Thursday, December 29, 2011

Alaaa terlupa lagi dua..

..movies this year yg i missed in the cinema hahahaha

Green Lantern - actually not bad, not bad at all. Walaupun concept dia agak kelakar kena pakai cincin n charge kat lampu gawd it sounds soooo ridiculous in malay hahahahaha .. Most probably sebab Ryan Reynolds hihihi hotttnesssss pppsssshhhh

Thor - Another superhero movie.. Ok jugak la walaupun concept dia pun kelakar power di tukul kahkahkah the Thor is not as hot as Ryan Reynolds tapi perut perrgghhh if you enjoy superhero movies like superman batman ironman i think Thor is quite enjoyable as well..

These two movies, walaupun telah diketahui kekelakaran dan tak masuk akal punya concept  tapi yang tuuu jugak ditengok kalau agak2 bosan (selain cartoon movies for umar n how i met your mother for moi) ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

movies i missed (n would have to miss out)

Semenjak ada cikonet, tak pernah lagi p tengok wayang. We actually stopped earlier before, during my pregnancy lagi. I dunno why, but i guess being a fussybutt i couldn't tahan duduk kat shopping complex lama-lama. Kaki tak larat wei. Everything swelled early into the 5th month so mmg by the end of it I ended up waddling like a penguin.

This year ada banyyaaaakkk movies yang i missed out in the cinema. Hubster made up for it with HD movie downloads so tak la rugi sgt. All that was missing is the popcorn. hrmmm... should have bought that microwave so i can make my own kan..

X-Men First Class - hmm oookkk laa.. tak la seronok sgt for me. not exciting enough to warrant subsequent watch (i'm known to watch movies again and again and again and again

Transformers Dark of the Moon - pun so-so.. takde rasa teringin nak tengok berkali-kali.. sebab takde megan fox? perhaps, walaupun dia cuma bimbo yang tak la pandai sangat berlakon.

Fast Five - punnnn tak menarik sangat.. eh aku tak suka banyak jugak movie tahun ni rupanya hahahaha.. i've watched number 4 much much much more times than number 5. eh number 5 tgk sekali je kut.

Kungfu Panda 2 - haaaa ni seronok :D and it's also Umar's favourite, apart from princess and the frog heheehe maybe he can correlate dgn baby po? perhaps, perhaps, perhaps ;P sebab baby po comel, macam umar hahahaha

Rio- This is my favourite for this year. B.E.S.T. best best best! love the movie, love the songs - Jamie Foxx punya suara mmg best, Party in Ipanema baby! n LOVE the collaboration with angry bird! at least lawa la, dari tgk babi-babi tergolek-golek kan..

Hangover Part 2 - I've said it before, I'll say it again. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS. tapi kelakar. tapi GROSS. Bradley Cooper hottttttt!!

Cars 2 - my son didn't seem to like it, and so did I. i guess we have similar taste ;)

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 on Stranger Tides - I don't know why but the movie seemed a little off. Not because there's no love story, no Orlando Bloom. no no no! Johnny Depp tetap chenta hatiku. tapiiiiiii MAKE UP yang off.. OFF GILA.. haih.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - hmmm... i'm on the fence on this one. nak kata best sgt pun tak, tak best pun tak. some parts adalah sedikit kecewa, tapi some parts adalah sedikit teruja. see?

There's two more movies that i haven't watched - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 and The Smurfs. Kena carik yang at least 720p baru cantikkkkkkk

And the latest that i would, again, miss, is SHERLOCK HOLMES A Game of Shadows. HWAAAAAA

Friday, December 23, 2011


to make it clear whose territory is whose, i've made a special place for Umar's development, favourites, milestones etc. so skrg tempat ni boleh dibuat tempat merempan tak tentu arah mcm biasa ;)

umar's new place: