Sunday, March 28, 2010

my take on war movies

this was supposed to be last week's entry, as this week i had nothing but boring, same old routine, albeit being more kelamkabut than ever in the office.

totally ditched alice and solomon kane, gone to watch greenzone instead. this movie is in the same league with the hurt locker, academy awards winner for best picture and a few other categories. now, hurt locker, i honestly dunno why it got the best picture. hahaha. its actually a story of a day-to-day routine of a bomb defusing squad in Iraq, like everyday a different story, so there's not juz one story in it. no climax either. n its very, VERY disturbing. there's one scene about a boy's body being made into a body bomb, meaning a corpse being stuffed with bombS and self detonate upon activation. i couldnt forget it. EVER.

but if u like the suspense and the anticipation of whether they live or die in each of their missions, this is for you.

i, on the other hand had to watch it since it was at my BIL's house and the boys were watching it.


greenzone wasnt what i expected. coming from jason bourne's director, we came to expect something along the same line. the message is clear:

a lie told can be very devastating.

in this case it tore up a whole nation- Iraq, and its only due to one simple lie.

i was wondering if ever this movie tak kena gonyoh dgn american govt, sbb dia terang2 tunjuk depa sendiri penipu besaq. but well, they showed the president was bush, not obama so i guess it didnt hurt him.

it is engaging while it lasted, but enough la war movies for me. i dont want to watch any more this year. its too disturbing, what's with the shreds of human flesh flying everywhere every minute.

this movie finally cemented my opinion about war-type movies - they're not MY type.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

drool alert!

as promised.

this is the extent of smiling u'd have to do to be captured by the smile feature of the camera. almost like snarling, no? haha

my sister's bolognaise

and the star of the night....

yummy ribs!

the end.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

on a few things:

1. baru tengok new moon (HAHA!) and cirque du freak. honestly i can tell u i enjoyed cirque du freak more. i really wasnt wrong about new moon, although it followed the book to a T, but since its according to the book, it's bleh. haha. i know, complicated.

i've seen a lot of darren shan books on the shelves but everytime i fiddled with it, i put them back, knowing it was for teenage read. but then again, bah! twilight saga is also for teenagers ;)

2. tgh contemplate lagi bila nak p tengok solomon kane and alice in wonderland. i'm gonna pass book of eli (on cinema) since the reviews are not so favourable.

3. of course, i haven't told u guys about my (big) baby's birthday. nothing unusual, but i should've gotten those pix from my sis. the ribs at Big Brother's are HUMONGOUSSS!!! n sooo fleshy n juicy n yummy. keep your eyes peeled on NST because they're making a review of the restaurant. a columnist was there the night we were dining (a frequent visitor, according to hadi, the owner) n if u ever see the review, that's our ribs on the pic! :D
i'll post it later!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLING! i can actually call u abang huh, ur older than me now ;)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tribute to my favourite nasi lemak

baru cakap pasal nasi lemak lapan kupang, tup2 pagi fly fm cerita pasal mana nak dapat food yg sedap dan palingggggg murah.

so i'm making a tribute for u.


dulu masa awal2 kami berkenalan, meriah woo.. ada ikan bilis, ikan kering, telur rebus DAN telur goreng, kacang and sambal sotong. and some more sambal kosong. see see, meriah gila i tell u. and the best thing was, harga enam kupang saja.

masa kecik, perut pun kecik. makan sebungkus pun kenyang. tapi time pms boleh bedal dua. sebab tak la besar sangat. macam besar penumbuk aku je kuantiti nasik nye. tapi ok ah, banyak lah tu. nama pun breakfast. ko nak mentekedarah banyak mana sangat. dua bungkus tu kalau agak2 mangkit lewat pastu makan dekat2 time lunch boleh la sekali go. tapi jgn la pi bedal nasik pulak makan tengahari tu.

tu harga circa 1990-ish, seingat aku.

fast forward 15 years later, bisnes nasik lemak ni dah diambil alih oleh generasi anak. abah aku lah cakap, sebab dia tukang beli kehkeh.. tapi masih ada. rupa still sama, packing dlm plastic sheet n newspaper, saiz sama, rasa sambal pun sama. gila kagum pakai senduk sama 15 tahun ka hapa aku tak tau la, sampai tak ubah langsung. tabik ah dengan consistency rasa dia.

the only difference is no more sambal sotong (aku memang slalu donate kat adik aku anyway time ada), and harga naik dua kupang, jadi lapan kupang. dah recession dua kali harga naik dua kupang only.

lapan kupang i tell u.

mana nak dapat?

abah memang la pelanggan setia kereta merah tu. asal ada saja mesti beli. n mesti tak kurang 10 bungkus. dan aku la pemakan setia. tak penah tolak, dan kalau lama tak balik, siap mintak lebih. adik aku sampai tak lalu tengok, kalau ada nasi lemak tu dia tak makan breakfast.

takpa la perut aku kan ada. boleh isi extra.

sekarang cik abang pun tau, aku balik sp mesti makan nasi lemak ni. dia kalau dapat pun, bukan dua, kekadang tiga bungkus dia bedal.

satu je aku tak penah tanya abah,

kereta merah tu parking kat mana?

Monday, March 8, 2010

another long lonnng silence. i think if i track the waves of my blogging frequency i can telly it with my emo waves hahaha

oh well. nothing new anyway. apart from minor accidents (knowing clutzy me), hari MC bersama hubby after a day of kenduri (serius ok, asyik bergilir 2-2 org pegi toilet), and emergency balik kampung to sungai petani, everything is just dandy.

and somewhat the same.

only thing is, i do notice bla balik sp je baru sibuk nak makan nasik lemak. in fact hari2 breakfast nasik lemak pun takpe. kalau kat kota damansara takde sibuk pun. siap refrain lagi, walaupun nasi lemak antarabangsa tu dah ada kat dataran sunway.

and satu lagi, sibuk cari goreng pisang.

maybe sebab:

a) nasik lemak kereta merah (thats what we call it) kat sp tu mmg sedap? (sebab dok ulang beli dah lebih 15 tahun sampai adik tak lalu tengok - tapi aku bedal je dua bungkus)
b) nasik lemak tu ada ganja? (macam kas2 kat kedai mamak letak)
c) nasik lemak kat kl memang tak sedap mana?
d) nasik lemak kat sp murah? (mana nak dapat sebungkus lapan kupang wei???)
e) aku saja gatal, sebenarnya rindu kampung? (BINGO!)

tapi memang serius, my family dah makan nasik lemak tu i think since i was in form 1. and i'm never bored of it.

see, siapa kata aku mama bosan? ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


kan dah kata, pulut = starch = heavy = fat arse??!!

DEPRESS MODE: ON (masa makan tak ingat pulak nak stress. hmmphh!)