Sunday, January 31, 2010

sneak peek!

i was hopping around, happily clicking until i found this image.



pic courtesy of

its MAC summer 2010 collection! the seahorse is absolutely to die for. but i dont know if i ever have it, will i ever have the guts to defile it?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

a movie date!

was on a wayang date last night. colleagues kat office terkejut tengok me in baju kurung, then in blouse n jeans the next minute. i guess i got some people a bit jealous that hubby n i are able to do that whenever we want to. but of course when there are just the two of you, nothing's a boundary ey?

had a full line of meals, first stop ayam penyet (which left my behind in a hissy fit the next morning), tutti frutti for desert, then join hariz's colleague for carl's jr. oh, i just had their milkshake, nothing much (!!!).

that was BEFORE wayang.

watched legion, thank god i brought along a quite sheer pashmina. hariz's palm would cover my face entirely, so i wouldn't be able watch the movie at all. see, i admit, aku ni penakut, maka selalu sembunyi belakang tangan dia. but then legion was kind of interesting, hiding behind pashmina was good enough.

it about God being mad with human, and releasing a troop of angels to exterminate them. only thing is, the one instructed to kill the baby that would save mankind, Michael, defy the instruction given to him, and he's helping the humans instead.

a fair part of the movie was interesting, n a little gory (Michael sewed his own back after he cut off his wings, goodness sake!) n other scenes as well, granny who eats raw steak and climb the ceiling of a diner etc. but almost at the end, at the back of my mind i was thinking,

'hey, this is like another version of TERMINATOR (cue background music: dudum dum dudum!)'

well, except that the terminator is in the form of Gabriel.

the scary nenek.
pic googled.

overall its not bad, really. well, at least to my expectation. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

coming... and going away..

pls excuse my previous post. pompuan emo memang camtu, kalau takde peak hours memang bukan la siti yuhanis.

a kind soul (meaning you, fatma :)) noted that my blog is becoming a blog promoting beauty products. it is, in fact, what i'm interested in at the moment.

keyword : at the moment.

i think i've been vain all my life, its juz that it came in waves, like there are peaks and troughs, exactly how my emotions are. sometimes i even think (especially when i'm in clinical setting), 'eh, chop, ke aku ni bipolar?' kind of thing. gila diagnose diri sendiri. but then again,

orang gila takkan mengaku dia gila. heh.

what you're seeing ladies and (looking around if there's any) gentlemen, is a very classic CANCERIAN frantic to find a suitable facial care for herself now that her current routine's stock is fast diminishing.

(i already see myself turning into the cooking phase again).

while i'm at it, hariz has made an almost scary request: for me to make FIVE CHEESE LASAGNA. my hips shudder (or jiggle is a more accurate expression) at the thought.

if i ever find all the cheeses i need, and finally summon all my courage to make it, i'll post it here okies!

Monday, January 25, 2010

tengah tunggu hariz balik ni. bosan la dok rumah sorg2. pening otak aku, lama sangat menghadap pc.

baru tgk up semalam. the first 20 minutes already left me in tears. god i'm such a sucker when it comes to lovey-dovey old childless couple. deep in my heart, if we ever have to face a childless future (ya Allah mintak la simpang), i hope that we ended up like that, romantic and loving, till death do us part.

there's one episode in house pun macam tu. sama la, last2 the wife died. aku tengok sekejap dah meleleh airmata. bongoks la siti yuhanis.

see see?? sekarang pun bergenang. bodoh. nak buat review pun nangis.

i'm outta here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

mainly mane.

am heading back home tonight with my sis. good news is i get to snip some hair, not so good news is i dont get to cut as much as i want, bad news is i dont get to go get my own haircut!

got home and found that nabilah had cut fatin's hair short (which was what I intended to do the last time i got back!). so instead, i just need to trim things in place properly for fatin, and trim both shuhada's and nabilah's hair and bangs.

me? i dont trust my hair (or my skin for that matter) under their hands hahahahaha
(cue evil sister laugh)

nah... they know better.

my hair's more manageable now, thanks to loreal elseve smooth intense conditioner. look mum, no more tangles!
somewhat the same, just that the name elvive is not for asian market
pic credit to

so thick n yet so easy to rinse, its a saviour for my health-gone-down-the-drain hair. tangles have been a big problem with me, duly noticed by any hairdresser i went to. the one salon that i really like was in plaza masalam in shah alam, where they have a separate room for the hijabis, n what else they use but loreal products! i've yet to try the mask, since there's other more, ehemm, pressing matters that need to be addressed.

i'd love to post a pic of my hair (ends) here, but.. mm.. ada hati yang perlu dijaga, n i'm not even sure if there's any guys (or anybody else for that matter) reading my posts. but hey, i'm not affiliated with any beauty product companies ya, juz to clear that up.

tak banyak nak pack (kata bawak balik barang sikit je kannn), nak pegi jenguk dapur. later!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

in the mood to shear somebody's hair off.

balik kampung! oh oh oh balik kampungggg!

i'm heading north tonight. yep. alone. tak seronok la balik sorg2 but what to do. yang paling seronok skali i managed to pack my stuff for 3 days in a small backpack, weeehuu!! rekod siot. nampak sangat semua ntah hapa2 maknenek selalu diangkut sebelum ni hahaha

my hands are soooo itchy to snip my girls' hair, though they might object (in very loud voices).

please please please let me do some snipping, i'm getting rusty here! bangs pun jadi lah.

ni lah akibatnya the first thing on my things to do tak boleh nak cancel out lagi.

later babes!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

was (and is) a busy bee. january is always a busy month for me. n time2 mcm ni, paling tak suka kalau ada ad hoc instruction from somebody, dari department lain pulak tu, pastu dan-dan mintak,

'i nak ni dlm 3 hari'.

ape ke sengal? get off my ample butt, buleh?

enough entry stress. i've yet to tell you guys how i felt about 3 movies i juz watched.

ingluorious basterds, bleurrrgghh. that quite sums it all. haha.

i mean, geli ok, scalping people's heads. i get the conspiracy theory and all, but still bashing people's head with baseball bat, and scalping the heads? **shudders**

night at the museum 2 was a good watch. very entertaining. i wonder the Kahmunrah's character tu mmg saja2 buat ada lisp ke memang actor dia lidah pendek? i dont think he has any (from what i watch btw, run fat boy run was a good one too!). i agree to a lot of other reviews, this sequel is actually better than the first.

tadi baru tengok push. cerita ada dalam rumah dah a few months baru nak tengok. surprisingly good, i should say. dakota fanning will grow to be a gazilliondollar-churning actress. i mean, she already has, and she's just, what, 15? this movie is in the same genre as wanted, and jumper, about people who has special powers kind of thing, n i must say, push topped the list.

on a serious note,

me being busy ada kena mengena jugak dengan health scenario in malaysia. pesanan penaja, please keep your hand sanitizers and tissues with you all the time if you're coughing or having flu, and jangan pegang apa2 merata2 in public places. jangan dok pegang2 sangat escalator belt tu, ntah sapa pegang sebelum tu ko tak tau. keep your bare hands to yourself ok!

if your feel feverish (especially if 39degrees and above), flu-like symptoms, having body aches, sore throats, and headaches, please see the doctor immediately.

word of the wise, if your going to the hospital/clinic, please keep the entourage to a minimum to avoid getting infection. this little act can save your lives, your families', and help curb the contagious disease.

bukan senang nak dengar cik(puan) anis serius. eceh. tapi serius ok, ingat pesanan penaja!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

not again! another cosmetic review.

the christmas sale had made me crazy on make up spree, i'm almost glad its over. but hey, CNY sale has started!! when its gonna end (n let me please please pleaseee keep some money on me)????!!!

let me review another thing that i snagged online during the last sale.

pic from

first off, if you're not a fan of scented cosmetics, this is definitely not for you. but i never minded. the raspberry smell is quite refreshing, i might add. its like dipping into icecream, yummo! its a semitransparent lipcolour that glides smoothly on your lips with a creamy sheen. and the slim tube is quite heavy for its size, not some plain plastic.

at USD20 (about RM78) a pop, i'm not sure if i'm gonna get some other colours of this if its not on sale (i got it for a total steal (a warehouse sale price in Malaysia), RM29!!). the fact is, i don't know if i ever get anything if its not on sale. call me cheap but i really love good bargains!

read more reviews here and here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i know this is quite some crap but i'm gonna jot this down so i wont forget.

my first time threading my 'tache.

it hurt. ok. it bleeding hell hurt. but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. i was like omaigod omaigod the thread's close its close now OMAIGOD its sooo close uh ohhhh... then, oh. ok. its a bit worse than brows, but still manageable.

couldnt stop the tears though.

but still, yeay for anis!! hariz wont be saying that i want to rival his 'tache anymore.

FOR NOW. hmmhh.

oohhhhh... the things you'd do for vanity.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


now that i've watched it, i know dorian gray will never make it to malaysia's cinema.


because there'll be soooooooooo many scenes that will be cut until there's no more movie.

its a dark piece, this movie. reminds me of sweeney todd, but none of the musical stuff. it potrays young dorian gray who arrived in london, very naive, n ended abusing his physical self, well, because nothing will happen since its gonna be transferred to the painting. n the painting was as ugly as what u can imagine, with maggots crawling out of the face. eurgghh. add up a few killing scenes, n that quite sums it up nicely. but the thing is, scenes about him abusing himself also included having sex with different partners, in orgies, women in brothels, a girl who just came of age, then her mother(??!!), ANNNNDDD..

the man who painted him.

gross. i know. now came me being prejudice. all sorts of questions came into mind. why do they have to put this scene in? is this scene (man with man thing) originally written in the book by oscar wilde, who, by the way, was gay?

conclusion: must read the book. to get the truth i mean, not for the saucy parts laaaahhh. but i don't know how on earth can i get my hands on it, since the original was published in 1890, as the only book published by oscar wilde (others were all short stories).

edited: there's (should be!!!) penguin classics version of this!! how can i forget about it! but of course, i'd expect there's nothing raunchy ;)

for more info, please refer to PARENTS' GUIDE FOR DORIAN GRAY.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake up and smell the coffee!! Oh wait. I don't drink coffee. Smell the chocolate!!

Was glancing through my blog layout when i saw the ticker. Eeeeepps!!! This year 3 years already meh? Gilaaaa!!!

Oh well. Takpe, rasa mcm baru kawin dua bulan lepas. Hahahaha.. Still manja, still nakal, still suka usik, and still and still and still. Badan je tak nampak macam time baru lepas dua bulan kawin. What to do... a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

My things to do:

*trim rambut

*thread brows

*beli groceries!

*survey handphone baru - tolong la jgn mati tak tentu pasal lagi sayang oi, aku tak larat nak maki

*start thinking what to buy for hariz's birthday started but haven’t decided. HOW???!!

*pegi tgk avatar and sherlock holmes cepat!!

oh yeah, we attempted to watch the traveller's wife over the last weekend, but to no avail. i dunno, but its really not my cup of tea. we could concentrate, like, for the first 45 minutes i guess? after that hariz slipped into dreamland, n me, happy to find the pc was left alone (yeay!!!)
started twiddledee-twiddledum in front of it.

n the tv was left to watch hariz sleeping :)

maybe when i'm in a soppier mood, i'll try n drag hariz along to watch it. try again next time, anis!

had partial movie marathon last night. baru nak tengok aliens in the attic dengan cloudy with chances of meatballs. both warranted a few more rounds of rewatching. very entertaining!

up next: inglourious basterds, dorian gray, and night at the museum 2!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

avatar versus sherlock holmes

well i know they dont even fall into the same genre, but wth i'll juz say what i thought about both movies.

i watched avatar with no perception whatsoever, except mainly curious to find out why people said its the best movie ever in 2009. after the movie, i still dont get why people are getting fanatical about it.

from my point of view, the movie actually showed the cruelty of man towards other species, and annoyingly it actually resembles cerita penjajah jugak la, which i am not a fan. how can it not, when men pegi pandora nak ambik batu yg berjuta2, dia sanggup banish the aboriginals from their nativeland? this movie sebijik mcm cerita banduan inggeris yang asal2 sekali that was sent to american land and banish the native americans from their own settlements, their own soil. its a very disturbing topic for me.

nasib baik la the natives eventually triumph in the movie (unlike native americans), kalau tak, lagi tak puas hati.

special effects i admit, mmg cantik, n i appreciate that. the forest was very surreal, like a beautiful dream. it was so vivid its almost possible to have existed, the fluorescence and the way the trees swayed and the ferns light up. reminds me of deep sea creatures and corals. i suspected thats where james cameron got his inspiration anyway.

comel kan?

now. sherlock holmes, is soo my interest. i mean, i watch and read investigative sort of stories a lot. like A LOT a lot. i love all the gore and the messiness of crime/mystery solving. and having my iron-man as sherlock helps push things along nicely. what surprised me is how suave jude law looked in this movie, tempang and all. maybe the moustache did it hahaha

solving paranormal crimes with scientific evidences is so very like the sherlock holmes stories i read back then, n i'm glad the movie production house sticks to that plot. but although the movie potrays holmes as a very shaggy, unkempt fella, unlike holmes stories, i rather like it since it fits the movie well. satu je scene macam tak berapa real, when the slaughterhouse tgh meletup-letup bagai nak gila and watson adalah ter paling close to the starting point of explosion, i'm surprised he's still intact. i mean, oi, lose an ear la already. ni luka-luka je?? come onnn..

this movie showed the age on robert downey jr. i mean i was like, wow, berapa banyak airbrush they did in ironman? but the bowler hat looked good on him :D

come to think of it, my scepticism towards avatar probably stemmed from me not getting the space fantasy hype. i mean, i'm not a star wars fan, n i didnt get why people kata pandorum best (sebab aku tengok mengantuk2). i do like fantasy type stories, but only if they remain on earth. kalau underwater ke laut macam mana pun aku buleh terima, hell i love harry potter for god's sake. bila dah ke awan, ke planet lain, tu agak melampau. bagi aku lah :)

i suspected both movies will have their sequels (avatar tu aku agak2 macam jurassic park ah), n i'll patiently wait for their releases.for now i'll juz be content on wanting to watch ironman 2 and alice in wonderland.

i wonder, dorian gray masuk malaysia tak? i'm curious how they put it into movie, not to mention the dorian gray ialah prince caspian (and as young dunstan in stardust) actor tuh, ben barnes. yummo!

all pic googled.

Friday, January 8, 2010

its friday babes!

had a very slow start today, bangun pagi dah bengang, sebab tak tau nak stop phone alarm. bongoks. tu lah, takde manual semua kena korek sendiri (macam la kalau ada manual tu ko baca anis oi). seb baik last2 tau cne.

hai... buta teknologi sungguh.

havent had the heart to discard my old love yet. sayang laaa, walaupun hp tu dah rosak. i think its juz the battery, but still. (saja alasan nak beli baru).

we're back in KD, barang2 tak kemas balik lagi. apa la nasib perantau kitorang ni. tgh bercinta dua org ni boleh laaa.. aritu berangan nak dapat kembar (we both have immediate cousins who are twins, n cousins who beranakkan twins) supaya terus buleh tutup kedai, diorg dah buleh kawan dua org. best kan? kalau sorg aku jenuh kena pk nak dapat lagi satu, nak dapat sorg pun tak dapat2 lagi.

tapi... mak cakap `takpala.. takdak rezeki lagi. satgi dia mai banyak, hang tak laghat nak tepih'. (which was soo like her, aku dgn adik no1 selang 4 tahun, tapi lepas tu dan-dan setahun satu). mcm ckp utk diri sendiri kan?

mari berusaha! :D

apeke mengarut aku harini.. takpelah, layan kan aje ye...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

back to work!

oh, i was around at work yesterday already. ingat nak put another post last night but seing desktop on a 47" adalah terlalu besar gila babi, not to mention takde privacy.

we're in subang right now, not at home, which explains the humongousness of the tele. bila hariz dah bercita2 nak ada TV sebesar dinding living room, i juz had to put my foot down. the main thing is, memang la i'm shortsighted (kok ye pun nak perli hahahha), buuuutttt.. the living room is not panjang u see, i dont have go far to get to the other side of the wall. so its gonna be like watching wayang with u sitting at the front row.

ok. enough intro mengarut.

i'm happy to report that my stila bargain purchase was such a hit its becoming my staple for day to day look. the eyeshadows are marvellous! no wonder most of the beauty blogs i read gave good reviews on stila eyeshadows. satu swatch on my fingertips dah cukup for a vivid eye colour, the colour payoff is THAT good.

i'm still considering jumping brand for my skincare, now that i'm bored with garnier (i.e. only halfway through the tub!!!). philosophy's Hope In A Jar is on top of the TO TRY list now, though i might have to buy it only online. but i might revert back to bobbi brown face base, which was wonderful while it lasted with me. hati kata jangan jangan JANGAN try clarins, knowing it'll burn a huge hole in my pocket. practical me said to give the whole clinique range a go, since its like only RM1 / ML for basic mosturizer. but the more practical me said if i want to be a real cheapo, why not juz use olay instead since its done wonders to my mother (n i can end up dapat kulit gebu macam dia)?

never tried this, maka sangat teringin, termasuk lah its purity made simple cleanser

penah pakai, dan sangat suka, nak patah balik tak?online diagnosis said i should use this instead if i am to be a clarins user

bought a 30ml bottle from reena and it saved me from a season of total flakiness!

cilok dari mak and OhEmGee muka licin gila
hows that for total serabutness in my head?

oh ya, i only focus on the mosturizer since cleanser and toner aku boleh pakai basically anything.

that sums up like 5% of what i'm thinking today * terbayang my thoughts macam highway time balik raya yang sesak gila*

esok cuti yahuuuu! (yahuu??!! baru je cuti seminggu???!!!)

later! :D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Masih sangap di rumah.

x habis2 pulak buku harry potter and the goblet of fire nih. lambat betul, to my standard la. harap2 esok ialah hari last aku dok tercongok dalam rumah, boleh botak kalau aku kena kuarantin lagi. i mean, i like staying at home, but i want to go out as well. pegi kedai runcit beli buah pun jadi la.

ni ialah cakap2 org yang bercita2 nak jadi surirumah. cne nak jadik desperate housewife ni????

things to do:

*trim rambut
*thread brows
*beli groceries!
*survey handphone baru - tolong la jgn mati tak tentu pasal lagi sayang oi, aku tak larat nak maki
*start thinking what to buy for hariz's birthday
*pegi tgk avatar and sherlock holmes cepat!!

oh, aci tak nak tgk alice in wonderland semata2 sebab johnny depp ialah mad hatter? cant wait!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

hello early weekend!

again, watching (literally on the tv) 2009 went by sambil mesej2 panas kenapa bajet farmasi selangor kena slash. heard the fireworks but wasnt too bothered. yelah, dok tepi bukit la katakan. dekat tapi jauh je dengan the curve tu. kalau aku p tak pasal2 jangkit org hahaaha

apart from the sayup2 bunga api, no shouts or countdown heard around my neighbourhood... aahhh tenang... mcm dok kat kampung. masa christmas ada pulak countdown and org mabuk berparti. agak nya senyap sebab org semua pegi the curve.

hnnssshh. rindu nak kuar rumah. rindu nak p OU. rindu nak p layan nephew2 hariz, si kecik fawwaz pipi tembam yg aku suka gigit2. ntah aku dah boleh kuar umah belum. org tua2 ckp time tgh mengering ni la dia cari rumah baru. but how kering is kering?

oh mannnn kena batang idung sendiri soalan bodoh yg aku selalu tanya orang lain.

spent time browsing spring make up collection for 2010, n this anna sui's version of spring is sooo not inviting. luckily its not replacing the permanent ones. i always loved the texture, packaging and smell of anna sui's make up. my anna sui lippie tgh last lap dah, kena beli baru???!!!

different colour for different finishes: black (glossy), blue (sheer), purple (pearly) and red (pigmented)

pic courtesy of

mine, yang dah tinggal stubs.
pic googled