Saturday, June 28, 2008

on movies n trips..

byk nk citer tp tgk tag farah td best so i did that first.. hehehe... ok, what i wanna tell ya'll:

on movies..

time org sebok tgk kungfu panda, aku baru sebok nk tgk horton hears a who.. (download lah mcm besa) best jgk.. horton is a classic jim carrey lah... sgt funny.. he can do dozens of stuffs with his ears, from flippers for swimming to various forms of caps.. klakar! n it has msg too.. tagline: a person is a person, no matter how small... deep kan..

i went to watch get smart too.. yg ni pun sgt klakar.. he's not a bumbling idiot like pink panther's insp. Clouseau, he's smart (his name implies that much lah) tp maybe skema kut... tu yg klakar...
xrugi tgk...

on a recent trip...

utk merawat hati yg luka, a quick weekend getaway was in order.. me n hubby had a quick fix in genting arini... kinda took our minds off things.. n to think that he succeeded to persuade me to play dat flying coaster! gayat siot... rasa cm superman pun ada.. tp best... best giler!!!!!

abg naik space shot

anis yg ketakutan

anis-merajuk kena suruh mkn panadol (skt kepala la plk)

happy couple

tagged by cik farah..MY BEAUTY SECRETS (???!!!)

this is different than other tags so saya sgt teruja nk menjawabnye.. hehehe... padahal not that much of a secret since i don't use much... .thanks ye farah... hehehehe.. so here goes:

When i saw this title i juz remembered that i actually have one! hehehe... MAC mineralize satin finish liquid foundation... bought it, used it for a few months then totally forgot all about it... hahaha... i'm more a loose powder girl (thats only when i'm rajin to apply) i use MAC in NC5.. (now that u mentioned it, i might start to use the liquid foundation again b4 it expires in another year)

sori la babe, i xpakai mascara.. the truth is i always pick at my face... my eyes, my nose, my forehead, my cheeks.. yeah yeah i know its not good but i cant help it.. mascara is difficult for me as i sometimes wear lenses n when the day drags on n my eyes gone dry... yeap, saya tenyeh selalu..

for the time being i'm wearing bobbi brown vitamin enriched face base.. sometimes bila saya rajin, i mix it with organic aid vitamin e oil to help with the scars i got from tempering with my zits these few months.. kalo saya lagi rajin, i use estebel illuminating serum b4 i use the cream.. notice 'for the time being'... i'm quite known for changing brands after a couple of bottles, nasib baik so far nothing that my face can't handle.. ;) i guess that's my real secret, which i inherit from my dear mom, who haven't yet settled on a brand!


i dunno if what i list here is my essential, bcoz they're bound to change lah... but still... these are my CURRENT essential beauty products:
lactacyd daily cleanser (so handy this one for travelling, can use for face, body, n intimates.. xpyh bwk 3 botol.. hehehe)
2) my creams (bila saya rajin)

3) my blushers n brush

4) skinfood rice face mask (bila saya rajin jugak)

what i always have in my handbag:
1) bobbi brown compact powder in sunny beige

2) bobbi brown gloss in pink beige
3) anna sui sui rouge v in 360

i was influenced by my MIL with this one.. got a lot of bobbi brown products for my hantaran, turned out i really liked them! ;) i like their gloss sbb the goo is sooo thick it stays put.. yeap, i'm a simple blush, gloss n go girl..

i dont have a lot of perfumes in my collection, my current fave is daisy by marc jacobs... bau sgt heavenly, n the cute bottle wins my heart too! i also use l'instant de gurlain n echo woman.. alternate la bila2 suke..


kalo ada budget lebih (which is seldom btw) i go for pedi.. mani xpenah bt la yang... n i never painted them...


kalo kaki rasa sgt letih i soak my feet in body shop peppermint reviving foot soak.. best giler! n bila rajin i use pumice n brush n slap on some scholl heel cream (note-bila rajin aje!)


kalo saya rajin (lagi! ya, saya sgt pemalas sebenarnya) i use whatever i have in hand... johnson baby oil kah, vaseline kah.. kekdg also use perfumed mosturizer to go with my perfume...
last time i went to klcc n i saw this product called
nana may's magic hands 60 second scrub... bila test sgt best... tp harga pun sgt best jgk nak beli botol besar... sobsobsob... masa tu tadek budget so xbeli.. tp sampai termimpi2 plk so i googled it n found out its only in australia... lagi sedih! but then, last wk i found that they have a distributor in KL n opening a store near klcc! yeay yeay! cant wait! :D


1) hubby! (relevant x dgn tag ni? kehkehkeh)

2) neverending stock of water n food (again, n
ot relevant!)
3) sunblock (haaa...)


1) mak, who i always envy for not having any zits n scars whatsoever (mak aku xpakai bedak pun ok!) has no smell even after a day's work (doesn't wear perfume, deodorant whatsoever), n don't ever have to worry about having hairy legs! see, u oso envy kan? can save tons of money!

2) maya karin (bcoz my cik abg is a fan... jeles pun ade gak ni.. kehkehkeh)

3) angelina jolie (please refer reason above)


1) catherine zeta jones
2) charlize theron

3) eva longoria

oh n i kinda liked to see vanida imran's style these days too... her red carpet dress sllu cantik! :)


currently? to have flawless skin once again.. (hwaaa!!!)


women who achieve their dreams, achieve it all..


i'm an avid fan of women's weekly!

my favourite essentials on my favourite mag!

rajin x? kalo rajin saya nak tag... hehehe...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


baby n yah, these are for u guys..
ahmad fawwaz danial at one week

n pls don't believe he's very quiet dgn badan yg berbedung, he almost always managed to wrestle out of his bedung, juz like his elder bro.. hehehe..

eh no, not mine ok peeps... my brother-in-law's... so don't ask yeap.. ;)

happy time!

haa...contrary to what u might think, hidup aku ni xde la gloom n doom aje... so i'm posting a recent weekend outing:

rainforest reunion dinner

although kekdg jumpa jgk bdk2 klas ni, tp always time keje... so its good to have dinner ramai2 once in a while.. spot pun happening jgk, borneo rainforest di sunway, tiara jacquelina's place.. was quite skeptical when i saw lines of liquor bottles on the bar, so to be on the safe side, i juz ordered papaya salad.. n no, i'm not a foodie-pixsnap junkie, elok dah telan baru ingt, soo... hehehe.. xkan nak upload pix pinggan kosong kan... kesian plk korg..

penerang meja... apakan daya, ada discoball je, ni pun kena mintak ok

celebrating birthday girl, yan

anis, happy dapat gosip baru
naf, penat bercerita

sori la ye, although the pix are gloomy (discoball n neonlights only, away from the table, hence the gloominess) but the mood were definitely cheery.. n oh, the mango cake was very yummy too!

Monday, June 23, 2008

fresh new start

i kinda noticed (finally!) that i posted a lot of entries under the same label (read-stress management label) these days.. that is so not healthy..

i was mulling over that n came to realise that, the fact that i was harbouring n spitting out loathing n resentments will not do any good to my body n peace of mind... so sorry dears for making u guys read a lot of whinings n complaints in my posts..

who's not under stress these days? n yet some ppl managed to manipulate them n turn it into sumthing positive out of it.. but not me... i keep thinking, keep worrying n making future predicaments out of the negativity that i din't realise i was being pulled deep under..

note to self: better read AND watch 'the secret' again..

kejam kah aku?

i've been seething, literally boiling n steaming over this one particular fella over these past few months.. the fact that he betrayed our trust was one thing, but to give sorry excuses over what he did is so dem pathetic...

at first i hold back my tongue, thinking that he's an old friend of someone very dear to me, but when it dragged on n on n on n he was not anywhere near keeping his promise, i lashed out like i never hated anyone before... he gave one excuse after another, until i stop believing completely no matter how damaging it was (supposedly) to him..

the latest i heard was he was sick due to somebody else's doing (read-kena buat org lah ckp org melayu nye), the latest, after being robbed and beaten twice, car stolen, the mild 'busy' excuse, wrong bank transfer, yada yada yada..

when i heard it the latest news, i dont know how to say this without sounding callous n heartless n cruel n whatever it is ppl call these days, but i couldn't find anywhere in me to feel sorry for him..

kejam sgt kah aku for not feeling sorry? after all his excuses, his promises that things will settle in a day, that turned to weeks, n finally turned to months, with us badgering him instead of him contacting us (who's supposed to contact who???!!) n everytime we finally able to get hold of him, he came out with ANOTHER excuse..

actually, i was, sad, thinking that something must be really wrong WITH ME for not feeling any pity towards him.. my first thought was, well, serve u right, a*****e..

jahat kan aku nih... jahatnye... jahatnye...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

have you read?

OMG... i dunno what else to say when i heard this in the news... the price of paper is going up-up to 40 freaking percent!!!

i know everything's going up these days, but for paper industry to drop that bombshell is quite a shocker.. i think that's quite shocking considering the fact that ppl are more focused on the price of oil, and the toll, and food, and transportation, and tuition n nursery fees for children, and house rent, and maid.. what else aren't we worried about these days?

now u'll have to pay more for newspaper.. (note: to read only online then can cutdown newspaper cost)

for novels and magazines.. (if its really 40% then u'll have to pay 50bucks for a book that normally cost u 35.. super YIKES!)

for ur children's textbooks and workbooks and photocopied exercises..

for all ur photocopied notes (note to self: pls... no more printing feedbacks, juz keep them in d dem pc)

for all items that has labels (well the manufacturer will definitely blame raw materials prices)

oh wait, i think even banks will charge more than 50cents that they charge when u print out statements from their ATM..

what's really bugging me is, how are we going to cultivate good reading habits in our future generations without deteriorating their eye vision from staring at the pc too much as a result from rising prices of PAPER?

is it juz me being paranoid? u tell me... juz click this..

Saturday, June 21, 2008


i miss my glasses... i know i'm supposed to feel grateful that i stil can see (however bleak my visions are without aid) n all but i'm not the kind of person who wears contact lenses when i'm at home n not out n about (read-dating n shopping)..


I REALLLYYY REALLLYYY need my glasses...

n no, i dont want to make other glasses, i want MY glasses... my favourite, ever trustworthy n making-me-older-looking glasses...

or else pls give me ur plastic platinum-colored money for me to swipe when i register to have lasik done to free myself from depending on glasses ever again...


this is so not helping...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm warm n fuzzy (headed) n feeling very whiny today so pls bear with me..

one very important thing that i forgot to mention on the previous post was how my bus fare fared.. ya la.. with the 2.70 thingy... camne la blh lupa, padahal time tuh maaaarraaahhhnyeeeee..

it cost me RM40 for a seat to sungai petani... thats 25% increase ok!!! (price before =RM32) but since i needed the ticket badly so i thought, whatever, juz give me d dem ticket!

when i boarded the bus i asked my cik abg to call the lpkp regarding this matter (but only after i board n safely jalan ok, so that i wont be stranded when diorg kene tahan (how i wish!))

i got home, then only i know that some of these stupid bus companies have sold ticket at same price (initially at the counter), then when the passengers board n d bus is halfway through the journey, they stop d bus AND ASK FOR ANOTHER 10 BUCKS FOR EACH PASSENGER N IF U DONT PAY, U HAVE TO GET OUT FROM THE BUS! keji... mmg keji....

i heard about bus fare probs in the news tp xperasan plk smpai camtu... mmg those bus company owners rot in **** la... xberkat duit yg ko amik tu bagi makan anak bini...

teringat ustazah noor einee kat ssp, quote 'duit yg curik tu xhalal, nnti jadi darah daging..'(camtu la lbih kurang)

how i wish its like it was back in ssp.. when the busfare was $20 (je??!!! 50% off tau) from kl to sg. petani n flight ticket dont even cost 100 bucks.. heaven nya...

Monday, June 16, 2008

back to basics

i'm back to work from a five day leave to settle some things back in my hometown... and also to tone down the all-favourite question 'bila nak balik umah ni kak.....?' from my siblings... balik sorg pun jadilah (rindulah plk dgn cik abg yg kene tinggal sorg2 kat kl... gedik x.. hahaha)

glad all things that i want to get over with done in a day.. phew.. finally sent my glasses for repair.. seb baik under warranty lagi... kalo x, bt penat je aku bayar mahal, xsampai sethn coating dah comot..

tp nk tunggu dia hantar balik ke kl lama lah plk... dah lama aku x depend on contacts solely, rasa pelik... since i'm currently doing mostly office jobs n asek menghadap pc i felt more comfortable wearing glasses (no matter how much older it made me look - ada senior tuh penah tanya if i've filled borang naik pangkat... padahal aku baru 2 thn service in gomen... xconfirm pun lagi in my current grade... how (not) funny is that...)

oh, btw aritu i went to alor setar, stumbled upon anlene doing roadshow thingy n doing free bone health check in maybank (weird no? dalam bank plk...hmmm..) aku pun check la... seb baik my bone density in the green zone -i.e. low risk of getting osteoporosis- hehehe... akak staf maybank yg i dealt with xpuas ati sbb dia punye result in yellow zone (green-yellow-red zone... geddit geddit?) sori la kak... minum la anlene byk2 ye (xsedap tapi..) ;)

tp that bone checkup n my recent trip to the specialist's made me think, how fragile our bodies actually are... dont think when ur young and (supposedly) looked healthy means ur insides are healthy too... maintenance kene bt selalu, seriyesssss... mcm kereta la... kena service selalu, untuk menjamin ketahanan body dan enjin (cewah padahal keta sendiri xpenah tgk pun... org len yg buatkan.. hehehe)

that said, my current meds are making my moods in a limbo... arrrggghhhh!!!! kejap happy, kejap marah, kejap sedih (not like it never happened to me before sans meds...) but its making me angry with myself why i cant control it at all... xpasal2 menangis malam2... esok p keje org tanya, 'eh anis apsal mata ko bengkak?'

my answer: malam tadi aku merajuk....


cepatla abis ubat oiiii.... malas dah nak makan ko... (spoken like a true pharmacist)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


ahhhhh... what have i done?????!!!!! no nasik... yeeeeaaahhhh righhhhhttttttt... puh-leeezzz lah... right after the last post i cooked some nasik n spicy fish sambal for my hubby (duh!) and gobbled them up.... and after that i had nasik every dem day! so much for no nasik n pasta and self-preservation.. NOT!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hi again...

xprasan lama jgk aku xpost anything here... xde pape la nk citer... bosan... same old same old... so i'll juz make summaries on some topics...

due to both me n my hubby's expanding girth, i seldom cook anymore... kalo masak pun simple things like baked chicken with salad or something similar...

nak healthy cooking sgt pun susah since
he always loves whatever i cooked especially the spicy sambal ones... n u know how u cant really cut down the oil with that one especially when u fry the fish first..
nak merekacipta resipi baru pun malas...

now i need to cut down the carbs more than ever..
no pasta or nasik for me... huhuhu..(although kekadang curik jgk sesudu dua dari pinggan hubby) cheat..

and to top it off i am definitely and seriously craving for some wicked and generously topped with strawberries creme brulee... haisssshhhh...

i had a really big scare last few weeks on my health condition.. the doc ran some test on me, n when the result came in i was really relieved that its negative... but i still need to have some follow up next couple of months...

phewwww... lega...

due to that the doc advised me not to take soy n take lean meat only... so i had to stop the soy based formula i have been taking...need to resort to something else to shed the excess baggage.. back to dat crappy but always talked about weight issue..

to end on a happy note, hubby deary got another nephew last weekend.. n since the new baby n his older brother are the only grandkids of both families (n my family have yet to receive any new babies (still feel like newlyweds... hehehe)) those boys are our pride n joy...