. the plot in the novel mmg lari dari movie, ouh i think it shud b the other way around, the movie plot lari dari novel. different chrcter potrayal of lord asriel, different kind of journey, different reason why iorek bernison was in exile. all different lah.

dat's y la they said adapted, not copied from the novel kan kan.

tp it was good (as usual, with novels when turned into movies (except 2nd narnia movie)). it tells more about each character that the movie failed to capture. tp kan when i read the ending of the first book, i wonder how the movie sequel, due to release 2009, nak tally dgn the second book sbb, dah lari la cerita dia!

suspen suspen!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

makan time again!

was back from the curve's italiannies to celebrate mr. zeffirelli ibrahim's birthday. told u, these few weeks i was out n its all about eating! man, i'm (my butt more likely) stuffed!

the menu

the birthday boy

me n farina with my favourite creme brulee

the birthday cake.. err.. what's left of it, among other stuff we ate..

oh, i'm waiting for farina to upload the male version of paris (or perez more apt?) hilton in her series of piccies in her blog. cepat! nak tgk nih! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

aku dok baca comments ppl left at patrick teoh's blog when i came upon a link to this video.

gila! cne la xperasan padahal dah tgk berjuta kali citer nih!

clearer vision... yeay!

ouh, lupa nak crita... i've told u guys how the absence of my glasses has made me go crazy (or blind is more apt?) dah dapat dah.. yeay!

tp hampes btl si kedai focus point tuh. janji 2 minggu je, after 4 dem wks baru nak tepon aku ckp dah siap. juz when i started to get used to using only contact lenses... haaaaiiisshh..

doesn't matter. yg penting dah dapat, n FOC. seb baik under warranty lagi. kalo x mmg nak kena la si focus point tuh aku pangkah cukup2.

although i'm more inclined to use my contacts now (can't stand the chanting by my colleague, "haha.. anis dah nmpak tua balik".. tertekan siot!) at least i don't have to sit juz one foot apart from the tv when i wanna watch it these days.

bila la nk blh bt lasik nihhhh? xyah pakai anything dah. blh la nmpak muda sllu.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

spoilers ahead!!

bila cik abg ajak aku tgk 21 last sunday nite, i was like, citer aper tuh? xpenah dgr pooonnn... dia ckp citer tu pasal judi. ok fine, kitorg pun tgk (nih kes download citer la nih). rupanya xtayang kat mesia... dia dh tayang mac aritu lagi dah.. pastu fly fm baru sibuk pasal movie tuh pagi td sbb baru nak kuar dvd nye kt sini 22nd july. kihkihkih.. aku dah tgk!

overall the story was not bad la. strong cast, kevin spacey, laurence fishbourne, got kate bosworth oso. the main chrcter sgt cute! jim sturgess, surprisingly dah lama berlakon rupanya.. cek xtau.. cne blh xprsn actor comel cmni dah lama berlakon. kihkihkih.. tapi juz a year older ok!

but anyway, the story's about 6 MIT students trained to count cards to rake in millions of money in vegas. this is actually based on a true story tau.. sape yg train? kevin spacey as their lecturer. when the clan try to lure ben (jim sturgess) into their secret club, he was assured that its very safe, yadayadayada.. what he didnt know that mikey(kev.spacey) had a long history in vegas with the card-counting-hunter (laurence fishbourne) n one of the clanmember mmg penah kene bantai dah la dgn mamat tuh. dia pun dgn happy nye join the club.. n took in lotsnlotsnlots of money. i was like, waaahhh... terernyeeee.. kagum seh..

kesimpulannya, kalo korg2 nak tgk lelaki yg sgt comel dan sgt bijak, tgk la citer nih.. hehehe.. n oh better catch that other boleyn girl nnti because he'll be in it too! enjoy (cuci mata)! ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

stil in love with summer flicks..

yyyyeap... saya suda tgk itu hellboy 2... hmmm... nak ckp ape eh.... nak kata sedap sgt tu x la... like, once is enough kat wayang.. nk tgk len, dvd je la nnti.. its not so memorable i suppose..

in a way, i think guillermo del toro is trying to also potray the human side of the not-human-looking superheroes tuh... falling in love, n when helpless n in despair, drink themselves silly n started to sing sappy love song.. can't smile without u, can't smile without u.. lalalala.. sedap la lagu dia actually... hehehe.. barry manilow kan.. mestila..

barry manilow's can't smile without u.. :)

while the movie wasn't very memorable, which i can't point what actually went wrong with it, the song definitely stick... lalala.. :)

aku menurut nasihat kawan2 yang telah tgk hancock tuh, n since so far the review had been not so encouraging, i didnt go n watch it..

thanks a lot to those who wished me (yours truly had turned another year older last thursday) gemok giler aku sey, org asek blanje makan hari2, with cakes for dessert plk tuh! hari2 makan kek, mana la cek x tembam... (penat aku diet... haiiiishh) tp xpa, bukan sllu noh... best jgk cmtuh... hehehe... lps ni smbung diet... kehkehkeh.. tq cik F, cik S dan en. H for the wonderful treats.. :)

huaaargghhh!! raksasa nak makan.. :)

btw, cik abg dgn sgt jahatnye (tapi ttp sayang :D) had fooled me into thinking that he didn't buy anything for me n then said, jom la yang, what do u want, abg xbeli pape lagi nih.. come, let me buy some novels for u.. kitorg pun p la mph.. i juz pick a novel i happened to aim for, i don't like to ask much.. then after we went home, he went.. ayang rajin x? can u fetch a box in my bag... n there i saw a box of THREE hardcovered novels yg xde di mana-mana kedai i went to search ok! needless to say, i was a happy camper that night.. ;)

novels from my hubby!

p/s: ada org tuh nak teman cek p potong rambut! yeay! tenkiu! lap u bebeh! :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the dilemma

actually tgh pening kepala (asek2 pening, asek2 pening.. ape2 aje la si anis nih) byk plk mende aku pk skrg yg xde solution nye... dah dok sorg2 mula lah pk mcm2.. tgh2 pk yg bukan2 tuh, teringat that i haven't gone to trim my hair in months oredi.. haru!

one of the things that i always did whenever i get back to my hometown was making a very important announcement to my sisters,

'okkkkkk... sapa nak kerat rambut mai siniiiiiii'

n there i was, duduk tepi kolam ikan, armed with a comb, a pair of scissors, some old newspapers n waterspray.. n at least one will offer their hair for sacrifice (but usually i managed to persuade ALL THREE of them to trim their hair... hahaha... kakak sulong yg kejam) its one of the times we get to bond together (not like we don't talk n talk n talk at other times sampai tido lewat gila)

my work was ok la... ngehehehe... masuk bakul angkat sdri (berat!!!) the result is ok,tp aku mmg xde gaya hairstylist lgsung lah time memotong rambut.. sometimes the hair turned out great (for me), sometimes its not... i'm not a very consistent person here..

tp ok lah, as long as i'm happy, n they're happy with their new hair.. kekdg bila blk tuh, xsempat bt pe my sis dah tnye, 'blh ptg rambut org x esok?'

n i'll happily oblige..

the reason i'm telling u guys this?

1) i miss my sisters (duh)
2) persoalan plg besar skrg... SAPE NAK POTONG RAMBUT AKU???!!!

penat la pk.

Monday, July 7, 2008

my favourite things...

last weekend was well spent, i suppose, with events n coccooning at home.. attended hariz's new nephew's majlis cukur jambul in putrajaya (will upload piccies later), had a little (unexpected) reunion with a former classmate, aimi there.. her lil' bump is starting to show oredi... so cute lar.. :) she'll be venturing out from her parents house soon... juz a lil 2 cents from me, it's gonna be messier now ur living on ur own, more things to think (or like me, worry) about, so be brave, n have fun living together yeap!

darling nephew was bawling right before the event, but made the grand entrance quite quietly (thank god!!) and riiiiigghhht after the event, he started crying loudly again! huh, talk about perfect timing... pandai betul!

had a taste of this season's durian (finally) courtesy of PIL yg teringin nak mkn... mahal seh kat kl nih durian nye.. but i'll say, the best durians are those u get from ur own dusun lah..

haiii... time ni lah nak rindu blk umah... best nye kalo blk sp mesti byk durian kat umah abah angkut dari dusun (kalo angin durian tu baik byk la buahnye, kalo x, selamat la...) note - aku tukang makan je, yg p kutip adik2 laki lah, aku malas, byk pacat, takut!

with my PIL n younger BIL safely back in trganu, baru la ribut petir hape sumer lalu dalam umah tuh... bersepah la blk mcm biasa.. mags n novels n cik abg's shirts merata2.. hehehe... i was safely in my coccoon (right in front of the tv) for the whole day on sunday.. what i did:

read a book

i found an old novel by stephen king in mph last week, his first compilation of short stories called 'night shift'.. i read the book
(my uncle's) like 100 times already ok.. but when i saw it i couldn't believe my eyes that they reprinted it, it was a 1970's punye publication! yeay yeay! so i visited the good ol' times thru the book.. best best!

the irony - someone ask, eh anis ur so afraid to watch hantu movies tp u like to read hantu stories ah? so pelik one.. ;)

watch movies

baru nk tgk atonement.. yawwwwnnnnn,.. sgt bosan... i don't really dig la movies cmni.. sgt slow.. n anyway, steamy ke kiss scene tuh.. i read in the reviews ppl are like whooaa... sgt penuh chemistry the kising... maybe aku xmenghayati nye kut (more probably i was already sleepy)

maybe movies like that juz don't suit me - i did sleep through russell crowe's beautiful mind, heck, i slept through 'seven', and that was brad pitt ok!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

about my whereabouts..

on ole-ole bali

a good friend of ours realised our recent disappointment on the cancelled much-looked-forward-to trip and thought hey, why not taste the island's cuisine here in malaysia? after all, we can get pretty much everyone in world's cuisine right here in our own home.. so there we were, helping ourselves out to bali's cuisine in our own backyard in sunway! (but no, a*****e, it's not even close to forgiving U!)

buddying up

on early birthday celebration

both my MIL and FIL were in town and they were very kind to celebrate my birthday earlier in friday's.. u know how it was there on friday nights... it was crazy! every five minutes the friday's crews were hopping from table to table which requested them to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl/boy.. n boy, there were loads of them celebrating! my FIL, being an avid collector of events' piccies, happily snapped away ( n others happily posed for him!)i'll upload the piccies later when i got it from him yeap!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh summer flicks... i love u...

byk woo summer movies nk kuar... (rambang mata) mana satu nih nak tgk.... so much for trift-spending during economic crisis these days... throw down the drain la (like my diet oso) haiyaaa....

in july ni lagi la, every week ada je citer best... on the 3rd hancock kuar... (i personally think will smith has one of the best looking bod around for african american category... hence the excitedness) keeping my fingers crossed that it won't disappoint me like 'i am legend' (aku xsuka tgk citer hero mati ok)..

hellboy 2 will be out on your's truly's birthday on the 10th (along with 2 other movies, no less)... nak tgk!!!! (tgh pegang borang cuti nih ;)) been waiting for the sequel for ages oredi ok... i heart action n fantasy movies... been keeping movie stubs since i start dating my hubby... tebal gila ok... kalo blh convert blk duit tuh beribu2... kehkehkeh..

on the next 17th, the dark knight will be out... i personally think that the batman begin was a bit so-so, not so bad la... tp i was hoping i can catch this sequel sbb i thought the joker looked quite promising... pastu baru tau rupanye heath ledger kan si joker tuh... lg la nk tgk kan... pastu heath ledger mati la plk... LAGI la aku nk tgk...

there's two more reputable movies to be noted, due on the 24th is the mummy 3, and on the 31st is the much coveted Sex and the City.. tp i'm not so excited about it (probly bcoz there's no hot-looking guy that caught my eye, kehkehkeh.. n i personally think apart from her always fabulous shoes, sjp's red carpet dress always seems like she wants to be 10 again, so no, i'm not her fashion fan) so i'll juz give them a miss (or download for that matter)

wanna know which movie come out when? juz visit
here.. or juz book at the site i always visit.. enjoy summer ladies, as i always do!

sooo many things..

so many things happened these days kan here in malaysia.. everytime i read the newspaper (online now btw) i feel sick in my stomach.. this is not the malaysia i used to know.. granted there's some hideous crime popping up some of the times but hey, we can't say ppl here are angels aite..
but that's juz it.. not so many power crazy ppl hogging the frontpage news everyday like these days.. (ke skrg baru nak nampak?)

on sodomy cases these days..

i'm not siding anybody here, i personally thought both sides (the dacing n the alternatives) have gotten rotten in their heads to get as much power as they can, but honestly, do u think the de facto whatever he call himself person is stupid enough to get himself into the same mess he was in 10 yrs ago (assuming that he commited the crime) juz when he was about to create the biggest mess in the country by setting a new proposed government? i mean, come on..

tp, yg p take refuge at the turkish embassy tuh nape... n pasal conspiracy tu pun satu, xkan la the government nak pull the same trick twice... x ke klakar (bodoh) tu namanye..

on blowing ppl up these days..

the case dragged on n on n on n xde solution pun... they even get the tpm's wife involved, coz supposedly the explosives they used should be only authorized by him n she's alleged to be present at the scene when the victim was blown to smithereens.. pelik huh... dunno what else is possible now..

on cutting logs these days..

seriously, are u mad??!!! ppl are busy preserving the nature lah, condemning global warming lah, saving wildlife lah, living by the slogan reduce, recycle, reuse (well my boss is) lah, awak baru nak sibuk potong balak plk dah...

dulu2 blh la beb... time mesia ni aman, sejuk, nyaman... time selangor, kl, johor, penang, dan yg maju2 dok sebok potong balak nk buat rumah n kilang n whatever, awak xmasuk bot skali... skrg dah sket pnye panas mesia nih, banjir sana, banjir sini, awak p buat announcement cmtu mmg lah org bising...

on tinting ur cars these days...

ni, cerita plg baru i caught in fly fm this morning.. the truth is i have nothing against tinting cars, sbb my hubby tint his car to keep the car cool, to keep the sunrays away, yadayadayada.. heck, even my car is tinted.. but i'm not so sure about tinting it so black u cannot see the inside at all...

sure, some ppl say its good that the transport minister says tinting shouldn't be juz for the VIPs, it's all about privacy (the guys are joking about quick romps in the car n whatnot)
but (i'm thinking worst case scenario here) if ur kidnapped or taken on a joyride or (raped) in ur heavily tinted car that ppl outside can't see u, that won't be very good innit.. one of the highlights in the nursuhaily case (raped by a bus driver in a bus) was the bus was heavily tinted..

the girl in the radio keep saying she liked the announcement bcoz she can't stand the glare without tint.. honestly girl, have u ever heard of the words POLARIZED SUNGLASSES? i guess its all about choices lah kan.... u don't have the dosh to buy sunglasses, tint lah ur car.. kan.. as for me, this is in my wishlist too (i don't care, nak jugak although xdrive pun)
lulu guinness.. i like! (cheaper than car tint btw)