Monday, August 31, 2009


aaaaaaaa esok kejaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

it was a known fact that my dream of all dreams is to be a housewife yg takde keje lain pegi shopping n spa-menyepa, which is sadly, i know, will forever be a dream.

i mean, gila ke hapa nak quit job (even though i never ever liked it, right from the time i was studying it). i'm still sane, thank you. but still, its all coming fast. extended hours, 24 hour services (which means working in shifts that i really couldnt ...) n this h1n1 thingy still 'sepak'ing my ass every bloody week, makes me long to live my dream.

still, a job is a job however u say it. i really envy those who really enjoy what they do to earn a living, bcoz i simply couldnt.

kesimpulannya, tensi esok kejaaaaaa!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what do u do when u get toothache AFTER u went to see the dentist?

nothing. u juz seethe in silence, hoping it'll soon go away.

the fact that ur stomach made a scene after sahur didnt help one bit.

heartache, i'm telling u. heartache.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

couldnt sleep a wink last night. beats me if i know why.

actually i do know why. something did keep simmering in my mind, n i juz had to lose myself in books to get it off my head.

well on the bright side i didnt miss teman hariz for sahur this morning.

yeah, i dont usually eat, juz a mug of milo and sometimes kurma / roti / whatever's handy. it didnt start off right, with me sahur with panadol yesterday, but pagi tadi aku makan nasik pulak.

maybe its easier to swallow something spicy when u havent slept beforehand.

iftar semalam and sahur pagi ni menu yang sama. mixed white/brown rice with bawal sweet sour, telur dadar and sayur kangkung. oh, and some cekodok on the side. i cant seem to get it stuck in my head that its not good to mix binatang laut n darat in one meal.

susah la nak pk telur tu binatang. hmm..

hari ni malas masak. nak p intai kat ttdi's bazar apa nak makan for iftar. better be going early to avoid the crowd.


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

hava a pleasant ramadhan!

Glitter Text Generator

whats for my sahur today?

2 mugs of plain water with a couple of panadols.

cool ey?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

headache headache.

eventhough i'm not sick by the virus, but the virus is giving me headache. h1n1 i'm telling u, is not making anybody profit but the pharmaceutical companies. i think even those companies is getting headache to cope with the demands.

rainy season is coming soon = more ppl with flu = i shudder to think what will happen next.

rain, rain, go away,
come again another day,
little anis wants to play!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i hate sad endings.

that is precisely why i never finished watching maverick, n tonight, for the first time, baru nak tgk gladiator. but as i watched commodus smothering his father the caesar in his embrace, i think i know, i'll never finish watching it, as with maverick.

nothing, i mean nothing, can make me watch movies with sad endings till the end. especially if the storyline is all sad and soppy. call me a dreamer if u will, but i believe in happy endings.

the same thing goes with public enemy. masa tengok gazette dia teringin sangat nak tgk johnny depp pakai trench coat. but the minute i know he dies in the movie, CANCEL.

sentap la cmni. baik tengok kabhi kushi kabhi gham.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

harry potter the review

ok. so i went to watch it with my family. among four of us here's what everybody said:

marwan: boring ah, org siap tidoq2

shuhada: i told you all my friends said tak best but i juz want to see it.

hariz: tu lah, ingat ke ada byk lawan2, last2 mati cmtu je??!!

as for me, here's what i think:

no doubt when the reviewers said its a filler, it is a filler. but then again if ur a harry potter fan u'd know that the story is like that albeit all the embellishment in the movie. i do know that, n juz went with the flow. its juz that its disappointing to see the climax turned out to be soo anticlimactic. i imagined a lot of emphasis would be on the fighting scene in hogwarts, as with the book. ni habok pun tarak. si dumbledore tu mati kering je last2.

n another thing that made me pissed was all the story about horcruxes. abis tunggang terbalik. dumbledore is a wise man, he's SUPPOSED to know. ni like, baru la sibuk nak tau. kesian la. nampak cam x bijak. not the dumbledore i came to know from the book.

the saver, i say, would be ron. kalo tak... hmm.. habis la..

weasley is our king!

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