Wednesday, December 31, 2008


happy new year everyone!! one of my tiny resolutions (yeap now i can think of one) is to keep my handbags rotated n cared for equally, xde anak2 tiri. but since aku sllu tertinggal barang in the other bag everytime i rotate my bags, rotation tetap x adil dan saksama. n being me, everything under the sun is in my bag, which explains semua kes2 call xsempat angkat tuh.

enter my bag organizer.

u remember in one of my post i mention about getting it? now i have one. yeay! aritu berjaya jumpa bag organizer yg aku idam-idamkan di weekend bazaar cineleisure. hasil nya:



best kan tgk beg yg lebih tersusun? aku baru dpt merasa. happiness!! :D


time did juz fly by kan. tau2 esok dah 2009. 2009 means i'm nearing 2year mark of my marriage.. thats a thought. dah lama jugak ber-relationship dgn hubster. emmm lama ke? 2001-2009..

ok. wow.

sudah ada resolution utk maal hijrah dan tahun baru? hmm.. i never set my mind to anything solid lah. nampak sgt org yg tak ber visi hahaha but for this coming 2009/1430 i seriously need to shed all these excess baggage i have on me!!!!! -terasa mcm diri semakin renek-

others, as usual.. be a better wife, better daughter, better worker. take care of my hair & skin.

oh, n sila lah rajin skt mengemas rumah cik anis oi. bila nk ber-5S di rumah nih... pemalas!

n another note, i dapat award dari cik farah you! thanks darl!!! *cium cium*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


akhirnya after much deliberation we went to harvey norman to purchase some things to put into the new home. contrary to popular belief, h.n. masa sale not bad jugak harga barang dia. kalah senq or hsl dan yg sewaktu dgnnya. n they absorbed the delivery charges into the product's pricing already. all in all, puas ati jugak la dgn service n product diorg. dah abis beribu-ribu kalo xpuas ati jugak xtau la....

maka, skrg dgn rasminya saya mengisytiharkan, SAYA SENGKEK. tapi masih ada hati untuk bershopping di ikea utk sofabeds for guests, cupboards etcetc kuikuikui

wedding cik adi

baru sebok nak tulis post arini. sebab we all nk pindah maka internet kat rumah xsambung dah, hariz was thinking of trying to use wimax n see how it goes. maka, mengupdate pada hari bekerja sajalah hehehe..

cuti2 digunakan sepenuhnya, went to solemnization (friday) n reception (saturday) of adi n farizwan. eh no, this is not a guy-guy situation ok, adi is a girl. she was there for me during my solemnization, in fact she camped at my place for a few days before my day, sgt terharu ok, dtg dari shah alam ke sg petani juz for me n hariz. pastu aku angkut plk dia ke terengganu to be my pengapit kat sana. for that i'm eternally grateful.

xde pic, sbb xbwk kamera, bateri hp pun ala-ala hidup segan mati x mahu. seb baik byk kameraman kat hall tuh buleh la aku suruh emel ke aku. tp cik adi sgt cantik time reception. aliah dan aku jadik dayang peneman si adi kat umah dari awal pagi. pepagi sabtu tu pukul lapan aku dah tercongok kat shah alam (mcm p keja pulak, chett). yg kelakar, sbb elok2 je kunci rumah (padlock biasa bukan solex ok maka xperlu anak kunci), yg pengantin perempuan baru teringat dia tertinggal kasut kat dlm rumah, si pengantin lelaki plk tinggal keris dia. bijak kan pasangan pengantin ni? dlm ati aku haaaaa elok la korg kawen dua org

pastu dah on the way to the hall makcik2 pakcik2 baru decide pengantin dua org tu naik merc .. kalo x, si bride berhimpit dlm kete viva, si groom dlm kete kancil. kesian.. org terlupa transport diorg. tp after all those chaotic moments, sampai je kat hall pkps tuh everything fell into place.

to ms adilah, congratulations babe! baru semua org tau yg kamu sgt cantik kan, kitorg dah tau lama dah.. hehehehe.. welcome to the club! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

tag from cik farah :D

dah lama x buat tag hehehe here goes:

Four jobs I’ve had in my life
juz one lah, my current one, pharmacist in bhgn farmasi, jabatan kesihatan selangor.. but this is my first transfer after one year in hospital alor star

Four movies/TV series I would watch over and over:
LOTR, Harry Potter movies, Bujang Lapok movies, The Bucket List, etc..

Four places I’ve lived
Sg. Petani, KL, PJ, Shah Alam, Alor Star, eh wait that more than 4 oredi hehe

Four places I’ve been for the past one week
The Curve, Ikea, Sunway, The Gardens

Four people who e-mail me regularly
use my email only for group subscriptions and work purposes so usually SNS and yahoogroups and pharmacists from government hospitals and kesihatan daerah in selangor

Four of my favorite food
pasta!! tomyam, seafood everything, mihun sup, pengat pisang.. byk sgt ah

Four places I would rather be right now
home, on the bed, on the couch, under the blanket

I hereby tag
no one! :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

burger king = body spray ????

heading to work, listening to the radio n laughing out loud. burger king ada men's body spray???!!! hahahaha

its called flame, n smells like, quote, 'the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat'.

my oh my.

pic from

i always love burger king, the bk broiler always been my favourite. hariz love 'em too, yg plg besar lah cm biasa, whopper. kalo time ada double whopper pun dia hentam jgk. sedih branch yg kat carrefour subang dah tutup huhuhu

but has eating burger king ever made me n my partner raunchy? gee, i never thought about it that way. hahaha. the smell of 'hot from the kitchen' burger always makes my tastebuds excited, yes, but for food lah. takkan nak ber PDA tgh2 org sambil mkn burger kan. like, apekah? sebok ah, tgh lapar nih!

do u like the smell of meat on ur partner? i think it'll juz make me hungry. n sometimes i think it'll be a turn off too, like mcm bau sate kat baju kan, it's never mouthwatering in that sense. n anyway, juz imagine, ur on a long drive back to kampung, ur stomach is growling like mad, the R&R is still a long way to go, and the man beside u is wearing a burger-scented body spray. x ke torture diri sendiri tuh...

his collection of fragrances are what i'd love on my man (nothing that smells meaty though). n so far the winner of the pack is sean john unforgiveable. seriously, try that on ur partner, n u know what i mean ;D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

surat kepada cik jer

my dear jer,

u know i'm not so very partial of u. i think i've made that known ever since u started to grow on the inside of my nose (of all places
!!!) when i was in secondary school. every time ko naik, aku akan korek dan korek dan korek dan korek sampai aku puas ati. i dont care what other ppl wd say about my hate relationship with u, that i should treat u with care, so as not to damage myself. but i simply cannot tahan oredi. i juz hate u. period.

let me say this again. I HATE U!

i thought i got rid of u for good when i hit 20, but nooo... u still come by every month like an old friend visiting, albeit uninvited. walaupun rasa marah xtertahan, aku masih buleh control, b
coz u didnt go mabuk n beranak byk2 on me. cukup time ko pegi. yg tu i can stand.

but now its a different matter altogether.

ever since i got back home after that traumatising incident, u began to visit quite more frequently than before, which i despise and cannot fathom why. why on earth do u want to come by? my face become more fertile for u izit? or becoz my face become a lot chubbier, u think, like, '
more space for me, yeay!'?

aku pun dah besar. i'm not some teenager that u can make a home of.
i know i'm very stressed lately. but thats not an excuse for u to come, i didnt invite u anyway. so pls, get the hell OFF my face!
~(not)yours truly~

penghibur hati


Bihun sangat cemburukan mee. Walau duduk di rak bersebelahan di supermarket, mereka tak pernah bertegur sapa.
Malah bihun sering mempersendakan mee di depan umum,
"Dasar si kuning gemuk… ingat orang suka sangat kat dialah tu!"

hari-hari berlalu… namun mee buat derk aje dengan segala kerenah dan hinaan bihun.
Sehingga satu hari pekerja supermarket mengalih rak mee ke tempat lain.
bihun gembira kerana tidak lagi melihat musuh tradisinya.
Hari berikutnya rak baru diletakkan di sebelah bihun, rak spaghetti.Bihun rasa marah dah berteriak;
"Hoi, si kuning gemuk! jangan fikir kobuat teknik rebonding camtu aku tak kenal ko!!!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


hensem kan? walopun tua, tp masih ttp hensem hehehehe

if u can pls read thru, i find it amusing that the reporters thought King Khan is a lot more humble when he's in pain:

It doesn’t matter if he encountered a bomb threat at the Mumbai airport shortly before departing for KLIA, or a torn ligament that’s causing him excruciating pain. Shah Rukh says nothing can stop him from wearing the baju Melayu, samping (wraparound waist cloth) and songkok (headgear), and meeting his fans in Malacca.

“I am very happy that I’ve found a big space in the hearts of the people here,” he beams proudly. “I cannot repay my fans for what they have done for me. They have given me so much love, and that love has taken me to where I am today.”

Perhaps Shah Rukh in pain is a more likeable Shah Rukh. Gone is his cockiness – he (infamously) once told Malaysian reporters that he would pay them by the hour when they demanded to know why he was three hours late for a press conference.

Instead, the actor talks and argues less, preferring to smile, nod or shake his head.

to read more, source from: The Star Online

jem apekah?

was heading to work today, mcm biasa lah, kawasan depan one utama tuh byk skt kete. tapi time cuti2 skolah nih xbyk pun kete so i wondered why lambat plk kete dpn2 kitorg nak bergerak. hmm... terkedek-kedek cm kura-kura... rupa-rupanya:

ada unser terbakar. yg lawak (bodoh) nya, keta terbakar kat lane seberang, lane kitorang yg jem. sengal betul lah. xreti2 nk jalan ke? nk menyibuk sgt tgk sampai terbrenti-brenti bkn nya nk buleh tolong pun. bomba baru dok nenong-nenong on the way xsampai2 lagi. ni la jem bodoh namanya.

aku pun sibuk amik gambar, adakah keta aku pun me'nyelow' utk tgk persembahan keta terbakar itu? oh tidak... sbb bukan aku yg bwk keta, kalo aku bwk pun slow sbb aku yg slow hahaha

lps je keta terbakar tu jalan se clear-clear alam. hiiii...

anis ni. mcm xtau org mesia cne kan. kalo ada accident ke apa, mesti ada je org nk tgk. aritu lalu kat sg buloh, dari jauh kitorang dok tgk la apsal flyover yg dkt situ cm jem siap ada byk keta berenti kan, accident teruk sgt ke? lps tu kitorang lalu jln bawah sebelah flyover tu, i think ada jumpa mayat kut kat tepi railway komuter dkt dgn stop sg buloh tuh sbb ada something that looked like a body bag. buleh, org berenti, semata-mata nk menengok? heeiii..

pls la, if ur a paramedic ke, bomba ke, polis ke, nk berenti2 tepi jalan i dont mind. but if ur not, juz mind ur own business n move along, juz wait for it to come out in the news lah, ok?

Monday, December 22, 2008

ini mini maini mo

juz finished watching 1st season of true blood last weekend. bla pk2 blk ada unsur2 ke'twilight'an plk. ada character 'shapeshifter' cam jacob (sapa yg xbaca lagi breaking dawn, jacob is not a werewolf but a shapeshifter okeh! aku dah rosakkan ke'suspen'an org len plk hehehe) tp mmg 18PL lah true blood nih, n ada unsur2 ke'tipu'an sket. ada ke cabut gigi sebtg (the fang, that is) buleh menjejeh darah keluar mcm cabut 10 batang gigi.. tipu betul.. kokye pun... heeiiii... eh emo plk, dah nama pun cerita kan hehehe

my weekend was quite a mouthful, starting from jumaat mlm hen party was held for peon, karaoke session yg xhengat punya! yg berlompat, yg bergelek, not that i will divulge who did what kan hahahaha... suffice to say that we had so much fun 'melalak'ing sampai serak skjp suara (siap order hot honey lemon tea utk preserve suara, sakan kan), walopun aku xcam some of the songs yg farina, peon n wieza picked (i didnt listen to indo bands as much) tp aku xla parah sampai xtau beza peterpan dan SO7 kan. terlupa sekjp yg aku sorg je yg dah berlaki kuikuikui..

sudahnya esok pagi sabtu tuh aku ke ofis utk meeting dgn mata yg bengkak gara2 xcukup tido. dah la bengkak, rabun plk tuh. since i didnt get to take out my lenses until well after two in the morning i wouldnt want to further stress my eyes lah kan. maka masa meeting xnmpak semua benda yg di'shoot' di skrin. lps meeting baru pakai lenses blk. bertuah betul.

lps meeting berdatingan di d curve, cineleisure dan ikea until well into the night. org merenyut2 mcm ulat i tell u ramai nya. managed to grab some ornaments utk rumah baru. tp brg kecik2 je. nnti bakal berkunjungan ke ikea lagi lah sebelum sale krismas abis dan kutip barang2 saiz medium plk :D barang saiz besar bila nk p book ntah, harvey norman dah nk abis sale dh nih huhuhuhu

dlm berjln2 skt punya lama kat situ i forgot to check out a handbag organizer that i've been meaning to buy, knowing how messy my handbag is and sllu tertinggal brg everytime i rotate my bags. i read at PB's place about it, tp terlupa plk!!! i know its offered online at a place called sundae chic as well, but kat bazaar tu cheaper! hmm.. alasan utk pergi semula :)..

there's another one i found online at a place called ribbon republic, its handmade, maka i dunno if its sturdy enough. but its certainly cheaper than buying one at the bazaar. perlukah ber 'ini mini maini mo'?

kejap eh. kena pk panjang nih. shopping punya psl :D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

excuse to shop :D

its been a hectic week, includin the last weekend. the new house baru nak renovate dapur, pasang grill and whatnot whatnot, so kalo xde aral after chinese new year dah buleh pindah. now we're busy hunting for fixtures and look out for new stuffs to put into the house. not that its so much to buy. but its all the big2 shots that require all the dosh that u have in the bank lah.

tp seronok lah, ada alasan nk shopping kan :D

later, nk p bercinta - read: dating ok, jgn pk bukan2 hahahaha

Friday, December 19, 2008

my thank yous

these days, i noticed i've been craving a lot. mmg la dari dulu2 lagi cmni, but now ah, always i want this, i want that, i want these, oooohhh, i want those too.

now now, this entry is not about food and that kind of cravings. its about all these material stuff around us. sometimes i wish i'm in somewhere remote so i won't know what's the latest stuff and whatnot, but then when i think again, as if THAT will stop me la kan. n mcm la buleh tahan. staying in alor star for a year only pun rasa mcm nk cabut2 je rambut.

so, skrg aku nk buat list kesyukuran aku, to remind myself all the things i should be thankful for.

  1. i'm thankful i'm still alive and well, tanpa penyakit kronik dan cukup anggota.
  2. i'm thankful my parents are well and still around whenever i need them
  3. i'm thankful my siblings turned out all right
  4. i'm thankful that i have a big family yg sgt meriah dan suka mengarut
  5. i'm thankful that i already found my soulmate, a husband, a bestest friend and a pair of shoulders to cry on whenever i need them
  6. i'm thankful that both my husband and i have jobs and income, cukup makan dan pakai
  7. i'm thankful that i know how to operate the stove, so kalo tgh sengkek masih buleh memasak
  8. i'm thankful that my husband is taller than me, kalo barang2 kat atas lemari tinggi2 dia buleh tolong amikkan
  9. i'm thankful that my skin is fair while my husband's dark, because if its the other way around, tongues will sure wag one
  10. i'm thankful i know how to bake chicken that tastes like fried ones to save our blood vessels and tastebuds at the same time
  11. i'm thankful that my hips are wide, so my children will have comfortable 'seats' when i carry them around on my side (while they're toddlers at least)
  12. i'm thankful that i'm at my height, because tall girls have harder time to find even taller partners
  13. i'm thankful that my shortsightedness has allowed me to wear contact lenses of various colours yang berjaya mencantikkan mata
  14. i'm thankful to have kening yg lebat, ada sestgh org tu kening jarang sgt sampai kena lukis, aku xpyh hehehe
  15. i'm thankful that my husband was the only boyfriend i have had before getting married, maka xde la org dari sejarah2 lampau untuk mengganggu rumahtangga
i'll add on this list from time to time :D

toodles people!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i wish..

masih sakit gigi. the surfacing of the wisdom teeth hasnt made me very wise. no sirrree. it juz made me cranky. one i can stand lah, but two? one on each side, both on the lower row? as if my rollercoaster mood isnt enough as it is.

hopped into farina's blog and saw these beautiful MAS planes. one of the models:

a boeing 747 i think (farina aku curik gambo ;D)

which instantly reminded me of this oh-so-BEAUTIFUL notebook clutch collaboration between HP and Vivienne Tam, a limited edition HP Mini, this i read yesterday in the newspaper.u can view the specs here.

it comes complete with a notebook sleeve and meant to be carried like a clutch, hence the name notebook clutch.

look, isnt it lovely? *meleleh air liur sekejap*

kalo dpt nih, gerenti hilang sakit gigi aku :))

Monday, December 15, 2008

i've read something else again, so?

blk trganu, i was armed with two large books, brisingr (as per one of my posts) and breaking dawn. i know i know, i've read breaking dawn oredi (in about 5 hours!) tp i'm tempted to read it again. never mind why i bother to read the 750page-book again (sbb sedap la kan. duh!) anyway, thats juz in case i finish brisingr early n xde material lain nak baca.

turned out i took about a week to finish brisingr. dah blk kl pun x abis lagi. magic betul! sllu abis je cepat.

i know why. buku tu agak dragging ceritanya. meleret2. made me feel like, heiiiihh bila la nk abis neiiihhh... a third book, the second sequel of eragon by christopher paolini, i think there's only a few main points to highlight, but the author managed to (over)elaborate sampai almost 700pages. rematch between Murtagh and Eragon, Eragon finding out how Galbatorix managed to keep his power expanding these few hundred years, learning more from Oromis and Glaedr, the last remaining dragon and its rider from the days of the Dragonriders, and the fact that Eragon is Brom's son, not Morzan, head of the Forsworn. which made him and Murtagh only half-brothers. its also about Eragon finding his own dragonrider sword named Brisingr after Zar-roc (Morzan's sword given by Brom to Eragon) was snatched away by Murtagh.

the book is made even longer with Roran (Eragon's cousin)'s story. sigh... penat jugak kepala aku baca semua tuh..

this doesnt really make sense, i know, but its been so long since i've read the first and the second book. i didnt make any review about it. n eventhough the preface actually summarises the first book (Eragon) and the second book (Eldest), you still need to read them as the summary didnt really do the books justice.

if u like fantasy books, i suggest u read the first two books before reading brisingr as it needs some getting used to, the storyline, and the writing pattern as well.

the first movie, Eragon, was kinda disappointing, sbb agak kayu watak2nya except for Brom and Saphira's character. Brom was played a well known veteran actor, Jeremy Irons (the handsome Aramis in The Man in The Iron Mask starring Leonardo Dicaprio) and Saphira is a digitalised character (she's the dragon, in case u havent seen the movie) so that doesnt really count. Murtagh mmg hensem in the first movie so i was kinda disappointed dia turned out bad in Eldest and Brisingr. hopefully if there's any movie sequel, it'd be better.

i'm guessing, since the three books covers featuredthe faces of three of the four dragon characters, the last book's cover will feature Shruikan, Galbatorix's black dragon.

Eragon --> Saphira(blue scales)

Murtagh --> Thorn (red scales)

Oromis --> Glaedr (golden scales)

full moon

halu... chak! lama xtulis kat sini. baper draf dah campak dlm tong sampah ntah aku dah lost count. xde mood ah. sakit gigi. dah baper hari dah ni. penat aku amik cuti nak bersuka ria, sakit gigi plk. spoil betul. mcm budak kecik plk, gigi baru nk tumbuh. dua2 belah plk tuh. hhhmmmpppfff!!!

ok, aku utang org review aku tau. dah tgk cerita twilight tuh. lama dah. b4 cuti raya aji lagi. skrg nk tulis dah xde kick. yg aku ingat, aku suka sbb pengarah dia berusaha bersungguh2 utk x tinggal kebykan scene dlm novel as it is. the pace of the movie is somewhat slow in the beginning, but thats how it is in the book anyways so i dont really mind. movies yg ada sequels are always like dat wan, tgk je la die hard, yg no 4 baru btl2 shiok kan. aku jugak suka sbb alice secomel yg aku bygkan dlm novel. n i especially love how they potray the baseball scene better than what i imagined, with the right song to boot! aku juga rasa aku suka the actor who plays emmett, aku rasa dia sgt macho and dont look so pasty like the others.

satu yg aku amat suka, THE edward was played quite well by robert pattinson. how he shows the intenseness of his feelings, about bella's smell in the bio class, his protectiveness towards her, superb!

what i dont like, THE MAKE UP on the guys. girls look okay je to me. i know they're supposed to look pale, but hello... havent the makeup artists check their job? sipi2 je nk jadi aziz sattar dlm seniman bujang lapok. on THE edward tuh lagi lah, kening mamat tuh dihitamkannye lagi, campur dgn muka putih melepak tuh, like, off giler! heiiisshh... nasib baik hensem...

satu lagi. jake. the face, the height. semua off. x kena lah (nk cakap xhensem sebenarnya). baik kawan la push dia yg xcakap pape tuh comel. i wonder how they'd show how jake grow so much taller and ganglier as in the second book, sbb yg ni, ehem ehem, mintak maaf la, kurang sikit ketinggiannya.

what they quite fail to potray is how MUCH the cullens stand out from each other. in the book, bella's truck tu somewhat blend in dgn other kids rides, meaning other ppl pun kete xla canggih sgt, not like in the movie like dia pnya ride yg plg buruk. juz the cullens yg totally stand out, with limited edition mercs and whatnot. oh wait, limited ed merc tu first book ke yg no dua eh? ke no tiga? now i'm confused. oh well, whatever..

what i'm totally hooked with is the OSTs. sedap!!! i especially dig full moon by the black ghosts. sgt bulls eye!

Friday, December 5, 2008

nak balik dah...

travel blk malam ni. risau, sbb en. hariz abis keje pukul 7. by d time abis makan, gerak blk ke umah mesti pukul 9 lebih dah. kena rest dulu. kul 12 cmtu baru blk trganu. time2 cmni aku rasa menyesal ada lesen keta yg xleh diguna. tp bila dah abis travel, my regret bacame only that. regret.

on the other hand, happy jugak. sbb last minute dpt beli kasut raya. bukan apa. kasut aku byk yg dah lunyai. semua sedap pakai, maka semuanya aku pakai bersungguh2 lah (cheh alasan nk beli kasut baru!!) dah sibuk2 redah lautan org di kilang lewre itu, dapat la yg berkenan di hati. tp terkejut jgk. beli yg agak tinggi dan nipis, bukan wedges sperti biasa. 3 inci. woot woot!!! kasut kawen pun tempah yg 2 1/2 inci je hahaha

probably bcoz salah satu heels tu (kantoi plk beli >1) ada sedikit platform di depan, around 1/4 inch cmtu. maka selesa la jugak memakai heels yg setinggi tu. alah, agak2 sakit kaki beli je scholl heel gel kan, xpun foot petals yg kaler pink comel2 itu. setel :D

asal pk nk blk pack brg je, angin malas melanda. angin gemuk pun ada (sbb try baju ada yg xmuat kan). oh well. i can always wear the grey headband telinga gloria to bring the sexy momma back in me! ;)

sexy siot kan? :p

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

heels or no heels

was heading to work this morning when i listened to fly fm about any fashion trend that should be chucked away. nadia and phabes were spot on about 7 inch stilettos. i've yet to see anyone wearing them in real life, but the thought of having (OMG) 7 inch heels on your feet is enough to make me feel the pain already. u juz might even hear the balls and heels of your feet screaming for mercy. not to mention incident of twisted toes, and in one case i read, the girl, having to wear stilettos for how many days without giving her feet some rest made her toes so numb (from lack of blood circulation) she didnt realise one of her toes turned gangrenous!

i mean, look at these!! we can even see all the spidery veins popping out. this is gwyneth paltrow's feet btw, pictures are from the dailymail uk

granted la, the lace giuseppe zanotti heels (these are gwyn's feet too) tersgt lah lawanye.. but still, why kill ur toes for that?

betul la org ckp, sakit nak cantik nih. tp does it look pretty? for me, it juz looks painful.

see? doesnt it look painful to you? the heels dont even look pretty! (Victoria B's feet, picture taken from dailymail uk)

p/s: the 'how to walk in high heels' book author camilla morton says the best stilettos are 10.5cm high, thats about 41/2inch only! and if u add a bit of platform at the front, say an inch, it'd b like u'll be walking in 3 inch heel. x de la mengerikan sgt.

p/ss: i wonder if the nana may's hand scrub that i hoped to get from My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway can be used for the heels (of my feet)? such heaven if it can! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


dah lama pulak xtulis. writer's block (again)? probably. laziness, more likely.

so, dah lama xcerita kan. on a few topics:

byk mende last2 minute kena amend lah keje aku maka ehhemmm.. sedikit busy. tp sempat lagi jln2 dan shopping2 hehehe.. ye la, christmas sale ada yang dah start. maka my so-called resolution to keep from giving away my cash to the cashiers was once again washed out in the drain. the one i'm currently secretly coveting (since i'm 187% positive that hubster will kill me if i ever so much as THOUGHT of buying it):
azie darl, sgt cantik buat hantaran! (i read somewhere dia ada kat kaunter malaysia!) :D

ouh, pagi td otw dtg tmpat keje, i was wondering why the heck that hitz fm keep playing from one britney's song to another. lepas satu, satu. aku tukar stesen, lepas 5 menet tukar blk ke hitz, britney lagi. turned out it's her birthday today and they're playing 4hours nonstop of her songs.

takpelah, hari ni aku dgr fly dgn sinar je lah.

cuak ni sebenarnya. i have to do a presentation for a national seminar on health morbidity survey this friday. it covers a lot of topics, like almost 20, and each topic has a lot of chapters. mine is a small, teeny weeny chapter in 'health information' topic, for selangor state. ciput jeeee... tp disuruh present. ayam betul. write up paper for my chapter tu siiikkiiittt je, yg national punya paper abt 20+ pages, the extracted data for selangor state that i have to do, write up tinggal 10 page je OK! aku nk citer hape lama2? hmmmmhhhh... risau risau..

tgh risau2 pun sempat nk join contest online, by PB again called My Women Stuff Christmas Giveaway! this time sgt syiok, ada nana may's face and hand scrub that i've been wanting!!! yeayyyy!!!

friday night we'll be heading back to trganu to celebrate raya aji. ye lah, raya puasa dah kat kedah, mesti la raya aji blk trganu pulak. i'll be staying there for a week until the next saturday / sunday, alang2 isnin dengan khamis cuti, aku amik la cuti 3 hari kan... eeheeehh, khamis cuti birthday sultan selangor eh, state lain x cuti hahaha

lama dok kat trganu nih asek mkn je la aku nmpk gayanya (padahal blk ke mana-mana pun mkn byk jugak ;))

on the back of my mind: cuti di umah PIL lama nih, that should justify my NEED to buy leggings in myriad of colours kan :D

lace and fishnet, perrrggghhh!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the first time i saw this book, i think like, more than 2 yrs back oredi. but back then, i was still a student. n me being a student equals no money, as i solely depended on my PAMA to support my studies. so a non-pharmacy book worth about rm60 was out of question lah.

then when i started working i tried to find it again, tp never found it. sedih. pastu lupa.

until i found it again. yesterday. of all days, i found it during payday! happinesss!!

what few pages i've read i can already tell its gonna be enjoyable. from putting ur feet into the high heels and walking on them to changing diapers to operating computers, 'the girl's guide to everything' is quite apt!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yoga oh yoga

aduh hai... apsal la org dok gaduh2 pasal yoga nih... nmpk sgt ketidaksepaduan antara org2 yg kena tentukan mende nih. yg nk implement terus lah, nk against terus lah. yg x p tanya sultan dulu lah. mcm2.

bagi aku la kan, pttnya org yg nk menentang mende tuh, kalo org nya islam, jgn la bagi statement yg negatif2 nih. perkataan2 mcm 'very disappointed' tu sgt la x sesuai. maybe not intentionally, tp it sounds as if ur against org yg lebih arif tentang hukum hakam nih. nk kritik, bagi la pandangan membina sikit. ni nk kondem je, apa nk jadi? mcm mufti perlis, he suggested that majlis fatwa bagi alternative skali kalo nk ban yoga totally. ha, bagus la jugak cmtu, at least ada cadangan. ni yg persatuan2 kata xpatut langsung la, hape la, mcm la xde yoga tu xleh buat mende lain. ko nk tonggang tonggek, pilates pun ada. ha, tukar je la.

aku suka buat yoga, sebenarnya. walaupun xpenah lepas tahap beginner. walaupun hanya untuk regangan semata. tp dah lama tinggal. dah berbulan2 dah pun. kalo dia kata 'BAN!' aku blh start anew dgn pilates tanpa rasa bersalah.

tunggu verdict je. kalo ban nya secara total, maka koleksi cd yoga aku akan di let go lah nmpak gayanya. :)


Monday, November 24, 2008

here i come!!!!


twilight open this thursday eh? ayohhh.. i x perasan lah.. mesti la mau tgk kan, sudah brapa lama tunggu. ajak hariz p alamanda lah, ada x ah agak2? gsc nye baru la lagi.

bkn apa. last weekend my FIL's in town, pastu we went to putrajaya lah nk tgk si kecik dua org tuh. pstu p la mkn kat alam anda. pastu kan, alamanda nih tgh promotion plk, kalo p mkn kat some restaurants above rm50 in one receipt, the first 50 customers can redeem vouchers for two free movie tickets. kebetulan pulak xramai pun yg redeem mende nye. haku mmg xtau malu skt bab2 redeem nih (walaupun mkn FIL yg belanja kuikuikui) dua plk tiket nya, shiok kan? sgt lah sesuai dgn puan anis dan encik hariz :D

apa lagi, jom p tgk wayang! (kami dua org free la tapi ngehehehe ;))

Friday, November 21, 2008

with juz a few of us left at this office i'm still stuck at my desk, but not because keje byk. skrg nih tgh tunggu hariz amik aku. dan seperti biasa, aku jadi penunggu ofis sementara menunggu dia fetch aku.

a few days before i might say la keje byk skt dari biasa, because we're having a jam-packed schedule from this week to right after raya aji. but due to unforeseen circumstances, state meeting next week is postponed (hampes penat aku buat dah siap comel2), audit workshop on the same week pun postponed, and today my big boss decided to cancel the workshop we're organising on the first week of december. gila kan? tetiba last minute semua postpone/cancel. like, buat3 keje pastu xde hasil. mana org x kutuk kata gomen mcm xde keje, dah xnmpk hasil nye. but thats the truth. we worked our buntuits out only to be cancelled at the last minute.

so skrg, aku bersama bibir yg pedih dan kering akibat misplaced lipbalm in one of my bags terpaksa peram hasil kerja aku buat sementara waktu. dan melayan hati dengan laman-laman web yg dapat menenangkan hati pada pukul 6 ptg ni. hasilnya:

MBMJ Dr. Q wristlet.

cantik kan?

dah dah. nk balik. have a nice weekend! :D

i have to admit this. i got careless. not that i'm always careful. but this time my 'careless and free' motto has gotten the better of me. so much for maintenance free , huh. n whoever says its maintenance free anyway? meh sini aku piat telinga tuh. maintenance free, my foot!

now i have to bear the consequence. aiyyoooohhh!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

b.o.s.a.n. time ni lah meeting berderet2. last2 minute call plk tuh. ayam betul.

lupa nk cerita. dlm kemelepekan aku dok sorg2 kat umah xbuat apa hari tu, baru la tgk THE GREEN MILE. buleh x? skrg baru nk tgk. ok la jgk. tp lama nk mam... kan. dvd tu stat tulis 2 jam je aku dh tgk jam, bila nk abis.. ei, x abis lagi? dia sharp2 3jam 20 saat abis. fuhh.. lega.

ok la noh. saiko jgk crita tuh. aku xpenah baca yg stephen king tulis pasal green mile tuh.

nnti la p carik. bab2 buku mmg ai pantas sket.

daaaa!!! :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Marilah melepek... (tune ‘marilah bergoyang’ okeh!)

Fuhh.. weekend ni la plg menarik. Xp mana2! Hehehe.. dah lama x melepek kat umah. Tu pun rasa kejap je dah ahad malam. Huhuhu...

What i did:


Melepek sambil baca novel


Melepek sambil tgk anime dan mkn kerepek

Hahaha.. betapa x produktif nya aku weekend ni. Slob is the new bob bebeh!

Toodles! :D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nk muntah tau. dok anticipate apa jadi dgn hannibal in that hannibal rising. ye la.. dah baca pun kejap2 dah ttido.

korg mesti pk.. cne la si anis ni blh baca 2-3 buku dlm seminggu. free sgt kah? baca time keja kah? xbuat benda lain kah? asek pgg buku saja, laki dia x bising kah?

aku ni mmg jenis yg baca buku b4 tido. hari2. x baca x buleh tido. i dunno if anybody from my school remembered but i almost always slept with a book beside my head. that habit extended until now, hehehe.. except that letak tepi katil la skrg, juz kekdg kalo aku mmg ttido and hariz dah tido jugak (sllunya dia yg alih buku letak tepi katil ;)), then adala sebijik dua buku tepi kepala aku.

then there's the trips. ni cik farina mmg sgt arif. whenever hariz keje shift ptg, i always lepak di shopping mall while waiting for his shift to finish, then buleh balik sama2. usually i spent a good three hours there. if i didnt go on a shopping spree or ditemani oleh cik farina berjalan2, i'll juz sit somewhere with a milkshake or do pedi n read. sometimes when i know i'm about to finish one book, i bring another one for backup, juz in case.

thats how my life is these days. not that i'm free all the time, but i always try to find the time to read. hope that someday my children can pick up the habit, but not one yg i read smpai mak panggil makan pun x dgr:

mak: siti, mai mkn!

anis (x dgr pape)

mak: sitiiii!!!!

anis (x dgr pape lagi)

mak (masuk bilik tgk anak dia): org panggil makan pun x dgq2, ha, lenkali xpyh makan, makan buku tu!

i miss my mom.. :D


Friday, November 14, 2008

juz to share an interesting article:

What every father will learn sooner or later is that his daughters are female, and are thus incomprehensible.

OKAY, so I’m a guy, which means that the female mind is a strange and wondrous thing that I will never understand. Learning this lesson is part of growing up, and of growing older.

Just when you’ve accepted it, however, life throws in a spanner and you have to learn the lesson anew ... or at least, from a completely different perspective.

Like when you have children, and they turn out to be girls.

Being a father is easy enough when they’re toddlers, even when you include the “icky” bits of having to deal with diapers, colic and a complete disruption to your diurnal lifestyle. But then they start growing older, and begin to form personalities.

Feminine personalities. (Yes, the hint of an ominous undertone here is deliberate!)

Like when you’re going out, and you tell them the day before so that there won’t be any last-minute hiccups.

“Wear something nice, but nothing fancy. It’s not a formal dinner.” That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? It should take them, what, five minutes to look into their wardrobes and pick out something, shouldn’t it?

About an hour later, after much screeching at each other, looking for a favourite top or jeans that the other sister had the temerity to borrow without permission, the 12-year-old will announce, “Papa, we have to go shopping. I have nothing to wear!”

“You have nothing to wear? But you have so many clothes that you’ve taken over my cupboard too!”

“Yes,” she will look at me, not understanding how I can fail to comprehend something so simple as this, “but I have nothing suitable for tomorrow night. We can go to (insert latest trendy mall here) in the afternoon and pick up something.”

“But I have no money.”

“Papa, you must be more careful with how you spend your money. Oh, just bring your credit card along then.”

A lecture on economics, the labour system and capitalism just doesn’t help here. I’ve tried.

Then there’s their habit of making you feel bad, even when they’ve done something wrong.

Once when I was away at work, there was a blackout at home, so the candles came out. I reached home after the power came back on and the maid had gone to sleep.

The eldest was in the living room, vegetating in front of the idiot box. The 10-year-old was in the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was the horrified shock on her face. The second thing I noticed was all the wax that had dried up on the kitchen counter.

All over the kitchen counter. The little pocket-sized pyromaniac had been playing some game with candles, wax and fire!

So I ranted. She got such a scolding from me on the dangers of fire and the need for safety practices at home, and how many kids die in fires, and to never do something so stupid again ... a scolding punctuated by a twirling belt that never connected but which was used to emphasise certain salient points. Her lips quivered, she sulked, she was fearful.

An hour later, before she went to sleep, she finally apologised and promised never to play with fire again.

So I gently explained why it was important that she not do so. And that should have been that, right?

Like all the women in any man’s life, daughters too can have impeccable timing. They will suddenly feel the need to engage in a conversation – whether via SMS, voice, chat or email – at the most hectic and pressure-filled moment of your workday. Which is why the next day at work, I get an SMS: “Papa, I am still offended by what you said last night. You said I was stupid. Since I am stupid, I don’t think I will do well in my final exam.”

I could tell she was mightily peeved by the fact that she hadn’t used any SMS shortcuts or texting techniques, and was being extremely articulate in her self-righteous anger. So I call her.

“Hey, I never said you were stupid; I said that was a stupid thing to do, dear.”

“It’s the same thing.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes it is ... only a stupid girl would do such a stupid thing.”

So I had to spend some time telling her how I had done some “majorly” stupid things in my life as well, and I don’t think I’m stupid.

Of course, I was not stupid enough to confess my 10-year-old self’s own arsonist tendencies ... I don’t want her to use genetic excuses for her next bit of mischief.

See, there’s the problem. You have hundreds of self-help books for single parents, and thousands of “men-from-Mars, women-from-Venus” books to smoothen male-female relationships, but none that tackle both – you know, single father with two hyperactive and too-damned-independent daughters. There’s a market for that, believe me.

It makes you want to tear out what little hair you have left, but then the little darlings ... er, devils, slip their tiny, delicate little hands into your big, uncouth ones as you’re walking down that damned shopping mall, and it all feels worthwhile.

> A. Asohan, New Media Editor at The Star, wonders if he will now get advice on how he should put his two terrors in their place.

sourced from The Star Online

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i like to hop around in ppl's blog. thats a fact. i simply love to read about other ppl's life, but remain as a silent reader.

i kinda noticed some ppl like to convert words that end with 'ng' to 'm'. for example, 'udang' to 'udam', etc etc. which makes me think:

if i am to apply that, i'll be calling hariz 'abam', convert from the word 'abang'. which is kinda cute.

but then, then he'd be calling me:

ayang -----> AYAM

xpe lah. mission abandoned.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


juz finished the lovely moon, one of those that i've told you before. what i could tell u is the whole book is a two day story about what happens when one kills her own mother. simple kan cerita dia? not. like, how can it be simple when u kill ur own mother, n then go on n have sex in the car with ur bestfriend's son while ur mother is in the freezer? saiko gila ok.

turn out mmg pompuan tu saiko pun. duh. bapak mati bunuh diri sbb depressed, mak pun dah nyanyuk yg jenis ckp mengarut2 tuh. mana la anak x saiko kan... well understood. most of the pages are filled with flashbacks if not what she's doing with her mother's corpse. all in all, not bad, not bad. nnti buleh carik buku author ni yg lain.

another one that i've finished is breaking dawn. sakit kepala haku! tebal ok 750 plus pages. n i've read about 400pages in 2+hours. mana x sakit kepala. but it is that absorbing that i couldnt get away from it. its by far the most exciting book of all the twilight saga, sgt suspen. best2! bg yg nak membaca buku ni sila lah baca, i wont spoil it for u. ziplocked! hopefully when they turn this into a movie it'll turn out ok.

i googled for the cover image of breaking dawn, turned out there's so many version that the fans made for the book. very interesting. these are some of the covers that i like:

i love this the most though:

until they end up with this one (that i've bought). ada any other official version ke? i hope not, or else i'd regret buying this one. x menarik sgt..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

syuuuuu... siaaappp! :)

Tag 8 people;
malas nk tag sapa nk buat, buat ah

Describe yourself in one word.

Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
one who loves me lorrr, if i love him only but he doesnt love me back buat apa

Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?
loved no la.. tp yg crush tu byk la. tp xkan nk ckp. gilo!

How would you deal with a face to face rejection?
dust myself up and try again

God is giving you just 5 more minutes before going back to Heaven. IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
i'll be waiting for u

What would you say to a person who doesn't want to believe you?
fine whatever

Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?

What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
as long as its healthy, fine with me.

Do you have something special with you all the time?
yeah myself

Best place to cry?
in the shower,with the water running

Who do you love the most?
my creator, my hubby, my family

Tell us of your dream last night?
cant remember most of it tp it happened in a surau

Ever hated someone so bad?

The biggest and most hurtful lie you've heard?
tanak citer

The last person you had a beer with?
never had one

The last person you went to the movies with?
hubbs. dah lama x keluar tgk wayang

The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
hubster smlm, bila nk ambik dari subang parade nih...

The last person you hugged?

The last person you yelled at?
hubby, laungan meminta tolong nk mntk tlg spraykan lipas

In the last week, have you kissed someone?

Danced crazy?
not crazy lah, slow je..

Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
i sometimes got angry for no reason one..

If you could do anything, or wish anything, what would it be?
i wish all my loved ones and me are debt free and i can be a travelling-to-shop surirumah ;o

If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?

Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
yep, nk suruh adik siapkan homework

Are you old fashioned?
in some matters

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
tell u love them easy what... ILEBIUUUU.. dah, setel.

What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
beauty sleep kuikuikui

Five facts about me:-
4.bekeng aka garang
5.suka baca buku cerita

Five things that scare me:(random)
1.budak juon bwh meja
2.binatang kecil merangkak dan terbang
3.lubuk di candi batu pahat yg xnmpak dasar dia... gelappp... takut nk terjun..
4.bunyi pelik2 di malam yang sunyi
5. kalo kehilangan org tersayang

Two songs playing in my head lately:-
shut up and drive(rihanna) hariz pnye pasal p tnya lirik as i was singing with the radio
what about now (daughtry)

Five things I treasure in my life:-(random)
1.dikelilingi org yg disayangi
2.fizikal cukup dan sempurna, masih sihat dan buleh rasa makanan yg sedap2
3.being married to my one and only love
4.keadaan kewangan yg tidak lah nazak
5.cukup makan pakai dan ada tempat berteduh :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

r u a nomad?

being a nomad isnt easy u see. there's the packing part, unpacking, cleaning, tidying. then when ur moving again, u have to face the process all over again.

its been a hectic nomading experience for me these few months. mind u i havent gone outstation due to work for some time, but all this moving is purely rumahtangga related. sana seminggu, sini seminggu, wkend ni kat situ, wkend dpn kat sana plk. dah lama aku x dok umah sendiri more than a week. rasa klakar pun ada. tp nasib baik la kitorg berdua je. mcm budak2 bercinta, asek berjln2. kalo ada baby kesian plk nk bawak dia berjln kerap sgt.

thats why i think its important for me to have things in travel size form. senang nk bawak berjln n x take a lot of space (not to mention that its cutesy size that usually attract me first!)

my guerlain sample cleanser (akak kat counter tu was so kind to give me a 30ml tube, which lasted me quite a while), baby oil, estebel day cream, shower gel and multipurpose solution

mac makeup remover, bobbi brown foundation (same shade as m compact), EL mascara and hair serum

now that i'm finally back home, kena la simpan semua blk. but i need to keep them handy, nk travel utk raya haji pulak!

later girls! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


i've stumbled upon this tag oredi at this blog owned by cik julia yg sgt comel, as i am dia punya silent reader sejak beberapa bulan nih. dia dh tag pada sapa2 yg p lompat2 ke blog dia, tp sbg silent reader yg xpenah tinggal komen, saya pun buat2 ehehe lari lah dari membuat tag itu.. hehehe..

alih2 cik farah pulak taggg... hampesss.. buat jugak la.. hehehehe

Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!.
DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instruction with you
r picture.
Tag 10 people to do this

Here are the rules:
Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
Share seven facts about yourself on your blog – some random, some weird.
Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

okay, okay. hah tgk la muka bujur yg suda transform jadi bulat ni

tgk tudung pun senget2 dah x bagi betulkan sgt.. hmmmpphhh..

7 random / weird facts about me:

  1. saya seorg yg penakut walaupun suka baca buku cerita hantu. sgt takut kalo kene tinggal umah mlm2 sorg2. kalo cmtu mesti tido bukak lampu.
  2. saya seorg yg lembik. tak tahan panas, tp tak tahan sejuk jugak. saya suka yg sedang2 saja (sambil menyanyi lagu dangdut)
  3. saya sgt suka mkn coklat. esp reese's peanut butter cups.
  4. saya sgt xsuka pada binatang2 kecil yg merangkak2 dan yg berterbangan. termasuk lah pepatung yg comel tu.
  5. sejak akhir2 ni saya sgt suka mkn fat free yoghurt slps lunch. walaupun sbnrnya suda kenyang.
  6. saya seorg hoarder yg berjaya. apa2 pun susah mau dibuang. rasa mcm kalo buang tuh nnti kalo ada kegunaan mcm mana? kan rugi tuh. ini termasuk lah mainan2 happy meal yg dikumpul dulu.
dan last skali:

7. saya sgt sayang suami saya
. (ok sila jgn muntah kat sini, pusing jauh2 sikit shuh shuuuuhh)
nk tag sapa eh...

-cik yan
-cik put
-cik yati
-cik aliah
-cik farina
-cik yah
-cik ayeen

ok siapp!!


i was bloghopping last week at ParisB's when she announce a game named Shop in your Stash, to find ur own stuff that u have but havent used in 5 months. she's spot on about food are sold in smaller portions and at higher cost. hence, the idea for the game. please hop over here for details.

i kinda forgotten that i promised to find something in my stash to shop since i'm moving around n not at home to find my old stuff. but then kan, i recently used back some of my accessories that i havent used in months! that can b counted ey? hehehehe

these two are my favourite swarovski crystal bracelets that i havent worn in a while. there's more in my stash, but these hold special place in my heart. the pink and purple bracelet was a present from hubster (he picked the colour and designed it himself! sweet kan.. *wink wink*) while the red one i had for my graduation two years ago.

asi've recently had a ruby red sandal, that would be a great pairing to the red bracelet dont u think? :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008


obama menang. good.

we'll see how their policies change (if there's any).

personally yeah, i prefer obama rather than mccain, but all these politicians are known to juz talk the talk. lets see if he can walk it as well.

the coolest thing that happened was if ur american and u vote (yesterday la kan), u can get a star-shaped krispy kreme, a scoop of ben n jerry's and a cup of starbucks coffee for free!

cool ey?

kalo buat kat mesia gerenti aku vote hahahaha

bila la nk dtg mesia krispy kreme ooooiiiiii...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a good start

if ur not a fan of history and biographies (or not an avid reader of any sort of material for that matter), this book would be a good start for u:

its cute in not so many words, and it teaches us the life of our previous prime minister very well. try, n u might juz get hooked up with biographies after that (like me!)


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

feelings all mixed up these days. on second thought, its been like that since.. hmmm.. forever i think.. but these past few days i juz felt crappier than ever. but its not like that all day all night one.. its juz that all that bodily and its systems issues juz bug me. a lot.

hariz said i worry waaayy too much.

hmmm.. need to ditch those heavy, mindworking novels and settle for feelgood chicklits. or romcom movies would be good too.

p tgk wayang ah.

updated: check online, yg berpotensi menghappykan hati ialah tropic thunder shj. hsm3 x menarik hati la..


Monday, November 3, 2008

tried to read the historian, borrowed from hoong seng. since its about salasilah si drakula, hoong seng thought its a good read for me, since i'm interested in that area. thanks ya!

but it being historical is not what made me put down the book after 100+ pages, but rather the writing that bugged me. i read one page, 143, for one night, and ended up REreading page 143 again the next night! 1 page only for two nights! xpenah jadi tuh.

i tried again friday night. the same page. i managed to add more pages to that, but thats about it. the next morning i gave up. n read khaled hosseini's one thousand splendid suns dari kulit ke kulit for three hours, until my eyes were red and my head was pounding. but i was happy. it was darn good that i couldnt put the book down, from start to finish.

its about a girl, mariam, who lived in a small hut in the outskirt of Herat, Afghanistan with her mother. she was about 9, i think, when she learned that she's a harami, an illegitimate child. her father was one of the prominent businessman in Herat, and always visited her every thursday - until she made him promise to bring her to the cinema to watch Pinocchio, together with his other legitimate children (the father has 3 wives, and including mariam, 11 children). when he didnt turn up, mariam walk for 2km to the city and went to his house. she fell asleep overnight at the outside of the gate waiting for him, while he was inside the house. when she went back home, her mother had hang herself. alone now, mariam was brought back to the city and made to marry a man named rasheed. she was fifteen. then she was brought to kabul by her husband and there, her torments began.

then there was another girl called laila. she was very beautiful, fair skinned, dark hair and turquoise eyes.since small she befriended a one legged boy named tariq. as they approach teen, their feeling began to differ. then the war came. they were to flee kabul (separately) with their families, but laila's parents were killed in a bombing. here laila and mariam's path crossed. she was rescued by rasheed and mariam. now, mariam was childless after many years and 6 miscarriages. rasheed tricked laila to marrying him, by convincing him that tariq was already dead. but laila agreed to marry him, only because she's pregnant with tariq's child.

laila and mariam couldnt get along together at first, since mariam thought laila as her husband's stealer. but later they got very close after laila tried to protect her from rasheed's belt. two children later, laila finally found out that tariq was still alive. mariam and laila tried to escape from rasheed but were found out and tortured by him. finally, mariam killed rasheed, and stayed behind to let laila and tariq flee together with the two children. mariam was then sentenced to death for killing rasheed.

this book will take u in an emotional roller coaster ride, with the war as its background. a definite must-read!!!

weekend happenings

quite a bit of things happened during the last weekend. (not so short) snippets:

friday: ended up spending the night at my sis's hostel. hariz met with an accident as he was coming to shah alam to fetch me from work. dont worry, he's fine. not a scratch on him. but his wanda (thats the name of his car, not my madu of any sort) was not so lucky. muka kemek, mata (lampu depan) buta sebelah, telinga kanan (right sideview mirror) putus. wanda dah cacat. aku dh xde contender lain (tp tunggu la wanda kuar dari hospital, rupa mcm baru hasil pembedahan plastik... hmmm.. at least aset2ku au naturel kan hahahaha)

come saturday, abah called, ckp nk turun kl. ada sorg pkcik aku (his younger brother) skt. my older cousins and my paklong dah ada di kl. so i thought, xpe la tunggu abah dtg, p visit sekali. turned out it wasn't meant to be. my uncle passed away at 4.30 that evening. abah would wait for my paklong to bring back his body to kedah. readers, pls kindly sedekahkan alFatihah buat arwah.

i was not so close to that uncle of mine. hariz xpenah jumpa dia. in fact, aku pun dah 3 tahun rasanya x jumpa dia. it was never about his disease, but rather the family dispute thats been going on for years (and doesn't look like its gonna wind down any time soon) that made the big family go astray. i'm sure every family has its own dark secret, black sheeps, and black knights, so juz let that be. a secret.

due to some circumstances, his body was sent back home on sunday. so i together with hariz and my sis went back to the hospital that morning to see him for the last time before they send him to rest beside my grandfather's grave back in kedah. he looked calm. that, i could see from his face. so thin, underneath those layers of kain kapan. may you rest in peace, pakcik.

after org yg uruskan jenazah tu dah siap mandi & sembahyangkan arwah, we need to wait for the clearance paper so that we could bring him home. while waiting, another body came in. this time, a stilborn baby boy. baby boy, thats what i surmised when i saw the person incharge there cut out three small layers of the white cloth. i recited alFatihah for him too.

was reminded of what i had to go through when i lost my little one (thank Allah, i only miscarried once - at the same hospital), even when it was not even in a human form u'll feel the terrible lost. what more when u carry ur little one for the full 9months and lost him/her while delivering. but there's the hikmah behind the incident. he will pray for u, and wait for u in heaven.

went to putrajaya to play with our nephews. fawwaz is getting chubbier by the week. tembaaaammm! naufal is getting cheekier, and is now officially an anak koala bear, he hugs ppl like that kalo org dukung dia. asal ada org dtg rumah dan layan diorg, tido lambat la budak2 tu.

made me think to always appreciate what we have, while mourning what we have lost. if its meant to be, juz let it be.

You Are a Vampire

You are charming, sensual, and even a bit manipulative.

You can't help but get people to do what you want.

You have sharp senses and a strong predatory instinct.

You go after what you want, without mercy.

While you have the heart of a killer, many people are drawn to you.

You are elegant, timeless, and mysterious. You are the ultimate fantasy object.

hahaha... explains my affinity towards those creatures ;)

Friday, October 31, 2008

hmmmmmphhhhh... baru tau harry potter n half blood prince postpone to july 09. hampessss... penat tunggu.

xpe la. tunggu twilight pun jadi. janji vampire nye ensem kuikuikui

btw tgk pathology x? bosan ah aku. harap si milo tu je ensem. disebabkan download aje citer nye, maka buleh la fowed2 sesuka ati. cm x bersemangat langsung tgk citer.

layan katun lagi best.
Consumer cut in spending the most since 1980

WASHINGTON – Scared and out of money, Americans stopped buying everything from cars to corn flakes in the July-September quarter, ratcheting back spending by the largest amount in 28 years and jolting the national economy into what could be the most painful recession in decades.

With retailers bracing for a grim holiday buying season, the economy isn't just slowing; it's actually shrinking, the government confirmed Thursday. It reported that the nation's gross domestic product declined at an annual rate of 0.3 percent in the year's third quarter and consumers' disposable income took its biggest drop on record.

In simpler words, "The train went off the tracks," said Brian Bethune, economist at IHS global Insight.

Wall Street took comfort in the fact that it wasn't even worse. The Dow Jones industrials rose 190 points.

But economists say tougher times are still ahead. Believing consumers are cutting back even more right now, they predict a much larger economic decline — anywhere from a 1 to 2 percent rate — during the current October-December period. That would meet a classic definition of a recession — two straight quarters of shrinking GDP.

read more here. sources from yahoo news.

to think that u have to stop to buy even cereals that u've been eating everyday for breakfast as a result of economic recession is downright scary. n yet mastercard and visa reported that they saw higher use of them credit cards during the previous malaysia megasale as compared to last year's!

hmm... malaysia market yg x tergugat dgn ekonomi org lain ke org malaysia yg xpenah sedar dan tetap berbelanja seperti biasa?

i think i vouch for the latter, on my behalf.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

do u girls notice that us asians can have freckles as well? no, not the kind thats on the face but on the body?

Well, i have some, on the back of my hands. Other ppl won’t notice, yet, but i do. Hehehe.. shows to u the extent of my vanity.

I’ve had it since school. But its getting more noticeable since i work here. Then i juz had to nag about it to my sis.

Tgk la niiiiii... freckles bykkkk... nnti nmpk cm tompok itam. Jadi cm tgn abah.

My sis went:

Hah, tu freckles ka? Laaa... org pun ada. Org ingat daki ka hapa. Patut la xmo keluaq.

Hahahahaha.... patutla mandi berjam2! Tonyoh freckles xkeluar2 rupanya!

Lesson for the day:

Those of u yg mandi lama2, yg nk berus gigi n ambik air smayang utk subuh pun 30minit, pls check if ur scrubbing dirt or freckles!