Friday, April 24, 2009

eating out

hiya folks, rindu tak?

baru balik dari kursus 3D2N in Nilai. Tak, aku tak sempat p nilai 3. giant nilai sempat la.

dah tinggal rumah, groceries utk masak semlm x de, maka xde post on recipe lah. but we did have dinner at the newly opened subway near my place.

tgk la filling. mana nak kurus... share 1 foot full of turkey strips n turkey ham (that is actually ok) but with lotsa cheese.. bila nak turun kilo..


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

u made my blue eyes blue..

Your Inner Eye Color Is Blue

You've got the personality of a blue eyed women

You're intense and expressive - and always on the go

You've also got a sweet, playful side - which draws men in

i wonder why i'm not in the least attracted to blue-coloured contacts n usually will have amethyst, green or grey instead.. hmmm..

Monday, April 20, 2009


wahhh start bulan 5 banyak la pulak movies keluar. banyak yang nak tgk. bulan 5 saja, hmm lets see:

first up, xmen origins: wolverine!

the character dah memang sangat interesting, the fact that its hugh jackman makes it even more interesting! he's one of the yummiest married man on earth! *drool drool*

tapi kejap, dia due 29th april ke 1st may? whatever it is i have to come back to malaysia first then only can watch ehehe

coming right after on may 8th is star trek. now i'm not exactly a fan of star trek series, that i admit, tapi when i saw the gazette macam menarik sangat, plus hariz looks excited about it so i'm positive we're gonna go and watch it

n by the way, that, on the poster, is eric bana. ok. i'll definitely watch this.

then the next week, coming up next is angels and demons on may 15th. well i've read the novel a few times already, n every time i'm amazed with its ambigram calligraphy yang sangat lawa. i wonder how they'll make the five brands in the movie.

the final week of may will witness the final chapter for terminator, terminator salvation. when i got to know john connor will be played by christian bale i know hubbs n i will find the time to watch this movie.

ok. now. four movies in a month?

tickets : rm 13 x 2 x 4 = rm104
popcorn + drinks : rm10 x 4 = rm40
shopping2 sebab every weekend pegi shopping complex = ????

oh well. that, is depressing.

no matter. yang penting happy! :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

lunch la pulak

jadik food diary pulak. ehehe...

our lunch:


u'll need:

a french loaf (or any hard bread like ciabatta ke, kebetulan ada french loaf kat rumah) cut diagonally
prego's fresh mushroom pasta sauce
shredded cheddar cheese
hotdogs - cut into 4, then cut into short sticks
finely chopped chicken fillets, season with a little salt and pepper


assemble everything on bread: start with pasta sauce, hotdog, chicken then cheese

pop into 170degree heated oven for about 8-10 minutes

ha amek ko aku upload banyak piccies :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

oh man i did it again..

i've been trying not to cook rice for dinner now, hence all the recipes minus rice. all substituted with wholemeal bread now.

luckily hariz is not fussy about eating rice everyday. well, he eats rice for lunch, while i took no rice at all. a difficult feat i tell u, choosing nothing ricey in the menu. once i ordered sizzling chicken chop, rupanya dia serve with rice jugak. hampeh. i took a couple of tablespoons jugak la, kalo tak, kesian nasik tu (alasan!)

the most difficult part is my office seems to have a lot of reasons to have free meals every week. its either meeting 5S, meeting pegawai, meeting jawatankuasa ubat, CPD, one-day / half-day course, meeting teknikal, meeting metadon, meeting jawatankuasa kualiti/klinikal/CPD, meeting pengurusan / aset / kewangan. not to mention promotions and birthdays.

kesimpulan: byk occasion = byk makan free = berat badan naik.

its frustating when the aroma of u-know-it-tastes-good nasi lemak wafting everywhere since ur room is near the dining room, while ur there, eating, not nasi lemak, but a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter clogging ur throat. DEPRESS!!!

sori la geng, hari ni takde gambar homemade food. makan kat luar eheh. had dinner at manhattan fish market with hariz's collegues, hoong seng n joanne.

n i really blew my 'no rice' diet (again!). but juz a few tablespoons lah. hariz said fine, so i'm fine (i think).

While i'm at it, let me give u a recipe for the wrap that i always do whenever taktau nak masak apa:


wholewheat tortilla bread
slices of roast beef
a head of lettuce and tomatoes
chilli sauce

1. put a teeny bit of olive oil on a heated nonstick pan. cook the roast beef slices.
2. assemble lettuce and tomato slices with sauce on the tortilla. put roast beef on top of the assemble.
3. roll the tortilla, secure with toothpicks on both edges, n pop in the heated 170degree oven for about 5-7 minutes.
4. done!

easy peasy n healthy too! :D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

two dinners in a go

sangap. satu hari takde internet kat ofis pun rasa macam tak cukup tenaga.

this was our dinner last night:

last pair.

EGG SANDWICH. ok pe. kenyang :D

1. rebus telur. dah masak, mash with some mayonnaise. add a little fine salt and freshly ground black pepper.
2. take a slice of bread. susun dengan daun salad n tomato, put on a bit of chili sauce.
3. take another slice of bread, slap on the egg mix.
4. put the two slice together, slice diagonally, voila! dinner siap!

ok sandwich tak payah la tulis step by step anis oi. amatur gila.

this is more like a note for my hubster kalo dia teringin nak makan sandwich n i'm not around ok. dia memangg like me being right-handed (of course, i'm a leftie. duh! ) when it comes to cooking. hopeless!

abang, this is for u. :D

n this was our dinner for tonight:


dinner for two

1. boil a pot of water. meanwhile, slice onions, garlic, ginger n cili padi n dump into the pot.
2. add a level tbsp perencah sup. also add half a cube of chicken stock (no msg added).
3. add a tsp of bawang goreng. also add kayu manis n a clove of bunga lawang.
4. add pieces of chicken, and a handful of curly tricolor pasta.
5. reneh sampai pasta masak, n bawang goreng almost disappear.
6. add some carrots.
7. add a little salt n pepper. garnish.
8. done!

notice i'm sooooo dependent on my trusty bawang goreng to kick my cooking up a notch. thats the most cherished tip my mum gave me. add some while ur boiling ur soup, gravy, curry, whatever malay cooking. u'll taste the difference.

but i dunno, maybe its juz me, u fellas yang tak suka makan bawang or bawang goreng probably won't feel the same.

enjoy makan! i did :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

kedah mari

hari tu my kari tulang terlupa la nak letak resepi here. karang lupa pulak:



1/2kg tulang campur daging (basuh dan selawat dulu)
minyak utk tumis
4 heaps tbsp serbuk kari daging
1 level tbsp serbuk perencah sup
1 biji tomato (besar)
1 sprig curry leaves
2 cloves garlic
1 biji bawang besar
1 inch halia
1 tsp bawang goreng
kayu manis, jintan manis, bunga lawang
1-2 tbsp susu cair

1. crush garlic n potong bawang besar ikut suka hati. panaskan periuk, masukkan minyak. dah panas, tumis bawang besar n garlic. api jgn besar sangat.
2. dah wangi, tumis sekali kayu manis, jintan manis, bunga lawang. then halia, daun kari n tomato.
3. masukkan serbuk kari n serbuk perencah sup. masukkan air sikiiiittt je, make it into a thick paste. kacau sebati. biar dia pecah minyak dulu.
4. masuk air sikit lagi around half cup.
5. sila bersabar. biar dia thicken dan rencah kari tu betul2 masak.
6. dah pekat elok, masukkan tulang dengan daging. add enough water to cover tulang. masukkan bawang goreng n susu cair.
7. reneh kari tu saaammmpaaaii la daging di tulang tu, orang kedah panggil, 'lekang'. means daging tu dah tak lekat di tulang. add in water from time to time, n kacau from time to time. api sederhana saja, takut hangit yg di bontot periuk tu. masak sampai kuah tinggal about a quarter of what it was initially.
8. when its half done, masukkan garam dan sikiiittt gula sesedap rasa.
9. all this will take about 1+ hour, minus preparation time.
10. u can garnish with extra bawang goreng n daun sup.

u can also add kentang if u want, but since my perception towards kentang is rather negative (walaupun dia sedap) so i did not put in any. n my recipe is all sebenarnya campak2, ejas la mana patut ok.

1/2kg might seem a lot for 2-3 ppl, but hari tu tak cukup ok. dont say i didnt warn u! :D

drool drool..

anis... what happened to ur resolution???? kata nak puasa shopping online sampai at least midyear. haiyooohhhh...

hang la ni yeen. xtahan weiiii!!

another bag arrived today, n i'm reminded on how impulsive i can be with regards to online shopblogs. no matter. bargain gila!

tgh tunggu lagi satu parcel... jengjengjeng...

happy happy!

on the other hand, this hobo from D&G is absolutely TDF!!! soft two tone metallic leather.. convertible.. naaaaaakkkkkk...

bag reviewed in purseblog, pic credit:

totally random

quick snippets of a few things:

1. kalut je hari ahad malam tu. mmg dah pack barang sgt2 pun. skali MIL ckp xpe, xpayah balik. dia tak guna pun mc dia. p jugak keje.

thats my MIL. keja x berenti2. although her middle finger almost severed clean.

maka aku tetap p keja, walaupun...

2. my left not-so-wise tooth is at it again. bengkak lagi pipi haku. hayam betul la. sakittt!!

3. found this in's yesterday's entry. lawa lah. ada sapa nak p US? nak pesan!

MBMJ Croc Billfold. USD45 jerrr ok!
pic credit:

Saturday, April 11, 2009


fell asleep with harry potter and the goblet of fire in my hand.

had a weird dream, a total chaotic scene of me alone taking care of two chubby n cuddly baby boys.

they weren't mine though, both from different mothers (i think). but now that i think of it, they looked quite similar.

chocolatey-coloured skin, small eyes, adorable smiles.

they're not of the age that can talk yet (cant even crawl yet), but once one of them was at the very edge of the bed and he yelled DADDDDDDYYYYY very loudly towards hariz. pelik. tetiba je hariz balik keja time tu.

thats when hariz woke me up.

its been juz about half an hour or so since i fell asleep.

seemed so.. real..

Friday, April 10, 2009


am sooooo looking forward to having the weekend around. damn 3 inch heel nearly killed me last night. balik rumah melolong sambil tutup mata (padahal x sakit pun) while hariz patiently punctured the blisters for me.

tu la. sapa suruh cari pasal.

saje je try. eheh.

now i know. i can shop in a 3-inch, but only ones yg x geget kaki lah.

the hidden benefit?

get extra nice treatment when u get home, foot massage, warm milk, the works ;D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

my dinner last night

had some cheezy garlic bread last night. x ambik pic. as usual.

cheezy garlic bread

1 stick baguette (french loaf)
2 cloves garlic
2 heaps tbsp butter
1/2 level tsp dried oregano leaves
a few twists of freshly ground black pepper
a cup of grated cheddar cheese

1.heat the oven at 150c.
2.chop garlic finely. mix together garlic with butter, oregano leaves and black pepper. leave to sit for 5-10 minutes.
3. cut bread diagonally. slather on the garlic butter mixture on both sides of the bread. sprinkle some grated cheddar on the topside of the bread.
4. arrange bread on a tray n pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is a bit brown on the edges.

we had it with mushroom soup added with chicken and broccoli. sedap! thank u cik campbell! :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

paul walker ku sudah berkedut

weekend's up n recap on a few things:


didnt go anywhere but i have my sis around so xde la sangap. cooked lunch together. i made everybody substitute rice with wholemeal bread. hahaha. dont blame me i juz asked n they agreed. makan dengan my most pekat sedap lazat ever kari tulang n some veges.

had the wimax guy come over to check whether our house can get reception. u see, although my place is in kota damansara, n iklan wimax tu besar2 tulis WIMAX IS NOW IN KOTA DAMANSARA, apparently it doesnt cover everywhere in kota damansara. it juz cover up to jalan 11/11. my place is 11/14. duh. everytime tanya kat booth dia kata x cover lagi. luckily some agent left the pamphlets at the clubhouse n hariz tanya dia our block boleh dapat signal x. dia kata lets check, rasanya boleh green lah signal nya. guy came to check, GREEN!!! yeay! finally ada internet kat umah.


had some peeps over to our house. we invited our clasmates masa uitm pj dulu. had to do it in batches since umah agak2 boleh runtuh kalo ajak lebih 15 orang. girls sabar ye, nnti when me n hariz have a free weekend we'll hold another makan2 ok..

aku masak semuanya sorg2, so far xde org mangadu cer ber ke hape so line clear ok jangan risau. adik aku x kuar bilik langsung dari aku start masak, org first sampai, until org last balik.

dah lama aku x masak untuk ramai org, best jugak. kat sp je masak banyak2, satu umah spuloh org lah katakan. i think its one of the very few housechores that i like to do. nama pun pemalas..


lama gila x keluar dating!!!! maka sempat la p bercinta shopping moping bagai harta2 baru, n tgk midnight the fast and the furious 4. its good i tell u. tgk la kat wayang since sound system sgt masyuk.

it features the orginal cast of the fast and the furious, n dia ada hala tuju, not like fastnfurious 2, so best lah. walaupun paul walker masih rupa keanak-anakan tapi sudah ada kedut2 org tua. yg tu nampak la. yg len semua best. sampai over2 siap, muka kena tumbuk pun bunyi kebabom hebat gila sampai mcm x percaya tu juz muka kena tumbuk bukan keta meletup hahaha. tapi tu sbb gsc one utama cinema besar mmg sound system best gila kut maka semua dgr best hehehe

tgk ok jgn x tgk


mata bengkak akibat x cukup tido, muka sembab sebab banyak minum air tengah malam.


xpe, at least i'm happy! :D


Thursday, April 2, 2009

soulja boy

i never thought i'd like a song by soulja boy but this really made my day!

enjoy singing along!

hutang saya

tag ni dari note fb cik farah, i juz do it here ok dear. baru nak bayar hutang tag.

Finish the sentence...

1. My ex.. tidak wujud.

2. Maybe I should... not worry about everything too much after all.

3. I love... my life right now

4. People would say that I'm... sgt sombong at a glance, lantak la ko labu, ko x kenal aku jgn cakap byk!

5. I don't understand... why those who delve into politics turn into the way they are. especially those yg mcm xbuat homework n cakap mcm gila x logik.

6. When I wake up in the morning... i look for my hp, tgk, ohhh.. buleh tido lagi 5 minit... tido balik.

7. I lost... none of the weight i gained these few years. darn!

8. Life is full of... good ppl, bad ppl and everything in between

9. My past... made what i am today

10. I get annoyed when... people who doesnt know me suddenly ask very, very personal questions about me. like, helllooo... do i know u?

11. Parties are... great with the right company.

12. I wish...that i dont have to work but have lots of money!

13. Dogs... r useful for some ppl but not for me

14. Cats.. are cute except when they scratch ur hands

15. Tomorrow... i have a meeting lah..

16. I have a low tolerance... of those who have low tolerance towards me

17. If I had a million dollars... ada lah a few things on my mind that i wanna do ;D

18. I'm totally terrified... of, dont laugh.. ageing n discovering new freckles on me.

19. My spouse... is my soulmate n bestest friend

20. My life... is fine as long as i have my loved ones around me :D

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

back in business!

Yuuhuuu... i’m back y’all!

I was supposed to get back to the office yesterday but i juz took a day off to loosen all my very sore limbs. Hari ni pun colleagues commented nampak letih lagi. Haiii... nak buat camne.. have to start all over again lah, iron the whole wardrobe contents, beli groceries.. nasib baik hariz dgn penuh bangganya menayang rumah bersih, tak payah susah2 nak kemas. Tinggal nak kemas my clutters that i brought home after two weeks membujang di perantauan.

The first ten days was spent in a hotel in genting for induksi. It was quite laidback, juz classes. But the food sucks i tell u i’m gonna forgo eating watermelons n honeydew for a while. we managed to push around a few classes so we had Saturday evening n Sunday morning off. Sempat la ber-randezvous sekejap balik umah.

Next five days was spent in a camp near kota kemuning, shah alam. The course was fine, tapi tinggal dalam dorm yg even more packed than my days in boarding school, n about 60 girls have to share about 10 toilets n ONLY A KOLAH for showering. U juz imagine lah. Sgt new experience ok.

But despite that fact, my newfound girlfriend n i managed to shower AT LEAST two times a day, n i shampooed my hair almost everytime i take a shower since my hair stink from the physical activities. Thank god i packed my hairdryer along. I think i’ve never washed my hair that often u know, sampai twice a day.So much so that i came home n proudly show hariz my new soft, smooth n tangle free hair.

New hair, new zeal, new knowledge n new love for the country. Very enlightening.

But i’m so ready to be home with my bed n shower. Ok anis jgn mimpi kemaruk nak parti kemban ok.

this month hariz’s shift ends at 5 so we’ll have homecooked meals everyday again this month! Yeay!