Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ya habibi ali baba.. ya habibi aliiii...

ni nak kena bljr balik bahasa arab nih.. hahaha.. bkn apa, last night me n hariz together with hoong seng iftar (kitorg 2 org je la iftar, hoong seng dinner lah!) kat tarbush sunway pyramid. pic dlm hp la, blk smlm xlarat nk transfer dlm pc. *nak mandi pun laki aku jenuh nak pimpin, punya la mengantuk nak habaq bagi* nnti aku upload. tp xde sgt pun.


we've been wanting to try it out since its opening a few months back in pyramid, sbb mama (hariz's mom) sgt suka mid eastern cuisine n we were thinking of bringing her there, but never had the chance. baru2 ni hoong seng ajak... so ok lah. :) we took the buffet, which costs us 60 ringgit plus plus after tax per person. being an avid lamb eater, naturally hariz sgt suka lah mkn kat sini bcoz of the abundance of lambs (aku ter pk sheep counting skjp).

tp seriyes, setapppp!! the chicken khebsa sedap, lamb pasta sedap sgtttt, and the baked lambs sgt tender n juicy. n don't get me started on the mohalabia, sgt lah sedapnyaaa, i had two! mohalabia is a sweet dessert, like pudding of some sort. i've tried some elsewhere, but the one in tarbush was oh so divine! it's texture reminded me of italiannies' creme brulee which is of course my fave, sgt rich n creamy. i like!

the downside of this tarbush (they had branches in front of lot 10 and somewhere at starhill if i'm not mistaken) is the waiters yaaa... sgt lah blur nya. bile cek the booking record for us, xde designated table reserved. seb baik la smpai awal so we picked the table outside at the patio. n then this waiter, he's been putting on the cutleries on every empty table yg org book tuh ntah bila nak smpai, kitorg punya table smpai kena mintak baru dia perasan xde cutleries. n most of the buffet food dia x refill walaupun sekali, dah abis katanya. yg tuh mmg xbest, sbb xsempat amik lamb pasta n fish fillets byk2 skt. tp tu lah, aku pun xmkn byk sgt, rugi amik buffet. awal2 tu mmg ingat nak order a la carte je, tp teringin plk kan. nasib baik hariz blh cover portion aku. hehehe..

but all in all, it made hariz ajak aku ikut mak (my mom) blk saudi! enuf said :)

btw, to all my friends and readers, selamat pulang ke kampung bagi perantau2 (aku blk kedah thn ni, yeay!) dan selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri. saya ingin memohon maaf sekiranya terkasar bahasa, tersilap bicara, terlaser sentiasa, dan sekiranya ada hati2 yg tersentuh bila membaca entri-entri saya. take care!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

whats in the name

was reading at perezhilton when nicole kidman's daughter's name came up. dah baca about it then, tp usually its spelled, like, intentionally incorrect kan. when it was spelled correctly, sgt horror movie ok. sapa yg sanggup nak letak nama anak dia 'sunday roast'????? mcm ayam je. apparently nic thought its cute!

but then again, hollywood celebs are famous for naming their kids with quirky names. take gwen for example, her first boy was nice enuf, kingston (nama thumbdrive), then when the second came along, he was named ZUMA. zuma! game katak tuh! ape laaaa.. nicholas cage buleh letak nama his son, KAL-EL and that guy from my name is earl tuh name his son PILOT INSPECTOR.

ble tgk balik, maybe the girls have it better. there's jamie oliver's daughters DAISY BOO and POPPY HONEY, gwyn n chris martin's APPLE, geri halliwell's BLUEBELL madonna, jennifer garner's VIOLET. at least those are flowers or at most, herbs. which is not so bad.

but i think yg plg kesian is cher's daughter la. CHASTITY SUN. i know that chastity has a rainbow of meanings which includes the way a woman dresses, and mostly means virginity especially before marriage in some religions, but still.

reminds me of those metal chastity belt that mike myers wore in 'the love guru', ewwww!

penah x u were asked a simple question, but the way the person say it was sooooo darn annoying? most of the time tu the question was innocent enough, tp the use of that condescending tone a.k.a bunyi mcm memerli, menghina dan sewaktu dengan nya itu sgt menyakitkan hati.

pagi2 nak bagi aku hangin satu badan ni apsal... buleh plk 'eh baru sampai ke, dah pukul 8 nih', aku mmg masuk pkl 8, suka ati aku la. bukannya masuk 7.30.

lagi pun aku bkn jenis yg xsampai time blk dah tunggu depan thumb print, sengal!

*ok aku ter over sensitif arini, but so what?*

Monday, September 22, 2008

lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi

1. the rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. each player answers the questions about themselves
3. at the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog

starting time: 4.50pm waktu mesia
name: siti yuhanis bt ibrahim
sisters: 3
brothers: 7 (including 3 BIL)
shoe size: 6-8 depending on brands
height: 155cm
where do you live: currently kepong

have you ever been on a plane? penahhh..

swam in the ocean? berendam je hahaha

fallen asleep in school? ni ratu ok ;)

broken someone's heart? broke my parents' heart ada la, dulu2 masa tgh muda remaja dan degil amat

fell off your chair? seingat aku xpenah, too common la.. aku ni sllu accident yg pelik2 je hahaha

sat by the phone and waited all night for someone to call? i didnt sit by the phone, the phone sit by me hehehe

saved emails? definitely

what is your room like? crazy cozy

what's right beside you? currently: office phone directory

what was the last thing you ate? errrr... chicken cheese egg sandwich

ever had chicken pox? rasa mcm penah kena..

like picnics? suka!

who was/were the last person you dance with? encik hubby

last made you smile? adah buat lawak makan

you last yelled at... ntah. dah lama xbuat.

today did you talk to someone you like? yep

kissed anyone? yep

get sick? sllu. tiap2 bulan sakit. no, no that one..

talk to an ex? xde ex

missed someone? yep

who do you really hate? penipu, talam dua muka, pencuri duit org dan penyangak

do you like your handwriting? not bad la my handwriting hohh..

are your toenails painted? i don't like 'em painted. buffed aku suka

whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in?
anywhere my hubby sleeps

what colour shirt are you wearing right now? pink baju kurung

are you a friendly person? tgk time ah. n tgk org. kalo xkenal tu nak warm up lambat skt.

do you have any pets? xde

do you sleep with the tv on? kadang2

what are you doing right now? pk cmne nak jawab soalan ni

can you handle the truth? depends on what kind lor

are you closer to your mother or father? mcm mak rasanya

do you eat healthy? sometimes when i feel like it.

do you still pictures of you and your ex? xde ex la

if you're having a bad day, who would you most likely go to?
hubby or bff

are you loud or quiet most of the time?
tgk time ah..

are you confident? ppl say i look it, tp i don't feel like i'm it

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
was in form 4

1.masih tinggal di asrama skolah

2. masih xpandai masak sbb asek mkn food kat DM

3. masih keanak-anakan (in fact sampai skrg xubah hahaha)

4. baru mula nak minat budak laki (i'm so a late bloomer!)

5.sgt suka baca baby blues time sblm zoe dpt hammie sbg adik lagi

5 of my bad habits:

1. sgtttt pemalassssss

2. sgt suka tidoooooooooo
3. sgt suka makannnnn
4. suka buat keja last minute
5. suka menghabiskan duit

5 places i am living in:
1. currently, kepong, kl
2. b4 kepong, alor setar for a year

3.before alor setar, shah alam for 4 years

4. before shah alam, pj for 2 years.

5. before pj, alternate between my beloved sungai petani n hostel skolah di kl for 5 years

5 people i tag
malas nak taggggggg

end time: 5.15pm waktu mesia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

baru balik. td berbuka kat ofis. cm klakar plk. weekend la hari yg aku elak p shah alam. xlarat nak tgk shah alam tu hari2. tup2 berbuka time weekend kat situ jgk. kat ofis plk tuh. bkn ape, reunion berbuka bdk2 skolah hariz. aku ngekor je la kan. rupanya ada jgk mbsa tuh buat buffet. aku yg keja hari2 kat situ pun xtau. hahaha

ckp pasal hari2 berbuka di shah alam ni, teringat 1 kes kat pizza hut SACC tuh. a few days into ramadhan, hubby n me along with my sis nak berbuka kat situ. lps keja, i head straight to the place nak buat booking. that time was about 5.30 or a bit earlier.

if u never been to shah alam for iftar, i tell u.... kalo 6.30 u baru sampai ke kedai mkn without booking earlier mmg tobat xde meja dah. it was that packed.

pastu i was told by the manager that they are not doing the booking thingy like last year. u see, dulu dia suruh book awal2, order siap2 n pay first. then only can confirm booking lah. fine. i thought this yr wd be the same. pastu manager tu ckp cmtu plk. xpe lah. i went back there at about 6.15. about half the place already filled. tp ada lah tempat.

fine lah i don't mind this. what pissed me off was last thursday, 2 wks after that first pizza hut iftar, my hubby said nak makan kat situ lah, dia sampai lambat, senang i nak tunggu sbb dkt ofis kan. after the first scene i ingt2 sdri la kan, xleh book n kena be there b4 6.30, so i went down from office at almost 6. sampai at the place about 6.05. pompuan kat depan pintu tu kata apa? 'oh minta maaf puan, dah penuh org book'.

i was like, wth! aku dgn muka mcm raksasa gorgon mula lah rasa nak mengamuk. terkena jgk la pompuan tu aku tepet, ai, aritu kata tak buleh book.. tp aku xbebel pjg. tgh puasa kan sabo jela. tp dlm hati berjela2 la bebelan aku, kalo jumpa manager tu, mmg nak ckp je, u n ur fake eyelashes (manager tu laki) n go bake urself in that pizza oven tuh. x guna jadi manager.

mcm2 kan. nasib baik lps tu aku jln2 ada kedai makan lagi yg ada place. so i juz sit n order siap2, then tunggu je hariz kat situ. nak soping raya pun xde mood dah. hampes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

musim tagging telah bermula!! (ke aku yg lmbat join corum?)

td tghari baca entry dlm cik farah's blog, ouh, kena tag! happy (lagi)! tp aku pk, sat sat sat, sat gi balik umah baru aku buat. baru je kuar satu entry hasil bebelan aku tghari td. so here goes, another entry of membuka pekung di dada! ;)

5 tabiat buruk anda time skolah:

1) when i wasn't wearing tudung to school yet, in form one i think, ada satu time tuh aku sgt obses menyikat rambut. skt2 pegang, skt2 pegang. especially time BM, sbb cikgu amri tuh mmg xtegur pnye la buat apa pun. hahaha.. teringat ina yg dok kupas kulit telur rebus yg amik masa bfast kat DM waktu kelas.. hahaha...

2) i dunno if any other sspians shared this habit with me, but aku sllu kira barang2 yg cikgu pakai kat tgn diorg! this was my habit when i was in form three (3J) and form five in 5J sbb aku dok meja depan skali, n mcm biasa lah, cikgu2 suka bertenggek kat meja depan yg tgh2. aku nih plk mmg jenis 'mama bosan', sllu la cari mende for entertainment. cikgu2 pompuan yg suka pakai cincin byk2 always made my day sbg bahan gosip, especially cikgu yg pakai gelang byk2 yg bila padam whiteboard went 'klingklingkling' ingat x kawan2? kihkihkih

3) i'm definitely with cik farah in this. tido waktu klas mmg sgt legendary, i think bdk asrama mmg ada certain2 period masti ada kurang2 dua tiga org champion. this habit became even more evident masa period PI time aku form two (2U), and fizik classes waktu upper form. masa form 2 tu, i earned the nickname 'ratu tido' oleh ustazah sharifah.. hahaha..

ada satu time tu tgh exam paper PI, i think most of us finished answering n waiting utk abis time je, n quite a few started 'berlingkar'. then apparently, ustazah dtg jenguk klas kitorg yg nyenyak dibuai mimpi, dia bagi salam dgn 'ma robbukaaaaa' sampai sumer org terjaga, except me! :D time fizik mmg xbuleh harap la nak bukak mata, walaupun aku balut buku teks fizik aku dgn muka justin timberlake sebesar2 page buku teks tu. tido atas muka dia ada la... ;)

4) there's this one time yg i always mixed my mee goreng with hot teh o. weird kan? at that time waktu rehat klas pukul 10.30 tu stil ada heavy meal provided, and the mee was, i think mcm terlebih rencah ke hape ntah, so i selalu lah dilute dgn teh o panas. letak skt je.. sedap ok, ada manis2 skt masin2 skt, mcm mee goreng basah hahahaha

5) kerja last minute, didnt put effort into subjects that i didnt like, n my big motto when in upper form, 'org jaga aku tido, org tido pun aku tido' tuh mende2 biasa lah..

3 favourite subject anda.. kenapa?

1) english - because cikgu2nya best, from puan aida in form 1 until ms halimah masa form 5. n in a school yg many students nye excel in pure science subjects (which i was not) this subject was the one yg made me feel like i'm not so bad in my studies in school.

2) sejarah - i always loved history, especially sejarah form 4, dunno why lah

3) music! - sadly we had music classes sampai form 3 je, tu pun time form 3, dia dianak tirikan. ke dia di banish terus ke ntah aku pun x ingat. best ada music classes ni, ada one time tuh we had to perform dances in a group to get accumulative marks for end year exam, me, ya, n peon menari ikut lagu dangdut! best skolah all girls ni hehehe

3 subject yg anda tidak suka, kenapa?

1) i never liked physics, n the physical stress that i got from the subject. buat lah hape pun untk menarik minat aku in that subject, x jadi punye. yg aku ingat masa skolah time bljr pasal inersia je hahaha

2) in uni, physical N organic chem. the way the subjects were taught juz didnt interest me at all, added plk time tuh sumer external lecturers, n us being pioneers dgn schedule yg xtentu hala lagi didnt help one bit.

3) add maths masa skolah. i especially didnt like the fact i don't like it, n i suck at it as well. blame it on the formulas. i liked modern maths tp...

menarik pada kamu?

hmm yg ni aku xbrpe paham sbnonye. translate: "what attracts you?" ke, "whats attractive to you?" *hmm mcm dua2 sama je maksud dia* ok, what attracts me are things that are attractive, duh!! ok, not funny. for the time being what attracts me is big, shiny stuff u call diamonds in all kinds of cuts, princess ke, marquise ke, cushion ke, baguette ke, in all kinds of colours, pink, canary yellow, black, u name it, i like it all

kamu paling suka?

aku suka tgk benda yg cantik, dan benda yg mencantikkan org. xkisah la yang cantik tu kategori org like cute cuddly babies, hot babes/fellas ke, kategori bukan org ke i.e lovely sceneries, those blinking diamonds, gorgeous handbags, TDF wedges, make ups, house decor, elaborately decorated food, i like all of it!

Anda tidak boleh hidup tanpa?

my laling hubby, my family, my faith n my books!

setiap kali sebelum tidur, siapa yang anda hubungi?

saya hubungi abg saya, "hello2, abg dah tido ke? slmt tido!" hehehe, kidding!

tag 5 org rakan anda…

sejak akhir2 ni byk buat tag, penat pk sapa nak ditag, sapa rajin buat lah ye..

autumn flicks (??)

yela, time summer ada summer flicks, tgh musim ni ada wayang keluar byk jgk kan.. jadik la autumn flicks kuikuikui

dah lama xtgk wayang. ada la 2 bulan gitu.. lama gilaaaaa ok. skrg nih wkend memerap dlm rumah. tgk movie yang dah download. org len nak kawen dgn anak raja, aku dpt kawen dgn raja jugak, raja download.. hahaha..

baru ni tgk you don't mess with the zohan. download lah, cm biasa. gambar cantik ;)

when i watched it, i can understand why this movie caused such a ruckus among parents who went to watch this with their kids. yg complain ke newspapers n whatnot kan. betul la pun. ada ka patut movie tu rating 'U' aje. its like private jokes gone public ok, rubbing ur privates to clients, sexual innuendos, etc etc.

on the other hand, org yg penah tgk movies yg produced by adam sandler's company should have known how his movies work. mesti ada : 1) lawak kotor, 2) lawak pengotor. if u can't stand even one of it, juz don't watch. i mean, even i sometimes cannot tolerate some of his jokes. u juz watch big daddy, billy madison, deuce bigalow (although rob shneider blakon, adam sandler yg produce), 50 first dates (yg uncensored) ada lagi 1-2 movie dia yg mcm tu. chuck and larry and the longest yard je mild sket lawak 1 dan lawak 2 (btw the longest yard rocks!)

and for gods sake, parents, tgk la trailer dulu nak bawak anak kecik tgk wayang pun, tgk la seswai ke tak nak bawak budak, dah tau bukan blh harap sgt movie yg rated 'U' kat mesia ni.. dah jadi cmni baru bising. eh emo plk aku hahahaahha

there are more movies yg included in the movie marathonsss that we did, mostly yg xsempat nak catch masa tayangan (summer movies lah yg byk nye), dan tgk iron man berulang kali blk. sukaaaa!!!

tgh contemplate nak tgk the other boleyn girl bila, put pnye review A, kena tgk nih. tp xtau wayang kat wayang ke, wayang kat rumah. hahaha... juz wait n see lor. kat umah dah ada deception yg telah siap di burn, hidangan utk weekend nih ;)

ha.. nak tgk movie, tgk trailer dulu ye.
kalo malas sgt, nih aku dah carikan.
PG 13 ok, take note, bukan setakat U je.

baca farina's blog about mamma mia's musical, been wanting to watch the movie n the mus
ical oso. but hariz dah ajak awal2 tgk gamarjobat, maka allocation (aka fulus) kureng la... hwaaa!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tgh bosan. n pk nak post smthing td, tp tetiba lupa plk. my short term meomory mmg out la. jawab tag cik farah la, walaupun x ditag. hehehe

Who were your latest 3 inbox texts from?
diana, diana, diana

Where was your default pic taken?
for this blog the pic was taken when i went to jakarta. encik hubby sgt suka amik gambo saya sorg2..

What's your middle name?

Your current relationship?
happily married, thank you! :D

Does your crush like you back?
well.. i kind of tried experiments to check whether the one i had the crush noticed n liked me back. it worked, dia pun suka, tp aku saja2 try je pun. aci x cmtu? xde la suka nak kawen so i abandoned my pursuit hehehehe..

What is your current mood?
xde mood nak kerja, lampu kat bilik aku nih berkelip plk dah... dok bercinta sorg2 dlm gelap la nih. org maintenance x dtg2 repair..

What's your mom's name?
zakiah, affectionately called mak teh, or kak kiah.

What color shirt are you wearing?
baju kurung ungu yg mak aku buatkan

Would you kiss the last person
you kissed?
definitely lor.. ;)

If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
maybe, but then again, maybe not. i can change my mind in a whim sometimes, but sometimes i won't budge like what oso. we'll see how my mood lah when i get the chance to actually do that!


Do u have crazy side?
i'm not what u call crazy2 (read: gila2) kind of person, i think. but gila, sometimes yeah, crazy mood!

Ever had a near death experience?
tak tau la nak ckp near death x. ada skali tuh tumpang vw beetle hitam cik put, dari klas nak balik umah sewa di S.7. skali tetiba dia xbuleh kontrol stereng dia, sampai ternaik half the car atas divider yg agak tinggi, like calf (betis ok, bukan anak lembu) height gitu. aku dah la dok kat sblh passenger kan, nasib bek la berat kete tu, x terbalik. kalo kancil aku rasa sure terbalik dah. bila cek rupanya mende yang menyambungkan stereng dan tayar (supaya tayar itu ikut ckp stereng) patah! masa jadi tu rasa lawak, tp bila pk balik, kalo la byk keta time tu........ *shudders*

What is something you do most?
read until i fell asleep

Angry at anyone?
currently, no, only repair man ni la haku rasa bengang nihhh!

Do you wanna see somebody right now?
i'm seeing someone whom i've been seeing for the last 7 years as a couple, 1 year plus as a husband ;)

Do you like drama?
i'm not a tv fanatic. but i do watch tv, n watch whatever drama yg tgh tayang masa tu yg appeals to me.

When was the last time you cried?
semalam sbb sakit perut, tp x bejod2 pun! hampeh!

Who would you do anything for?
My family

Who is your hero?
my darling encik hubby la sapa lagi..

What is the one thing you notice first with the opposite sex?
its always been the eyes, baby

What's your biggest secret?
something that i definitely won't divulge here!

Where is your ex?
i'm not the type who dates a lot, i don't have any ex! my first love is my hubby, n that was 7 years plus ago, percaya x?

Would you ever take her/him back?!
depends on what ground n situation.

Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
i like to watch spongebob, disney cartoons, n looney tunes ok, so bug off!

What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
at the mo, x makan la, cek posa, tp tgh pk dah nak makan apa for iftar buleh x?

Do you speak any other languages?
a bit of this n a bit of that

What are you thinking about right now?
kenapa bespren aku xdtg2 lagi nih.. perut dan blkg aku nih dok sakit x ilang2...

What should you be doing right now?

Working, walaupun puasa ttp menyelam sambil minum air hehehe

What is your favorite memory?
my wedding!

What are you listening to?
ikim.fm dari bilik sebelah, bunyi tv kat reception (haruslah aku dgr sbb bilik paling dekat dgn reception!)

Who was the last person you told I love you?
encik hubby this morning.

Do you act differently around the person you like?
awal2 suka tu mmg la cover2 skt, dah lama tu xde cover dah la...

What is your natural hair color?
black black, but under sunlight dark brown black

Who was the last person to make you smile?
encik hubby td masa he sent me to work


i'm not gonna tag anyone, malas nak pk dalam gelap nih :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

how to spend one's time

sorg lagi.. sedih nye..

this week i've occupying myself with a couple of books when i'm by myself. thick ones. n yet i've finished both before the week is up. kena beli lagi... benci!

the two books i read was the 1st two in the twilight series by stephanie meyer. mmm.. boleh la. fascinating enough to urge me to buy the other two in the series. mmgnya aku suka crita pasal these bloodsuckers. since dulu2 baca anne rice and stephen king's salem's lot. apatah lagi bila tgk vampires in brooklyn yg ada brad pitt dan tom cruise itu (although i dint remember much of the movie) n queen of the damned yg ada stuart townsend yg sgt hensem, acting as lestat. gorjessss!!!

the first book of the twilight series is named twilight. its about a girl named isabella from phoenix who moved to forks in DC to be with her dad, n giving her mum some space with her new guy. she dreaded forks, as the place is always rainy, unlike sunny phoenix. there she met a family yg sgt pelik, the cullens, in school she enrolled in. pelik, as in sgt gorjes, graceful, but isolated from the rest of the school. one of the cullens, edward, was in her biology class. she was so drawn to him, as he was to her. the story goes that she finally know edward's a vampire from a clan yg doesn't kill people to live. a turn of event when they met a leader from a travelling coven, whose hobby is tracking his victim. and he, james, was very drawn to bella as well. a series of chasing ensued, james managed to trick everybody and lure bella to his choice of place. he managed to wound her gravely, but she was saved by the cullens and james was killed.

in the second book titled new moon, edward was still feeling guilty sbb bella was hurt bcoz of him. bella insisted that edward turn her into a vampire as well, since she's turned 18, but edward's eternally 17. tp edward x mo. he felt that he shouldnt be around her anymore, so the cullens moved from forks. bella jadik la meroyan skjp... sampai beberapa bulan cam xbetul. mcm zombie. kengkawan dia yg human awal2 tu try pujuk dia, tp sbb dia buat xtau, diorg pun jadi malas nak layan. lepas 3 bulan, bella try keluar rumah dan bersosial cam besa. dia jumpa jacob black, son of billy black whose truck she bought. they became close, since the first book pun aku prsn jacob nih agak smitten sgn bella. one day bella nih go into the woods. there she met laurent, from james' coven. dia ckp victoria, james' partner, nak bunuh bella sbb edward bunuh james. like, partner for partner la. suddenly a pack of big wolves came and scared laurent off. lps tu killed him.

nk dipendekkan cerita, the pack was actually werewolves, and jake (jacob) was one of them. jake n the pack pun dok patrol kawasan tu since they spotted victoria b4. bella went cliff diving, n almost drowned tp saved by jake. unfortunately the vision of her jumping off the cliff was foreseen by alice, edward's sister. words heard by edward, n he went to kill himself in italy by provoking an italian coven. bella and alice had to go to italy to tell him that she's alive. so edward was saved. but the feud continue that edward cannot stand that bella was friends with jake, a werewolf, vampire's mortal enemy. but they need to keep aside their enmity to save bella from victoria. cerita pun habis...

i know, i know, berjela2. kihkihkih.. tp aku mmg xpandai potong crita buat summary. n anyway, both books are like 500-550 pages each, i've left out enough as it is. xcrita lagi yg si bella tu clumsy tahap cipan, how gorjes edward is, how each of the cullens became vampire, how beberapa chrcter lain yg smitten dgn bella yg putih itu. n unlike most vampire stories yg potray them as night dwellers because they can be killed by sunlight, sleep during the day and stay up at night, the author made it that they can't sleep at all, n cant be killed by sunlight, they juz glow n shimmer like thousands of diamonds, sbb tu diorg pilih forks to live since the town dont see sunlight much. lain la skt kan...


i wonder sapa yg layak jadi edward.. 6'2", putih gila, mesmerising voice, ensem gilaaaaaaaa. (i've been picturing stuart townsend when i was reading it, tp maybe skrg dah kurang seswai)


dah tau sapa jadik edward!!!!!! dia penah berlakon in some movies. harry potter movies to be exact. nak tau tak sapa?

CEDRIC DIGGORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's a sneak peek of the movie to come in december:


Friday, September 12, 2008

things i shouldn't have thought and said

well, i did say i want to post on some things that reminded me of painful matters right.. hhhhmm.. but now i decided against it. dah lupa pun nak tulis apa. tu la, time ingat tuh tanak tulis. told u, i can get touchy feely very easy one..... tp kalo biar lama skt lupa lah apa yg aku marah, aku sedih, aku kecik hati ke hape sumer. tp the most dangerous thing is i'm easily triggered back, n then everything will come rushing back to me like a gush of tidal wave, n knock me back a bit.

not good for the heart, no? apa kata puan doktor?

lets juz get on. si yah ni, org tag dia, dia tag kita blk time tu jgk... hhahaha.. mcm tau2 je.

1. Copy gambar di atas lalu post di blog anda
2. Teruskan tags ini minimum ke 5 blogger muslim yang anda kenal.
3. Jangan lupa tinggalkan komen pada blog mereka
4. Tulis alamat blog anda (di bawah gambar) setelah alamat blog pemberi tag

Pemberi tag
1. cik yah
2. http://anischan.blogspot.com/

Penerima tag
1. cik nor shahidah
2. cik farah norlaily
3. cik siti nuryati
4. cik soon to be puan azriati
5. cik soon to be puan nadya
6. puan aishah hafiz

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!!!

in one of my previous post, i did mention about this:

n how i was so excited to check it out. so, what i did?


three lippies, all suited me well, two glosses, 4 brushes, 15 shades of eyeshadows all aligned according to 5 sets of 3 complementing colours, 3 tones of blushes - two matte and one shimmer, an eyeliner, magnascopic mascara (i totally dig this!), and cleansing milk as makeup remover. as this package is pwp kind of thing, i bought loose powder and concealer to make up for it. voila! everything i'll ever need to doll myself up. i am one happy camper. i like!!!


i always frequent to hot chocolate and mint's blog, simply bcoz her fashion sense yg sgt quirky, tp suits her very well.

so. dgn bau harum semerbak murtabak yg mengharumkan satu bilik ofis aku nih yg sgt mengancam jiwa dan kelenjar air liur, aku menggigihkan diri buat tag :) here goes:

1) What is the most important thing in your life?

being happy with those that i love and care

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
u'll find that out in my next post ^-^

3) Where do you wish to get married?
already la... nikah kat surau, kenduri kat rumah on both sides.

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?

5) Are you in love?
sgt100x ;)

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
iftar kat nando's semalam dgn farina, kira restoran x tuh?

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
new moon by stephanie meyer

8) What is your full name?
siti yuhanis ibrahim

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
2-2 pun saya sayang

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
keanu reeves yg sgt ensem ittew :D

11) Christina or Britney?
hmmm ntah la xsuka sgt 2-2. tp vocally i prefer christina although kengkadang dia OTT skt

12) Do you do your own laundry?
most of the times. kalo aku je malas, hariz tlg buatkan. kalo 2-2 malas, kedai dobi buatkan.

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
amsterdam pls :D

14) Hugs or kisses?
aku adalah seorang yg tamak. xbuleh xde satu. nak 2-2 jugak.

15) 8 things I am passionate about:
1. Love and family life
2. shopping!
3. books
all things about fashion - designers, local, international, shoes, bags n make up
, which celeb wearing what from which designer, everything lah!
5. cooking n collecting recipes
6. food to eat
7. accesories

16) 8 things I say too often:
1. wei
2. babe,....
3. Thanx! (not too often la i guess)
4. bosan ah
5. laaaaaaaaa...
6. xde pape.. (ni suke pakai time merajuk ;))
7. oh ye?
8. pening laaaa

17) 8 books I've read recently:
1. new moon by stephanie meyer
2. helen of troy by margaret george
3. the golden compass
4. the subtle knife
5. the amber spyglass
6. the italian's bought wife
7. divine evil (dah brapa kali ntah baca)
8. blue smoke (lost count jgk brapa kali ulang)

18) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. lay you down - babyface featuring boyz to men
2. bedtime - usher feat. babyface
give me a kiss to build a dream on - louis armstrong
4. anything by joss stone
anything by
jason mraz
6. anything by maroon 5
7. anything by usher
8. anything by celine dion

19) 8 things I learned last year:
1. kawen itu best :)
2. bercinta sambil kawen lagi best :D
3. sapa kata miscarriage tu x sakit
4. there's never enough money for a shopper
5. buleh je kerja kat hospital pakai heels (provided stacked heels/wedges la. no stilettos for me)
6. tolerating other ppl's preferences over mine
7. i should've followed my own instincts
8. colour contacts that suited me most are amethyst and green! :D

20) Tag 8 people :
  1. aliah
  2. yah
  3. farina
  4. nasreen (yeap, lagi! :))
  5. put
  6. yan
  7. azie
  8. YOU! :)
sekian, terima kasih.

on three things

there are three things i'd like to post on:
  1. the biggest loot i got for myself this year!!!! hoyehhhh!!
  2. a tag on one of the blogs i frequent
  3. on things that reminded me of painful matters
wait aaaa. nanti aku crita satu2 ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

berbelanja di bazaar ramadhan: hubby vs. wifey

lps beberapa hari asek beli food untuk berbuka, finally semlm dapat pun masak.

hari sabtu hariz p bazar ttdi beli mcm2. kalo aku yg p bazar sllunye beli satu main thing like nasi kerabu ke whatnot n satu jenis kuih dgn air. biasa lah.. kalo dah kena berbuka tgh jln time weekdays tuh cmtu je lah gayanye. lagipun mkn dua org je pun, bkn larat nak makan mcm2 jenis. tp dah aku biar hariz yg pilih hari sabtu aritu, nah hamek ko, penuh meja. dgn nasi beriyani, murtabak, popiah, putu piring, ntah apa lg ntah lupa. air panas, air sejuk, semua ada. dah la meja kecik. seb baik hoong seng ada skli nak meng abeskan semua yg diorg beli. (abes plk tuh..n tgh mlm blh beli mcD lagi! besar gila perut org laki ni kan!)

ahad aku yg masak, dapat la mkn mihun hailam dgn cucur ikan bilis je bersama jus tembikai. kuikuikui... beza sgt dgn kalo hariz yg pilih apa nak makan.

tp xpe la kan, aku yg masak. x baik bazir2 nih. :D

Friday, September 5, 2008

what i cant do these days

mood saya hari ni, sedih dan kecewa.


sbb xbuleh nak pegi sini.

haii.... kenapa la buat time2 puasa nih. kalo x bukan bulan puasa, dah lama aku p beratur berlingkar2 kat hotel armada tuh. i went there once for the same warehouse sale, menarik jugak, tp beratur nya, masya Allah panjangggggggg gilaaaa. bygkan, the hall was in third floor of the hotel. the hotel management asked us to q from the front of the hall, through the emergency stairs situated outside the hotel. beratur la sumer hamba-hamba Allah yg nak membeli nih sepanjang-panjang tangga tiga tingkat tuh.

n we were right in front of the ground floor lobby.

that was on the first day if i'm not mistaken. merenyut-renyut macam ulat ok ramainye. time bulan puasa nih x kuasa la nak redah mende cmtuh. but stil,


Thursday, September 4, 2008

what have i done these days

lain sket la kali ni pnye puasa. disebabkan sumer org pakat balik wktu sama kat kl-pj-shah alam-everywhere else connected in klang valley, the roads are more crammed than ever, n who else are stranded on the road but my beloved n moi.... hari slsa kena berbuka kat parking lot ok sbb food dah beli but xsempat nak balik rumah. never mind, best jgk. rasa klakar pun ada. (jarang dating dalam keta) :D

yesterday dok contemplate, pk gigih x kalo nak masak. seb baik last2 nak spaghetti je, sempat la nak masak although sampai umah dah dkt pukul 7.

arrrrrrrrrkkkkk merahhhhhh jambuu!!!

sedap gilerr... tq aunty pasar s6!

bubur jagung yang lazat

ouh, btw, my hubby dgn baik hati nye informed me he saw an ad for estee lauder blockbuster set 2008. so sweet kan...pastu today farina pun email kat aku flyer dia, sgt la menggalakkan aku membeli... kuikuikui.. i'm so gonna check it out. from the flyer the colours look promising! (crossing fingers hard)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


time2 bulan puasa ni la byk cabaran yg menduga temper, kan. couldnt remember any particular event yg made my blood 'go upstairs' last time puasa, tp hari ni aku dah diduga. i can actually feel my face warming, means its turning red. org yg tau (ehem, ehem) ke'putih'an aku can imagine how lah. betapa marahnya aku dlm hati ni, Allah je tau. its easy to flare my temper, but not that easy to make me so angry until i'm red in the face.

it took all of my patience not to hurl that stack of papers back to her.

bkn nak tunjuk aku officer, dia tak, ke hape. kat ofis ni mmg xde la 'aku bos, ko bkn' kind of attitude. work atmosphere kat sini actually sgt best. in fact aku baik je dgn most kakak2 kat dlm ofis. tp dgn yg sorg nih, mmg problem. blh ke, kalo nak mintak file dari dia, kena tunggu kat dpn cubicle dia tu sbb dia tgh ckp tepon hal bukan ofis? tu baru satu hal. xciter yg kes hari ni lagi. mentang2 aku u41 je, dia bt cincai. bla citer blk dgn collegue pasal kemarahan aku ni, dia pun setuju yg si polan tu sdh OTT. heeeeeeee... xpasal2 posa aku pahala negatif hari ni.

tp takpe. sabar anis, sabar.

sori ye tuan2 dan puan2 sekalian, terpaksa baca plk hasil kemarahan aku nih time bulan2 puasa cmni. aku xpenah citer pasal hal2 ofis xcept my own workload, tp hari ni mmg i need type this in, before my patience koyak gara2 terlalu nipis.


Monday, September 1, 2008

on the first day of ramadhan


1st day puasa, already i have to break my fast alone. ape la nasib....

i dunno why, for some reason, hariz is always picked to work during public holidays. when we were stil a couple, once dia kena kerja on the first day raya!

until now, i stil cant get it. tmpat yg dia keja tuh byk non muslim, n i bet not everybody keja time public holidays. i can understand if its christmas, or cny, or deepavali, which dia mmg sllu kena. but this... hmmm.

maybe aku xphm sbb aku keja gomen kan, kat private mmg cmtu kot.

n maybe because he's one of the last few male staff yg ada yg buleh dikerah utk bekerja time2 cni. kat health sector, mmg lelakinya sgt nak hampir pupus. cuba kalo aku (bini org) ke, mak budak ke kena, mesti melenting punye lah.

which reminds me of the last puasa when we first came to as husband and wife. that was uneventful, syukur Alhamdulillah, although we had to balik kampung separately to kedah since he couldnt take a long cuti (but i could), then two days before raya, went back to terengganu to celebrate eid mubarak. hopefully things work out fine this time around too.

nasib baik aku bgn pagi td masak nasik goreng yg dia nak utk sahur :)

ramadhan mubarak everyone. selamat berpuasa!

nak makan ape ye berbuka sorg2 kat umah nih...... hmmmmmm... any suggestion? delivery dah order tghari semlm... huhuhu..