Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bored out of her little pants

i am rereading harry potter (again). that shows how sangap i am kat rumah.

i've lost count how many times i've reread them, but enough to note the inconsistencies in the story. for example, the first book said james and lily potter were head boy and girl in their school days, and yet the third book said james potter was a troublemaker, and in the fifth book, sirius confirmed that he was never even a prefect.

dont get me started on other, more trivial differences.

and yet, here i am, still rereading them (in the middle of the third book by the way).

i am getting better now. i dont wake up in the middle of the night anymore, juz in time to prevent myself scratching my neck, eventhough i was on antihistamine (which is supposed to help you sleep). heck, i dont depend on the antihistamines for the itchiness anymore. yeay!

cepatlaaaa kering, nak tgk sherlock holmesssss!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

spot(SS) on!

yep. for those who hasnt known, i'm officially a very old kid yesterday. dapat chicken pox you! hahahaha

i've had a chilly episode on tuesday, which led to me getting mc on wednesday. since then my temperature had gone up and down with paracetamol ingestion. dr pointed out that it was viral, that i had to do blood test if the fever didnt break by the third day.

well on the third day was my lucky day. spotted a blister! but i thought it was juz a normal blister, sbb tgh poke blisters on my feet hasil pakai heels baru ke ofis.

so here i am now, stuck at home being a queen bee, faithfully ingesting acyclovir to prevent the worst (especially on my face!!!)

the worst is, hariz juz came back after buying 4 Avatar 3D tickets for us when i showed him the spots yesterday. terpaksa la lelong tiket tu. seb baik my 2nd cuz nak beli, kalo tak melayang duit.

wish me well!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i really need to get my priorities sorted. dah tinggal last lap dah ni, tinggal 9 hari dah nak 2010. n we are already 4 days into 1431H. ada resolusi baru?

knowing me, n knowing u know me, i dont really have a resolute resolution. sangat suka just to go with the flow. what will be, will be. what goes around comes around. well u get my drift. kekadang memang, rasa macam daun berguguran, kalau jatuh atas tanah pun takde impact to anyone. i think not being content with my work (ie pharmacy) has got a lot to do with it.

a few things i hope to make things better next year:

1) lose weight!! (since when this is not a resolution every bloody year?) my weight really yo-yoed this year, n its really noticeable especially to those who are close to me. let me see, what i had tried:

+ Herbalife - (oh no that doesnt count because its last year)

+ Premium Beautiful - wore it for only two weeks religiously, then on off for two months. lost 7cm on my butt and 9 cm on my waist. been like that until now eventhough i havent worn it for more than 1 month. good no? tapi tak larat nak pakai pagi2. bila bangun je i was like, damn i have to wear that bloody pants. its so not good for my temper (am not a morning person). never minded wearing the bra and corset though. apakah nasib, bumper power sangat(??!!!)

+ Master Cleanse diet - havent tried anything this extreme before, but i was desperate to detox myself. Sila google untuk maklumat lanjut. Oh, btw, i only lasted two (bloody) days. but dua hari pun, ppl kat ofis noticed my face mcm kecik sikit n looked better. tak rasa lapar pun actually, tapi i crave teruk sgt on the second day sampai nangis mintak hariz belikan nasi ayam yang kedainya dah setahun kitorg tak pegi. gila kan, tetiba teringat.

skali skala buleh buat lagi satu ke dua hari. sedap!

ada satu lagi. baru beli ni ha. tgk la, bila dah selesai n ada hasil, i'll write it down here.

2) nnti esok2 pk lagi ok. later!

Monday, December 21, 2009

entry letih, tapi menyelerakan. menu: shopping

owhh dear.... malas nyaaaaa!!!

thanks partly to my sis, my hubba hubba, annnddddd my lipstick fitflop, i'm aching all over after a whole day of shopping. dah lama tak shopping, ni la jadinya. we were there before 11, and went back home well after 5. juz shop n makan, no wayang whatsoever! selalunya kalo one whole day tu mesti sebab tengok wayang la, kalau tak, not so long.

me and my sis have our own shopping list(!!) so we hit the stores soon after we parked. mad women, we were. kejap ke sana, kejap ke sini. hariz pun ngekor je (shopping list dia aku yang buat, duh). come to think of it, all we did was buy our essentials, nothing luxe, but still!!

we managed to grab a pair of ivory pumps for me, white(??!!) working shoes for hariz. working apparels for hariz. since dia dah boring terlalu ramai org pakai striped shirts to work (dulu masa awal2 trend tu keluar dia sorg je pakai ke hospital), he's back to plain shirts, and now has a thing for (gasp!!) checkered pants!

a bag for shuhada, boxes of coloured lenses for me, a few skincare items and accesories for us girls. shuhada punya pasal we surveyed on sunglasses as well, but now aku yang terkenang2kan fossil sunglasses that i saw!!i want, can? hariz kata kalau mimpi kena la pegi 1u balik :D

oh, i found a home for my stila eyeshadows! i'll tell u in another post okies! later!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

of whispering wind and striding cloud

tinggal sorg lagi. hariz kena keja pagi sampai malam pulak tu, shifting shifting shifting. hampes.

dah hujan dua kali dah kat umah ni ha.. apa la guna nya hujan kalo dok sorg2 *wink*

watched storm warriors last night. initially i was like, kalo tak new moon maybe ninja assasin (yeap, mmg baru nak tgk bcoz u know i really contemplated whether to watch or not) but then tgk2 both movies screening juz tinggal twice a day n we missed the last one. gila ramai org nak tgk avatar, n a tamil movie tah nama pa tak ingat. 2-2 movie asyik sold out! i was like hmmm... mentang2 la james cameron kan, dunno what the hype is all about though. i mean, if its from the avatar cartoon i can understand. really, i'm not into space fantasy kind of thing. hubbsy's interested to watch though. nnti la, alang2 kena teman hariz tgk, mesti mau tgk 3D kan :)

storm warriors was quite ok actually. maybe a bit slow, since scene dia juz, hmm let me count.... like, 10 scenes saja. but aaron kwok is as gorgeous as ever, i mean, he's the only hongkong movie star that i liked (sbb dia sorg je tanned, if u get my drift). but is it juz me, or mmg simon yam tu selalu berlakon jadi evil warlord?

what i really really cant wait to watch, is sherlock holmes!!!! cepat la sampai... nak tengok!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

hello!! care for some news?

its a little too dusty in here, isnt it?

i've been neglecting this space for a while, i know. terasa mcm takde mood jugak.

anyway, i really cant wait for my shopping date this sunday with my lil sis. shuhada is in her fourth year dentistry, n the very tight schedule really stressed her out. what else is more rejuvenating than a shopping spree?

as if this christmas and year end sale havent made enough damage to my pocket.

first off, big bad book clearance.

just a few of my purchases. but my favourite has to be this:

sgt best!!!

then the online purchases. God knows how much i spent online, but the bargain was soooo irresistable!!

my best purchase so far:

this set was the ultimate bargain!

i got the whole set, i mean the whole, full sized set, for only 65 ringgit! how can i ever resist, when i get the lipglaze and majorlash mascara in the set as well? u have to pay like 85 bucks for the lipglaze alone if its not on sale. n i'm sooo loving it! the tinted mosturizer (50ml) is in shade 1, and is perfect for my colour. the eyeshadows are kitten, wheat, golightly and mystic. nice if u r like me, who likes the natural day look. the convertible lip n cheek is in peony (but its the only small sized one - but still, the size of the eyeshadow pan!) which i feel is flattering on any skinshade. thats why its in this set, all the best buys of stila!

then there's the dresses, fabrics buat baju kurung, the shawls, perfumes, heels, but oh, i juz got a pair of heels that i liked. thats why i cant wait for my shopping date.

i'm soooo not done shopping yet!!!

later yeap, getting ready for tonight's movie date! toodles!