Sunday, April 25, 2010

i always dread going to work after days of cuti. well who doesnt? right after my very short balik kampung stint i had to go for a three day course, just to find papers on my desk piling up come friday. gila banyakkkkkkkk....

sedih. masa ni la rasa nak jadi surirumah (LAGI!)

baru baca lightning thief (kali ke berapa tah). i never said anything about it here right? well i read the book first, n watch the movie a few days after that.

the book, is very good i might say. while it is targeted towards teenagers, i find some new words i never thought of looking up into the dictionary. new word for today:

kleptomaniac: a person who is not able to control the urge to collect / steal things.

i love new words.

u know, all my life i never feel compelled to love what i'm doing right now. come secondary school, all i thought of doing when i grow up was picking up TESL and teach english, although i know i certainly wasnt the best in my class. it came easily enough for me, n i never forgot about it. but i know, i'll make a lousy, and a very garang teacher. so i might as well just drop it and carry on.

anybody want to open a franchise pharmacy n hire me?


the movie, everybody was saying it sucks. but i think its not THAT bad. well it is diverted from a lot of things in the book, which is much more interesting. but if u enjoy it as it is, its quite ok. but there's a finality to it, like there's not gonna be a sequel. somehow.

havent bought the rest of percy jackson series, since the last book takde in mphonline the last time i check. ingat nak beli sekaligus je, u can better discounts if u buy from the website.

later, nak siap makan char kuey tiaw. i know i know, dah pukul berapa nih? baru 8.15pm ok. but i'm not quite used to eating later than 8 most of the days. now, dont ask me why i practise all that but none of the flabs recede. just to keep it from bulging i have to do that! darn the stick thin girls who eat all they want.

cheh. emo tetiba. tak kira. nak keluar makan!

Monday, April 19, 2010

finally, an update.

hmm where do i start..

1. went back to my hometown for 4 days and overdosed on durian everyday. which meant, extra, EXTRA hot days since sg petani is a lot hotter than kota damansara. n doesnt rain too.

2. totally ditched my makeups (and skincare on some days, come to think of it) and went au naturel. n hey, i didnt have any breakout for that 4 days (which is uncommon due to my has-a-brain-of-its-own hormone nowadays) so hurray for that!

3. watched a few movies: princess n the frog, tooth fairy and imaginarium of dr parnassus. movie 1 is ok if u like musicals, and happy endings. which i totally dig. :D movie 2 is so-so. not bad but its already a few children movies that dwayne johnson starred in. so.. its starting to get a little boring. movie 3: a very far-fetched imagination. sgt sgt pelik. but that way it glues u to ur seats, or carpets, wherever u might be sitting.

4. oh, still cuti today so i can get my housechores sorted. sorta. i'm taking a break from ironing while on house season 5 rerun, n hariz is out at the barber's. too bad i dont have any experience cutting the boys' hair (they just took turns trimming their hair with the trimming machine-four boys and an ex-army for a father-n that is before they discovered some barbers can make their hair look like christiano ronaldo's). kalau tak, i'll definitely experiment on his hair too.

5. n oh yeah, my mom beat me to cutting fatin's hair. garn! that's twice already!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a few reviews in one go can?

first off, let me tell u i am soooo in love with my newest playthings:


I got it in birthday suit and skinny jeans, what a perfect combi!
birthday suit (nekkid skin colour)

skinny jeans (pretty pewter)
pics courtesy of

sorry no real pic, malas nak snap (mcm biasa). anyway, one booboo: the first time i used birthday suit it fell n the cap kind of cracked! i was like omg omg omg fuh fuh harap2 tak pecah terus. sayang mcm baby yg jatuh hahaha. well u can say its my newest baby so what can i do except act like a mother ;D

skinny jeans is L.O.V.E. ok. the biggest boldest font size of lotsaLOVESS i can give u darling. its a muted, metallic grey yg sgt gorgeous. i'm toting it everywhere i go now. n it stayed on without creasing till i wash my face. hold on to ur skin like nobody else's business, yet easy to wash with facial cleanser. what more can u ask for?

but ok, Benefit's price is a BIG humongous pain in the ass kat msia. one pot of cream shadow costs u rm85, as compared to only $19 online plus shipping. if ur one badass stalker, u can get it even cheaper, it can get as low as only rm50+! but instead of badass, i'm a HUGEass (pun realllyyyy intended hahaha) so i got rm140+ for two pots cream shadow, a lippie ANd a brush including shipping which would cost me 85+85+75+75=rm310 if i were to buy them here.

QUADRUPLE love, y'all!!

post panjang pulak. nanti2 la review lagi ye. toodles chicklets!

Monday, April 5, 2010

in the deepest pit of s**t

as i'm typing this, my left hand grew heavier.

tu lah. terlebih pandai.

dah tau kidal, nak cucuk tu ckp la kat misi nak cucuk tangan kanan. ni dok sibuk interview nurse pasal vaksin, elok je hulur bahu kiri (unconsciously sbb tgk my colleague hulur bahu kiri).

kan dah lenguh nak mampus.

padan muka. esok DAN lusa ada meeting nih. ada idea nak tulis notes cne?