Sunday, June 27, 2010

:D *sengih kerang busuk*

sori ye. kesian blog ni kurang kasih sayang muah muah muah.

a few things:

1. trip to bandung telah berjaya. happy sangat dapat kirai duit dgn jayanya. not so much of sightseeing, loads and loads of shopping. but since its a family trip, 160kgs of luggage limit saved the day ;)

2. shuhada dah nak sampai dari egypt malam ni, yeay!

3. baru dapat tgk solomon kane and book of eli. verdict for both: SO-SO.

4. the shopping bug didnt leave even after bandung. heck when did it ever leave haha. shopped online and offline for more tudung, cosmetics and shoes. my current wishlist:

its a limited edition Stila Girl Travel Palettes! is launching 1 new palette each month til december, and the best part is, its only USD10!!! unfortunately the online shop doesnt ship to malaysia, unlike SEDIHHHHHHHHHHH

5. a colleague who juz had his 2nd kid, and another very pregnant colleague reminded me that, after kids, you'd want to spend more for them and wouldnt care much for yourself. with that being said, my parcels akan sampai next week, yeay!!!!

6. rasa dah lama tak balik sp, walaupun my colleagues noted that i balik kampung a lot. almost every month ada balik kampung trip, be it hariz's or mine. next weekend balik sp with my sista yo! durian fest!!