Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bored out of her little pants

i am rereading harry potter (again). that shows how sangap i am kat rumah.

i've lost count how many times i've reread them, but enough to note the inconsistencies in the story. for example, the first book said james and lily potter were head boy and girl in their school days, and yet the third book said james potter was a troublemaker, and in the fifth book, sirius confirmed that he was never even a prefect.

dont get me started on other, more trivial differences.

and yet, here i am, still rereading them (in the middle of the third book by the way).

i am getting better now. i dont wake up in the middle of the night anymore, juz in time to prevent myself scratching my neck, eventhough i was on antihistamine (which is supposed to help you sleep). heck, i dont depend on the antihistamines for the itchiness anymore. yeay!

cepatlaaaa kering, nak tgk sherlock holmesssss!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

spot(SS) on!

yep. for those who hasnt known, i'm officially a very old kid yesterday. dapat chicken pox you! hahahaha

i've had a chilly episode on tuesday, which led to me getting mc on wednesday. since then my temperature had gone up and down with paracetamol ingestion. dr pointed out that it was viral, that i had to do blood test if the fever didnt break by the third day.

well on the third day was my lucky day. spotted a blister! but i thought it was juz a normal blister, sbb tgh poke blisters on my feet hasil pakai heels baru ke ofis.

so here i am now, stuck at home being a queen bee, faithfully ingesting acyclovir to prevent the worst (especially on my face!!!)

the worst is, hariz juz came back after buying 4 Avatar 3D tickets for us when i showed him the spots yesterday. terpaksa la lelong tiket tu. seb baik my 2nd cuz nak beli, kalo tak melayang duit.

wish me well!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i really need to get my priorities sorted. dah tinggal last lap dah ni, tinggal 9 hari dah nak 2010. n we are already 4 days into 1431H. ada resolusi baru?

knowing me, n knowing u know me, i dont really have a resolute resolution. sangat suka just to go with the flow. what will be, will be. what goes around comes around. well u get my drift. kekadang memang, rasa macam daun berguguran, kalau jatuh atas tanah pun takde impact to anyone. i think not being content with my work (ie pharmacy) has got a lot to do with it.

a few things i hope to make things better next year:

1) lose weight!! (since when this is not a resolution every bloody year?) my weight really yo-yoed this year, n its really noticeable especially to those who are close to me. let me see, what i had tried:

+ Herbalife - (oh no that doesnt count because its last year)

+ Premium Beautiful - wore it for only two weeks religiously, then on off for two months. lost 7cm on my butt and 9 cm on my waist. been like that until now eventhough i havent worn it for more than 1 month. good no? tapi tak larat nak pakai pagi2. bila bangun je i was like, damn i have to wear that bloody pants. its so not good for my temper (am not a morning person). never minded wearing the bra and corset though. apakah nasib, bumper power sangat(??!!!)

+ Master Cleanse diet - havent tried anything this extreme before, but i was desperate to detox myself. Sila google untuk maklumat lanjut. Oh, btw, i only lasted two (bloody) days. but dua hari pun, ppl kat ofis noticed my face mcm kecik sikit n looked better. tak rasa lapar pun actually, tapi i crave teruk sgt on the second day sampai nangis mintak hariz belikan nasi ayam yang kedainya dah setahun kitorg tak pegi. gila kan, tetiba teringat.

skali skala buleh buat lagi satu ke dua hari. sedap!

ada satu lagi. baru beli ni ha. tgk la, bila dah selesai n ada hasil, i'll write it down here.

2) nnti esok2 pk lagi ok. later!

Monday, December 21, 2009

entry letih, tapi menyelerakan. menu: shopping

owhh dear.... malas nyaaaaa!!!

thanks partly to my sis, my hubba hubba, annnddddd my lipstick fitflop, i'm aching all over after a whole day of shopping. dah lama tak shopping, ni la jadinya. we were there before 11, and went back home well after 5. juz shop n makan, no wayang whatsoever! selalunya kalo one whole day tu mesti sebab tengok wayang la, kalau tak, not so long.

me and my sis have our own shopping list(!!) so we hit the stores soon after we parked. mad women, we were. kejap ke sana, kejap ke sini. hariz pun ngekor je (shopping list dia aku yang buat, duh). come to think of it, all we did was buy our essentials, nothing luxe, but still!!

we managed to grab a pair of ivory pumps for me, white(??!!) working shoes for hariz. working apparels for hariz. since dia dah boring terlalu ramai org pakai striped shirts to work (dulu masa awal2 trend tu keluar dia sorg je pakai ke hospital), he's back to plain shirts, and now has a thing for (gasp!!) checkered pants!

a bag for shuhada, boxes of coloured lenses for me, a few skincare items and accesories for us girls. shuhada punya pasal we surveyed on sunglasses as well, but now aku yang terkenang2kan fossil sunglasses that i saw!!i want, can? hariz kata kalau mimpi kena la pegi 1u balik :D

oh, i found a home for my stila eyeshadows! i'll tell u in another post okies! later!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

of whispering wind and striding cloud

tinggal sorg lagi. hariz kena keja pagi sampai malam pulak tu, shifting shifting shifting. hampes.

dah hujan dua kali dah kat umah ni ha.. apa la guna nya hujan kalo dok sorg2 *wink*

watched storm warriors last night. initially i was like, kalo tak new moon maybe ninja assasin (yeap, mmg baru nak tgk bcoz u know i really contemplated whether to watch or not) but then tgk2 both movies screening juz tinggal twice a day n we missed the last one. gila ramai org nak tgk avatar, n a tamil movie tah nama pa tak ingat. 2-2 movie asyik sold out! i was like hmmm... mentang2 la james cameron kan, dunno what the hype is all about though. i mean, if its from the avatar cartoon i can understand. really, i'm not into space fantasy kind of thing. hubbsy's interested to watch though. nnti la, alang2 kena teman hariz tgk, mesti mau tgk 3D kan :)

storm warriors was quite ok actually. maybe a bit slow, since scene dia juz, hmm let me count.... like, 10 scenes saja. but aaron kwok is as gorgeous as ever, i mean, he's the only hongkong movie star that i liked (sbb dia sorg je tanned, if u get my drift). but is it juz me, or mmg simon yam tu selalu berlakon jadi evil warlord?

what i really really cant wait to watch, is sherlock holmes!!!! cepat la sampai... nak tengok!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

hello!! care for some news?

its a little too dusty in here, isnt it?

i've been neglecting this space for a while, i know. terasa mcm takde mood jugak.

anyway, i really cant wait for my shopping date this sunday with my lil sis. shuhada is in her fourth year dentistry, n the very tight schedule really stressed her out. what else is more rejuvenating than a shopping spree?

as if this christmas and year end sale havent made enough damage to my pocket.

first off, big bad book clearance.

just a few of my purchases. but my favourite has to be this:

sgt best!!!

then the online purchases. God knows how much i spent online, but the bargain was soooo irresistable!!

my best purchase so far:

this set was the ultimate bargain!

i got the whole set, i mean the whole, full sized set, for only 65 ringgit! how can i ever resist, when i get the lipglaze and majorlash mascara in the set as well? u have to pay like 85 bucks for the lipglaze alone if its not on sale. n i'm sooo loving it! the tinted mosturizer (50ml) is in shade 1, and is perfect for my colour. the eyeshadows are kitten, wheat, golightly and mystic. nice if u r like me, who likes the natural day look. the convertible lip n cheek is in peony (but its the only small sized one - but still, the size of the eyeshadow pan!) which i feel is flattering on any skinshade. thats why its in this set, all the best buys of stila!

then there's the dresses, fabrics buat baju kurung, the shawls, perfumes, heels, but oh, i juz got a pair of heels that i liked. thats why i cant wait for my shopping date.

i'm soooo not done shopping yet!!!

later yeap, getting ready for tonight's movie date! toodles!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

was back home in SP for a week, hence the lack of posts. a lot has happenened:

1. went back with hubbsy n lil sis friday night. buleh pulak tertido time kemas2 baju and kemas umah. n right in front of the tv, no less. and because of that, gerak dari umah at 2am and arrived in sp at 6am.

2. was momentarily stunned to see my mother sooo thin since the last i saw her. n not in a good way either. rasa nak nangis pagi2 tu nasib baik sempat tahan. i thought her eyes were a little different but i reckoned it was because of her lost of weight and she wasnt in malaysia since march so i havent seen her in like, 7 months.

3. the same day we arrived, mak was persuaded by my sis to see a doctor since her legs bengkak n has what she suspected cellulitis. no, not cellulites. n that wasnt a good sign. dah p clinic, the doctor referred her to the hospital since cellulitis required IV antibiotics. but once at the hospital, everything gone haywire: her BP gone up, her pulse through the roof, which made the ER ppl wheel her in to be warded.

4. tests showed that my mother's thyroid gland has gone into hyperdrive with elevated TSH. that explained the weight lost, high BP, high pulse and protruded eyes. n she already on meds for hypertension to begin with. the dr also diagnosed mak as having diastolic heart failure, which explained the pedal edema (water retention in the legs).

5. we took turns untuk jaga mak for 3 nights. when she was first warded masuk 3rd class, so i went there to check whether she can be transferred since my GL enables her for first class. the problem was, it was saturday and i havent got any letter with me. plus the office was of course closed till monday. when i check with the girl kat pendaftaran, turned out they can print my GL there n then! cool! juz gave my IC number n voila! GL printed. berguna jugak sistem yg gomen ni buat hahaha..

6. but alas, bed kat 1st class pulak penuh. so my mak in four bed room on the fourth floor. mak was really unhappy dgn perangai staffnurse kat hospital tu. being an ex-staffnurse there herself, she noted the lack of involvement of the staffnurses with the patients. poor mak, abis tangan lebam2 sbb HO tak pandai cucuk branula. dah la vein mak susah nak dapat. berapa banyak good vein semua punctured. yg paling pelik, masa specialist buat ward round, there's no staffnurse in sight! usually there must be at least one to assist the drs. masa i went to hand over my GL utk mak transfer wad pun stffnurse tu mcm tak layan. dok sibuk sembang walhal kita dok tercegat depan muka dia. hoh marah betul aku. nak je tonyoh muka dia yg bermekap tebal tu ke meja. staffnurse pakai mekap fullfledge with foundation eyeshadow mascara wasnt heard of during my mum's time ok. they're not allowed to, for various safety reasons.

7. since a lot of her veins punctured, mak had to literally teach one nurse to insert branula for her. even showed them which vein would be better for peripheral line. this one HO even offered mak to pick which needle size she prefers. tapi kesian jugak dgn HO, asyik kena marah dengan specialist depan2 patients and visitors.

8. on the last night baru mak boleh transfer ke 1st class. we were worried because the specialist said nak tahan mak for a week, but luckily on the fourth day dah boleh balik. with lots of meds too. sempat jugak jumpa kak sab kat farmasi, sembang2 sat while waiting for mak's discharge meds.

9. in total, mak has lost 20 kilos since early this year. dia dah buleh pakai baju my sisters, which all three shared the same size! aku je la yang takleh share since kaki tangan semua pendek. grrrr....

Monday, November 16, 2009


at some point, some of us (i.e. me!!) will become (overly) conscious of our appearance and smell and darkspots and acne and freckles and laughlines and.. u get what i mean. being in my age now i'm conscious of my wrinkling skin more than ever (baru sibuk nak tonyoh lotion kat kaki)!!!. dgr pagi tadi pasal being a vainpot reminded me of my post dulu-dulu.

i was hopping round the net when i came across's Get Youthful Skin: 12 Easy Anti-aging Tricks (omg aku rasa tua gila bila baca ni). some yg betul2 terkena batang hidung sendiri:


Remember the little things. They can lead to big trouble—like premature aging.

• Stop squinting (sunglasses help). And if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, make sure your prescription is up to date.
• Avoid sipping through a straw. It contributes to lines around the mouth.
• Break the habit of resting your chin on your hand. (It stretches the skin.)
• Switch to a smooth satin pillowcase. The creases in cotton eventually make their mark on your face.

when i read this i was like omaigod omaigod i do all this i squint i sip through straws i rest my chin on my hands ALL THE TIME!!


need to kick the habit. need to kick the habit. need to kick the habit (while trying very hard not to rest my chin on my hands)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my FOTN for reunion dinner

ada yg bertanya about my makeup masa reunion dinner, izza, yeen, n kengkawan ofis jugak. so i got the full profile of my FOTN:

Eyes: eyeshadows from Coastalscents 88pc makeup palette (off white, turquoise, brown, black). Eyeshadow base MAC in pearl. Black eyeliner from MAC (engraved). White eyeliner from Shu Uemura. Mascara max factor/maybelline (tak dpt recall). diamante falsies from Fennel.

Cheeks: blusher from sephora brand ultimate blockbuster, shading using stila bronzer

sephora ultimate blockbuster

Face: foundation PAC all day coverage no1, two way cake miyami no1 light

Lips: MAC in brave, lipgloss MAC.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

three syllables:


have u seen this?

or this?

or this?


or THESE????!!!!

pic cred:britishbeautyblogger, makeup4all and temptalia

all these is from spring 2010 collection from DIOR, YSL, Lancome, Chanel, Clinique and Guerlain!!!! semua blushes lawa!!! argggghhhhh
*died and went to makeup heaven*
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Monday, November 9, 2009

compressing a few things in one.

so many things passed my mind which made me think, oh, i wanna blog about that, tapi last2 ada dlm kepala je.

1. tak sabar gilaaa nak tunggu sherlock holmes. robert downey jr is soooooo hot!!

2. tgh pk2 should i put new moon in my must-watch list. in my honest opinion, new moon ialah buku yg paling tak best antara 4 buku twilight (walaupun ok la jugak, tp kalo nak compare that 4 kan). but i must say, this twilightbeauty's palette in rosalie is soooooo pretty!!! i want i want!!
rosaliemortal glow blushing creme
pic credit to

3. had fun listening to the songs i grew up with during my ssp years last week while helping farina refresh her mind on which track to play for our reunion. gelak2 rasa mcm nak pecah perut dgr lagu2 lama. i wonder what happened to all the boybands we used to(???!!!) adore?

pic cred:

one of the boys i liked, J from 5ive. i sooo have a weakness for longish face, square jaw, stubbles annnddd brow piercing! and not to forget, muka mcm kaki pukul. kahkahkah

pic cred:

this was taken from one of the episodes in i'm a celebrity get me out of here (UK). stil a hotbod, rambut je kurang hahaha

4. had sooooo much fun berjimba masa reunion. we have outdone ourselves in being as loud as we were that night. everybody put their best foot forward, food was awesome, goodies sgt best and of course, i had the greatest companies for the night! love love love u guys!

my favourite pic :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

put ur hands in the air!

sorry la sayang.. i've been neglecting u dah seminggu dah ni. sorry ye *kisskisskiss*

kesian blog ni. kurang perhatian rupanya (macam tuan punya dia jugak). ntah la, tak rasa nak tulis apa. nak update pun... nothing interesting. i think.

bila baca blog reena, teringat yg i havent reviewed a book in a loooooonnnnggg time. the last i had a new one was a 2in1 book by nora roberts, 'dangerous'. tu pun i think, masa bulan puasa. other than that, i've been rereading harry potter 1 through 7 again. and again. and again. u know, like, baca dari buku satu sampai buku tujuh, then, ulang balik buku satu sampai buku tujuh. berapa kali khatam i've lost track.*kalau lah macam ni khusyuk nya baca Quran...*

normal kah?

dari kecik mmg aku ni tak berapa normal agaknya. mak cakap, dulu masa aku takde adik lagi (ie b4 4 yrs old) mmg asyik telek children's encyclopedia and dictionary. tak payah mak aku suruh aku mmg suka telek (dan koyak) buku. n dalam banyak2 my siblings, aku la yg paling dapat perhatian penuh dari mak untuk learn how to read and count (nama pun anak sulonnnnggg), hence, b4 age 2 i've known how to spell simple words. and, nak tambah tak normal lagi, dah la pi tadika 2 tahun, on top of pegi tadika, i went for night tuition for BM, english and maths when i was 6!

mcm sama dgn muka aku time kecik hahaha.. gaya sama dah

rambut agak sama, juz my hair time tu stock sebijik macam topi keledar - pendek
pic googled

sapa kata aku normal angkat tangannnn!!! :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

clutches or stilletos?

i adore all things kisslock. ada satu time tu sampai mimpi2 (lagi!!!) sbb tak dapat satu kisslock wrislet yg hanya tinggal yg display.

of all designers who design clutches, i adore ones from christian louboutin the most. why?

pic credits

super awesome tiny stilettos for his kisslock clutches! cantikss!
that means i can wear stilettos and dont hurt my feet! hehehe.. later!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hello darlings! rindu tak? hehehe sori laaa.. malas nak update. recap:

1. went to subang parade while waiting hariz balik keja. bump into a senior colleague who went:

anis ni kalo jumpa je asyik siap bermekap. my impression sllunya mak datin je yg rajin p mekap2 kat counter ni. anis nak jadi datin ke?

assumption paling pelik penah aku dengar. ada je kengkawan aku rajin p beauty counter tp bukan datin punnn...

2. hubster balik keja sabtu malam dan buat muka terkejut bahawa bini kesayangan dia telah mengemas rumah persis org nak datang melawat. selalu mesti nak tunggu dia buat sama2, katanya. ok fine lain kali i'll wait :D

3. terlupa ada invitation openhouse on sunday. instead, p berdating dengan jayanya berdua. tengok surrogates. ok la, mcm sci-fi lain. tp ending dia membuatkan aku pk, 'huh, dah abis?'
balik umah mengadap pulak taking of pelham 123 sambil makan aunty anne's pretzels and vienna bagels (gila banyak makan!). pun dapat reaksi sama dari aku.

huh, dah abis?

tp denzel washington tetap hot di hatiku. saw screening of the book of eli, i want i want i want!!!

4. sangat kecewa sandal yg disukai hanya tinggal yg display, dan ada sedikit flaw yg menyebabkan hariz was against me taking it. sudahnya, malam2 mimpi2. sedih.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tadi p cabut gigi. sakit wooooooooo!!!!

on mc again today. dunno if i'm gonna use my mc tomorrow.

maka sekarang berlingkar tgk g.i.joe utk kali kedua. not so bad. well a hot fella in an action movie is (almost) always interesting. n i couldnt believe its sienna miller until i watched she being a blondie part. and its the cute guy from third rock from the sun playing 'the commander'?!! besar dah budak tu.. cute! i've always been a fan of cartoons (still am) and g.i.joe didnt miss my attention. aku yg pelik sbb hariz tak ingat cne lagu katun g.i.joe tu, aku yg ingat hahaha (pls dgr kat youtube for the cartoon version) i've always wondered if they included the song in the movie. tp takde.


baru tgk the proposal during the weekend. sandra bullock is always a favourite in a comedy. sgt klakar. meleleh air mata aku sbb gelak masa scene she rapped lagu get low in the woods. that song used to be aired in hariz's car for quite some time when we're still dating!! brings back happy memories ^_^

nak sambung tgk cerita. karang nk p masak, hariz dah nak balik! :D later!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

puding tak siap

yeen aku dah amend utk hang :D

alas, my happiness last night was shortlived.

last night was my first attempt to make puding jagung. yg aku tak tahu menahu ingredient apa nak letak. main bantai saja agak-agak from what i tasted yg sgt sedap during makan-makan time uni.

bila google2 tak la banyak ingredients but it varies la from one recipe to another.n anyway, i couldnt trust the ratio in the recipes given sebab kekadang sesetengah org suka letak tepung kastad dengan banyaknya, which i didnt like. so in the end, aku main letak dan agak2 saja.


1 cup tepung custard, larutkan dlm 1 cup air
1 tin 400g susu cair
1 tin corn cream and 1/2 tin corn kernel
3/4 cup gula
1 tsp vanilla essence
garam skitttt saja

rupa sudah agak lawa (i.e., rupa puding laaaaaa, tak la rupa cam hareeeemmm). but in my haste dan cuakness disebabkan gatal pakai periuk nipis, dan letak atas burner besar (nama pun eksperimen) aku rasa aku masak tak cukup lama, sbb ada sedikit rasa tepung, dan apparently terlebih sedikit liquid, maka tak set cantik2.

i know. i'm one impatient woman.

maka, hari ni, breakfast: puding jagung tak siap.

tapiiiiii, taste wise sudah dapat thumbs up from 3 panelists (yg aku jamin perut kebal). hepi!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

really. i couldnt get why ppl can be sooo bloody rude.

salah ke kalo ckp elok2?

ni lah jadinya, kalo dah blajar berbakul-bakul, bodoh pun berbakul-bakul jugak.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

when clinique had a promotion out of womens weekly about them giving away 7-day foundation sample, i couldnt resist getting some for myself as i was conveniently around their counter.

the SA was thorough enough to ask me hows my makeup regime and threw in some tips for my skin as she spotted me having uneven skintone between my Tzone and the rest of my face. her unforgettable saying:

'u should exfoliate more than once a week la sayang. tgk ni, foundation susah nak lekat. kulit dah cantik, tapi kena jaga juga.'

kantoi la pulakkkkk that week tu aku malas nya ya rabbi nak cuci muka pun, apatah lagi pakai exfoliant yg menyebabkan i have to double cleanse.

fyi i'm using ginvera marvel gel to exfoliate, puas ati dpt tgk kulit2 mati tu nmpk atas tangan kan. baru tau betapa byk benda mati atas muka hahaha.. the downside of this product is u have to really clean all the 'debris' yg bergentel2 tu smpai really squeaky clean, or else nnti jerawat naik. so after marvel gel, i have to use scrub to clean them. jadi dua keja la kan?

time2 aku rajin almost every other day buat (it can be used everday) so nampak la muka berseri2 skt, tapi kalo sindrom M melanda habis laaa..

ok so the SA swatched some foundation near my jaw for match and recommended Perfectly Real Foundation in shade 63 (Fresh Beige) as i wanted the sheerest of coverage since i dont really use foundation much.

i used it during raya to see how it fares throughout the day. the verdict?

colour selection: good match!
coverage: ok. if u want it sheer then fine, because it wont cover up freckles taik lalat whatsoever. if not, stay out of this range.
staying power: my blush stayed on well until the evening which i considered a success!
cons: it does have this weird smell that a lot of foundation has, but with clinique somehow the smell is quite prominent. luckily tak kuat sgt and dissipated after a while. another thing it seemed to cake a bit near the base of my nose, and a lot of reviews seem to have the same prob.

since the SA gave quite a bit more than a week's worth of foundation, it'll last quite a while with me. i havent had any foundation since my MAC, so lets see if i havent find anything more interesting than this! :D

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


wah cik anis lambat bebeno nak update. sakan raya nampak?

pfffttt. all of us know kalo time bulan puasa and raya, mesti kena diarrhea 1-2 round. well, to me at least.

maka, semalam mc setelah asyik berulang kali keluar masuk toilet. plus muntah yang projection nya mcm air paip yg dipasang full blast.

well, no worries ladies. dah ok dah. at least as of now. i'll make sure i'm a whole lot better b4 farina's openhouse. karang kecik hati mek kalo aku tak p, kan kan kan?

'apalah gunanya openhouse di rumah aku, kalo takde anis dan hariz'. ahaks!

nampak sangat pemakan yang extra berjaya!

ok, on to more serious matters.

no raya pictures to show, since the only ones we had was masa pagi raya. tu pun yang skema ones, u know yg berdiri tegak beramai-ramai sambil senyum ke arah kamera. others, nada. sbb siang malam sibuk melayan org, and in between that, membuta untuk menambah tenaga sebelum org len dtg umah.

we were in trganu for a week, then i head to kedah alone while hariz came home in KD. dont blame him, blame the hospital. gila nakkkk jugak buat stock take time org nak beraya.

nnti cerita lagi ok. later!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


nak buat ucapan raya nih.

ucapan ini ditujukan khas buat ahli keluarga dan sanak saudara, rakan2 taulan yang jauh dan dekat (eceh, mcm salam perantau pulak!). mintak maaf byk2 sekiranya ada salah silap, terkasar, terlaser, termoody tak tentu pasal, 0 - 0 ye.

heading back east tonight uols. jangan jeles. tatatititutu!!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

tag from FB

aliah, aku curik dr FB hang :D

1. What time did you get up this morning?
5.40, sipi2 miss sahur.

2. How do you like your steak cooked?

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
wah, sudah lama. ice age 3.

4. What is your favorite TV show?
now? emm, takde

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

6. What did you have for breakfast?
a mug of water

7. What is your favorite cuisine?
malay, indian, asian fusion, italian, french pastries pun sodap

8. What foods do you dislike?
petai dan rebung (tak pernah n taknak cuba). oh, i couldnt get tapai oso

9. Favorite Place to Eat?
manhattan fish market, BIG BROTHER, subway, carl's jr, sushi king, wendy's fresh food made freessshh

10. Favorite dressing?
thousand island

11.What kind of vehicle do you drive?
i dont drive

12. What are your favorite clothes?
cottonT dress

13. Where would you visit if you had the chance?

14. Cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
1/2 full

15. When would you want to retire?
couldnt remember if i put in 56/58

16. Favorite time of day?

17. Where were you born?
sungai petani

18. What is your favorite sport to watch?
synchronize gymnastics

19. Who do you think will not tag you back?

20. Person you expect to tag you back first?
refer to 19

21. Who are you most curious about their responses to this?
refer to 19

22. Are you satisfied with your life?
ok la not bad

23. Are you a morning person or a night person?
i am an afternoon person

24. Do you have any pets?
nope. oh ya i got toto, but its a plush tortoise

(somewhat like) my toto
pic googled

25. If you only had one day to live, who would you spend it with?
with God

26. What did you want to be when you were little?

27. What is your best childhood memory?
main mercun dgn cuzzies time raya

28. Are you a cat or dog person?

29. Are you married?

30. Always wear your seat belt?

31. accident before??
once, almost

32. Any pet peeves?
ppl with BO, pls do something about it

33. Favorite Pizza Toppings?
chiken, mushroom, extra cheese

34. Favorite Flower?
pink daisies

35. Favorite ice cream?
chocolate mint, chocolate hazelnut

Sunday, September 13, 2009

had my BILs and wifey home for iftar today. last week i got a call from k.ayu, saying diorg nak jemput diri sendiri dtg rumah kitorg nak berbuka skali. cute kan :D


kambing bakar

fries, coleslaw and sausage cocktail

garlic rice

x sempat la nak amik gambo, sori ye. but we had fun cooking together today. ha, sapa lagi nak jemput diri sendiri? ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

nak dodol sekilo!

got back from sp yesterday. we took the day off so sempat jugak la nak rest.

benda paling seronok ialah dapat mkn dodol. tak main la dodol yg dah siap pack kecik2 cam pyramid tu ok, mesti mau yg lembik panas2 hot from the kuali. orgasmic gilaaaa!!!

cmni x masyuk beb

my MIL, an avid dodol fan, even asked me to courier some to her. apparently dodol yg dijual panas2 tu susah nak jumpa, she said kat kedah saja dia jumpa, tmpat len takdak. i was like, oooo... no wonder the first time she asked me aku blur-blur, sbb kat sp mmg jual mcm tu, so aku tak paham bila dia tanya mana nak carik dodol yg baru masak panas2.

the best ones are those yg lembik gilaaaaa u have to scrape off the bits on ur fingers with ur teeth. ffuuuuhhh! lapar pulak. hehe.

tgh2 mkn dodol abah siap cerita, dulu masa kecik2 ada satu time tu lepas makan dodol, dia keluar main mercun. mercun lekat beb kat jari! cuak tak hengat punya. he couldnt remember what happened next, but i know for a fact he still has all his fingers on :)

abah aku mmg cmtu, byk kisah main mercun dia. hilang kening n bulu mata tu biasa jadik la..

n ppl wonder why my youngest brother sgt boisterous n naughty.


Monday, August 31, 2009


aaaaaaaa esok kejaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

it was a known fact that my dream of all dreams is to be a housewife yg takde keje lain pegi shopping n spa-menyepa, which is sadly, i know, will forever be a dream.

i mean, gila ke hapa nak quit job (even though i never ever liked it, right from the time i was studying it). i'm still sane, thank you. but still, its all coming fast. extended hours, 24 hour services (which means working in shifts that i really couldnt ...) n this h1n1 thingy still 'sepak'ing my ass every bloody week, makes me long to live my dream.

still, a job is a job however u say it. i really envy those who really enjoy what they do to earn a living, bcoz i simply couldnt.

kesimpulannya, tensi esok kejaaaaaa!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what do u do when u get toothache AFTER u went to see the dentist?

nothing. u juz seethe in silence, hoping it'll soon go away.

the fact that ur stomach made a scene after sahur didnt help one bit.

heartache, i'm telling u. heartache.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

couldnt sleep a wink last night. beats me if i know why.

actually i do know why. something did keep simmering in my mind, n i juz had to lose myself in books to get it off my head.

well on the bright side i didnt miss teman hariz for sahur this morning.

yeah, i dont usually eat, juz a mug of milo and sometimes kurma / roti / whatever's handy. it didnt start off right, with me sahur with panadol yesterday, but pagi tadi aku makan nasik pulak.

maybe its easier to swallow something spicy when u havent slept beforehand.

iftar semalam and sahur pagi ni menu yang sama. mixed white/brown rice with bawal sweet sour, telur dadar and sayur kangkung. oh, and some cekodok on the side. i cant seem to get it stuck in my head that its not good to mix binatang laut n darat in one meal.

susah la nak pk telur tu binatang. hmm..

hari ni malas masak. nak p intai kat ttdi's bazar apa nak makan for iftar. better be going early to avoid the crowd.


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

hava a pleasant ramadhan!

Glitter Text Generator

whats for my sahur today?

2 mugs of plain water with a couple of panadols.

cool ey?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

headache headache.

eventhough i'm not sick by the virus, but the virus is giving me headache. h1n1 i'm telling u, is not making anybody profit but the pharmaceutical companies. i think even those companies is getting headache to cope with the demands.

rainy season is coming soon = more ppl with flu = i shudder to think what will happen next.

rain, rain, go away,
come again another day,
little anis wants to play!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i hate sad endings.

that is precisely why i never finished watching maverick, n tonight, for the first time, baru nak tgk gladiator. but as i watched commodus smothering his father the caesar in his embrace, i think i know, i'll never finish watching it, as with maverick.

nothing, i mean nothing, can make me watch movies with sad endings till the end. especially if the storyline is all sad and soppy. call me a dreamer if u will, but i believe in happy endings.

the same thing goes with public enemy. masa tengok gazette dia teringin sangat nak tgk johnny depp pakai trench coat. but the minute i know he dies in the movie, CANCEL.

sentap la cmni. baik tengok kabhi kushi kabhi gham.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

harry potter the review

ok. so i went to watch it with my family. among four of us here's what everybody said:

marwan: boring ah, org siap tidoq2

shuhada: i told you all my friends said tak best but i juz want to see it.

hariz: tu lah, ingat ke ada byk lawan2, last2 mati cmtu je??!!

as for me, here's what i think:

no doubt when the reviewers said its a filler, it is a filler. but then again if ur a harry potter fan u'd know that the story is like that albeit all the embellishment in the movie. i do know that, n juz went with the flow. its juz that its disappointing to see the climax turned out to be soo anticlimactic. i imagined a lot of emphasis would be on the fighting scene in hogwarts, as with the book. ni habok pun tarak. si dumbledore tu mati kering je last2.

n another thing that made me pissed was all the story about horcruxes. abis tunggang terbalik. dumbledore is a wise man, he's SUPPOSED to know. ni like, baru la sibuk nak tau. kesian la. nampak cam x bijak. not the dumbledore i came to know from the book.

the saver, i say, would be ron. kalo tak... hmm.. habis la..

weasley is our king!

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Friday, July 31, 2009

ankle boots lawa!!

hari ni makin ok. masih sengau, but at least a lil better than the last few days.

dr kat umah lama aku punya common phrase when i walk in his room:

ya, ada apa cik siti?

mcm cerita ali baba bujang lapok pulak.

enough about my health woes. smlm dgn tak sedar diri x sihat telah p berjalan2 dgn adik2 dan juga suami. i have my sis and bro crashing our pad since uni diorg tutup for a week. menarik jugak jalan2 time weekday. jalan dalam shopping complex sgt luas. nak p mana pun senang.

tapi last2 kecewa, disebabkan snowfly dan hush puppies tgh sale. but since i juz got my fitflop i think its not wise to pool more of the house's dosh into investing lotsa shoes. but snowfly's boots were like OH EMM GEE sgt sedappppp pakai ok. n bukan senang snowlfy nak sale.

but u know me. beli la apa pun last2 pakai sandals jugak.

susah la nak carik pic but i think this resemble what i tried yesterday the most, minus a few inches of the heel and its not patent leather.

christian louboutin

wah skrg berminat dgn ankle heels pulak. heh.

a cute one from wetseals

charles david

debenham's purple sabo boots

the epitome of prettiness - guiseppe zanotti

Thursday, July 30, 2009


hi you.. sorry for the silence. office's internet down since last two weeks maka susah mau update. kat umah ada tenet, pc pulak buat hal. bengang punya pasal, hariz format balik semua n pasang linux. a bit weird n need some getting use to, but otherwise fine.

am recovering now, this month mmg record ah. dua kali mc, 3 kali p klinik. sometimes i wonder if i got this body secondhand, fragile la ya rabbi. migraine la, flu la. thats not counting a dry spell that hit my whole face so bad it itched, then flaked on me.

its like i dont recognise ME anymore. everythings alien now. dah la muka buat perangai, my lips on some days start to itch in the morning, then swell, reddens like mad n dry up.

i hate to say this but i might NEED another lipbalm!

Friday, July 17, 2009


baru balik rumah. hariz ada sunway tourney. 1st round menang, yeay!! isnin ada lagi. sampai umah, mandi2 pastu panaskan krispy kreme yg tak habis semlm. verdict baru: buleh tahan la kalo makan panas2. agaknya semlm tu dah sejuk kan, tu pasal la tak sedap. ceh alasan.

dah pack barang. off to sg petani in a bit. juz me and my oldest and bestest friend annurul. girls' only ya. seronok la hariz tu, jadi weekend bachelor. takpa la sekali sekala :)

balik sp yeay! balik sp yeay! durian durian 15kg!!! weeehhuuuu!!
mata sembap. boohoooo...

ni lah padahnya kalo lepas keja asek p berdating x balik2 rumah sampai tengah malam. we did three things in a go yesterday:

1. went to visit ayah cu (hariz's great-uncle) in PPUM. i think PPUM did a great job feeding him, his face looked fuller than when we last saw him at his daughter (hariz's auntie, but about our age)'s wedding. since hariz puasa, we made our move juz before azan, siap dapat bekal. klakar, org sakit yg bagi bekal kat org melawat :)

2. we headed straight to midvalley for a movie date. org len sibuk nak tgk harry potter, dok ligan dia punya premier night, we juz went sashaying in dgn sorg pakai long sleeve shirt and pants, sorg lagi baju kurung batik and bought ice age 3 3D tics. nampak sgt baru balik keja.

hariz nampak mcm rajnikanth pulak hahaha

my verdict for the movie, 4 thumbs up!! adding in new characters didnt crowd the movie, but rather enhanced it. awek scrat sangat sexy dengan ekor nampak fluffy gila bila di-3Dkan, buck yg gila pgg batu seketul kat telinga konon2 ckp kat tpon. peaches, anak manny dgn eli comel gilaaaa!!

3. while waiting for the movie, hariz iftar kat carl's jr. fries dia the best everrr!! dgn perut yg masih tamak we headed down to krispy kreme for our original glaze fix. betul la org kata, kat sini agak biasa ori glaze tu. i remembered the first time i tried it years before in jakarta, sinking my teeth into the donut, mmmmhhhhh..... orgasmic gilaaa!! n no, the one i tasted yesterday, nope, definitely not the same. dunno why though.

our verdict: 2 thumbs down. sedih. nampak gaya mmg kena p outside malaysia to have those glazed donuts

pic googled