Sunday, August 31, 2008

to do or not to do

this is a big dilemma ok. if i cut it off, rasa sayang coz its a bit on the pricey side (for me), if i keep it on i'll definitely look like one preggy woman (my sis said so when i posed with it) which i'm not.

tp i loved it, ribbons and all.

should i stil wear it at the back, which makes me look like mak buyong from the backview, wear it at the front (thinking siti nurhaliza's weird pink dress with a big ribbon in front... but my hubby said i wear look ok one...) or cut it altogether?

seb baik i have one mth to think it over. hmmmm....

btl la hariz ckp. i think waaaaay too much.

btw, this has got nothing to do with the silk top from my previous post. THAT, is already mine!!! woohooo!! (triftspending has gone through the window oredi lah)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


aku tension. depress. bosan. dan segala2 yg menggambarkan negativiti yg aku tgh pk dan alami skrg.

why? sebab aku kena attend 2 one-day course, and 1 two-days course, in four days straight! bygkan, hari selasa bljr 1 subject, rabu another subject, then khamis n jumaat a different thing altogether. tepu ok!! kalo 1 four-days course pun aku rasa lagi buleh nak diredah compared to this.

on top of it, am having vivid dreams of a very pretty silk top that i've tried on yesterday in one outlet yg i thought very flattering on me, tp xdapat nak dibeli sbb ada another outfit yg more important to be bought pronto (buleh x? 'terpaksa' beli baju? ^.^) new arrival plk tuh! hampeh la! xleh nak squeeze dalam budget. HWAAAAAAAAA!!!

silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top silk top

Monday, August 25, 2008

tagged by cik farina

unlike most ppl yg ada blog (this is what i summed up after much bloghopping), i like doing tags.. hehe.. dunno y oso. so when i noted i was being tagged by cik farina, rasa sgt hepi! so here goes:

13 random things u love (in no particular order):
1. my hubby
2. my parents n parent-in-laws
3. my siblings
4. myself
5. my extended family
6. books
7. movies
8. chocolate (sgt suka hot choc) and icecream or simply put, desserts
9. wedges (sandals, not potatoes (although cheesy potato wedges sedap kuikuikui))
10. apa2 yg mak masak
11. handbags
12. coccooning in a blanket
13. jewelry

12 movies u like (in no particular order):
1 & 2. ice age 1 & 2
3, 4 & 5. LOTR 1,2 & 3
6. all citer lawak p.ramlee
7. 10 things i hate about u
8. ratatouille
9. stardust
10. something's gotta give
11. the bucket list
12. all harry potter movies

11 bands/artists (in no particular order):
artists, hmmm, actors and celebs considered artists oso kan? ;)
1. chad kroeger
2. joss stone
3. maroon5
4. pussycat dolls
5. johnny depp
6. keanu reeves
7. search (malay band, not google/yahoo toolbar), or specifically amy search
8. eva longoria
9. charlize theron
10. malasnakpkdah1
11. malasnakpkdah2

10 things about u physically and personality wise:
1. putih (what ppl said lah)
2. chubby
3. comel
4. cantik jelita rupawan (quote from hubby kuikuikui)
5. kengkadang bijak tp kengkadang sgt LPU (Lambat Pick Up)
6. short tempered, flare easily, mood swings aplenty
7. i (sometimes unconsciously) show my emotions (sometimes a tad too) strongly
8. the most pendek among my siblings (i'm the firstborn)
9. sgt suka beli barang
10. doesnt really look good in green (i think)

9 songs for ur wedding (in no particular order):
1. wonderful tonight - eric clapton
2. i want to spend my lifetime loving u - tina arena and marc anthony
3. forever and for always - shania twain
4. i love u - celine dion
5. for the first time - rod stewart
6. i will always love u - whitney houston
7. angel - shaggy
8. ayu - VE
9. selamat pengantin baru - saloma

8 fav drinks/food: (in no particular order)
ouuuhhh, this is hard... kene shortlist jadi 8 je? hmm... then my choice would be:
1. spaghetti bolognaise
2. hot chocolate
3. creme brulee, bread and butter pudding
4. seafood pizza
5. udang masak la jenis apa pun
6. sotong pun: bakar, goreng, sambal, kerabu, sumer aku bedal
7. all kinds of soup: creams (pumpkin, cauliflower, wild mushroom to name a few) and clear (chicken, sup tulang, tomyam etc) ones
8. chocolate bars
hwaaaa!!! xcukup!! mana nak letak ice-cream, pengat pisang, KRISPY KREME!!!!

7 things u always wear:
1. clothes (obviously!)
2. tudung (kalo outside the house n if have visitors at home)
3. sandals (di luar rumah)
4. wallet dan handbag
5. glasses or contact lenses
6. wedding ring
7. frown/sleepy face (in the morning) alternating with smile afterwards, never a neutral face!

6 pet peeves: (in no particular order)
org dalam train yg:
1. ada BO tgh2 ramai2 org tuh
2. suka tolak2 org bila nak masuk dalam train
3. bersandar kat pole when for other ppl, there's no place to hold on to.
ok, lega skt blh lepas geram. continue:
4. kena marah xtentu pasal
5. org yg memekak tgh2 malam, org len nak tido pun payah
6. org pijak atas toilet bowl kat public restrooms; n restrooms yg xde air, pastu xde TP plk.

5 things you touch everyday: (in no particular order)
1. my own body and face (karang letak myself bunyi lain plk - read: touch myself(???))
2. my hubby (face lahhhhhhhh gerenti hari2 kihkihkih)
3. handphone
4. mouse (ones that can be clicked, not ones which squeak)
5. tv remote or book (whichever appealed to me b4 sleep)

4 shows you watch: (in no particular order)
1. desperate housewives
2. csi, numbers, chuck, bones, dan yg sewaktu dgnnya
3. ghost whisperer, supernatural (hariz tgk aku layan je, suka gak)
4. animes particularly bleach

3 celebrities:
sgt byk la... who i observe falls into 3 groups:
1. hollywood A-listers and their kids

2. fashion icons
3. food celebs

2 current wishes:
1. filthy rich n no debt, a valid reason to quit job ey?
2. have own kids

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

i am tagging:
1. azzyati
2. nasreen
3. yah
4. yayee
5. farah norlaily

happy buat tag! :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

well anis, how are u going to keep fit (or lose weight more like it) when ur snack consist of these:

half eaten cookie n venti hot choc

and less of these?

kawan kupu-kupu malamku

no.. not THAT kupu-kupu malam la.

hubby n me have known this couple like, many years back, through a mutual friend. even back then they were introduced as a couple (like us oso lah! ;)) why i call kupu-kupu malam? sbb xpenah jumpa time siang... hehehe.. asek jumpa time malam je.

we had the pleasure of attending their nikah n wedding at the bride's house. kak min sgt lawa (usually she's like the tomboyish kind) n raheez looked so nervous during the akad. later he said to us, he was a nervous wreck, until he saw hariz. then he thought, "kalo mamat ni dah selamat kawen, selamba je, xkan aku xbuleh?" then proceed to 'aku terima nikahnya....' smoothly! (sah after the 2nd sbb the first one org len bt silap)

that was really funny ok. hariz did get that kind of reaction from his friends. when they heard that we were getting married, most of them were like:

'haaaaa????? hariz nak kawen????? he's the last person i thought would get married first!!!'

well, lucky me ;)

back to the wedding. i must admit mkn kat nikah diorg la plg sdp skli! smbal ayam yg kaw giler pedas, gulai lemak nenas dgn ikan masin, daging kicap, ulam n sambal tempoyak... yumyum!!! time wedding reception pun xkurang, ikan sambal, dalca, kari daging, sambal udang petai, acar buah n, CENDOL!!!!

the bride

kak min n raheez, congratulations!!!!!

better get moving, am going to the groom's reception plk! :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008


got to go to pasar malam yesterday n u know what i found? cempedak!!!!!!!!! yeay!!!

cucur cempedak lalalala

Friday, August 22, 2008

my current obsession these days

i have one big confession to make. i'm an addict.

no, ur eyes r not playing tricks on u. it's true.

these few months i'm like sooooooooo obsessed with online shopping. mcm xde shopping complex je kat selangor kl nih. pagi tgk, ptg tgk, kekdg malam pun tgk. kalo xtgk rasa mcm ketinggalan, blh x? u should see the bookmarks section on my pc. beribu2 lemon ok! from bags, accesories, silk fabrics, perfumes n toiletries, cuppies, yg direct from overseas, yg local, u name it, sumer ada.

tp nasib baik aku xla asyik membeli je. more like, online window shopping, can? tp sometimes i ask myself, why am i so obsessed with these sites? truth is, i have no idea (though i think greed n glutton may play an aggressive role in this).

cne nak buat nihhhhhhhhhhh???????

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my weekend

lambat plk nak menghapdet blog nih. nak kata busy sgt, xla busy sampai nak gila. tp busy la jugak, hahaha.. mana xnye, aritu time gomen announce kena belanja berhemah, sumer kursus suspended. pastu bila blh on blk je, nah hamek ko, 4 kursus skli kena bt dlm satu bulan, nak kejar b4 puasa pnye pasal. pening jugak la skjp.

so. weekend was well spent, sabtu reception adik k.ayu (hariz's SIL) kat putrajaya. cantik sey hall kat situ, depan palace of justice. tmpat baru la katekan... i had a moment of panic attack sbb since i've ballooned up, i've never worn kebaya (not that i always do that even when i was slimmer) tp kena la pakai plk sbb xde baju len kaler tema. ye la, menampakkan yg dah sedia nmpak. hu hu hu.. seb bek ada penyelamat! ;)

hariz had his voleyball final (men's) on monday night. yg women's and mix oso same night la. yg laki xmenang, tp they played a good game, considering the opponent's strength yg sgt suka spike kao2. ada skli tuh sorg spike kuat gila tertepet btul2 kat muka merah no 2. nmpak la si no 2 terpening skjp. kesian!

yg mix n women's menang. seb bek opponent mix tuh xkuat, sbb mix merah byk bt silap. phewww... yg women's la plg suspen skli, walopun stret set tp sgt sengit, 25-23, 28-26. dah last2 tuh for every set, asal nak match point je tukar serve. tertekan gila! (mcm aku plk yg men hahaha) seb bek menang. yg plg xhengat mengata, ada sorg pmpuan green no 9 main mix gedik gilaaaa!! dok tergelek2 kat court tuh apsal ntah, dah la xpandai main, 2 org kena cover dia. gamaknya green team ingat dia tuh penyeri court kut. hariz ckp seb bek dia xkena main mix, kalo x mmg dia aim no 9 tu je, mesti menang cepat. yelah, bola sampai kat dia, dia boleh elak je, bukan amek pun.

vanilla and chocolate, clowning

xpe, yg penting, menang sorak. aku xtau cne team merah yg paling slow skli cheernye time semi final blh cheer mcm org gila time final. maybe sbb dah tau green team tuh cheer kuat gila so nak lawan la. serius smpai xdgr org sblh ckp apa pun. serak jgk la suara aku skli, mcm aku pnye team plk hahaha, xpe yg penting cheer!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

on a tourney n a bulging tummy

went to accompany hariz to sunway sport's carnival for volleyball tourney. dah lama xtgk org main game. i lllloooovvveeee watching ppl play, but i myself don't like to play. sgt xpandai ok, hence all the body issues i always whine about. i'm more like indoor type, i so need to enroll into some dance class, or yoga perhaps would b fine too, if only there's anywhere convenient enough.

ok now i'm whining about myself again. focus focus!

hariz was in the red team, which (i think) comprised of mostly sunway medical n sunway monash staff.

sgt focus ok

happy lepas menang

i don't wanna brag about my hubby's skill in volleyball (although he was still quite good after ages of not playing ;)), instead it's about this fella in the yellow team, who, dgn sgt bangang nye bitching (blh x for a guy to 'bitch'? ke 'dog'?) about the red team at the red team's box masa tgh game. mentang2 la team merah tuh bkn jenis bising2 sgt, oohh dia sedap2 mengata.. dah la pakai baju 2 sizes too small. i was like, heeelllooo, gellllliiiiiiiii ok, dah tau perut tuh mcm org preggy yg nak due, pilih la jersi size besar skt. dah la bila main baju tu dok ride up his tummy! even the guys admit he's wearing the tee too small. gross! aku pun gemok tp xla smpai pakai baju kecik amat cmtu.

dari blkg mmg la xnmpak perut si no 11 tuh

aku tau aku sgt jahat to actually post a pic of the fella that i bitched abt, but at least i dint post the face! ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

on a wedding

the last makan affair last week, a wedding reception, was done in a quaint hall in cyberview lodge in cyberjaya last sunday. hariz n me went to pick up his best girl friend when he was in school. the mood was awkward, and there were mixed feelings felt in the atmosphere, since we heard the sad news that the bride's father passed away juz the day before reception. we were sad that the bride's kenduri at home on saturday for families turned into kenduri arwah, but relieved to know that the most important part, the akad, was done earlier in june. plus she was the youngest, so my thought was her father would go with a peace of mind.

i learnt some time ago that the bride (hariz's schoolmate) was kak ku lin's (my senior in ssp) younger sister, so i looked forward to see her (n also wonder if she remembers me since i was in form 1 when she's in form 4). ouh, btw she did remember me! that was very nice of her :)

the couple were lovely in gold, and the dais was elegantly decorated with white daisies splattered with some peach roses (which was a plus point on my view, not the typical rose bouquets). the food was tasty, the dessert was oh so divine, n cantik sgt! sayang i forgot to snap a pic before eating it (as usuallll).

org len sebok bergambar dgn pengantin, mari kita bergambar berdua lah! ;D

the family is holding kenduri tahlil yesterday, today and tomorrow. my prayers n heart goes to kak ku lin and family.

Monday, August 11, 2008


heeeiiiiiiiii... marah nye akuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

the unfortunate few whom i confided with (yg terpaksa mendengar makian aku) about this particular mala'un knew who i'm talking about. dah la penipu, penyangak, makan duit org, blh anto msg kat laki aku (using other number) that that was his anti on behalf, saying that he's been ill n uncontactable, when HE'S FROLICKING AROUND, QUITE HEALTHILY, WITH HIS GF!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont care if ur saying i'm all emo about it (my gals certainly backed me up on this, agreeing that he's a total jerk and a complete B*****D) but i really, really, really, seriously, wishing n hoping n praying that he'll be robbed (again as he claimed twice! but now for real) n bashed on his head!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

saya yang merayau untuk makan..

well. the weekend is here. i'm lazing around at home as usual, dok sorg bosan so i'm updating on where i've been these past few days.

two makan affairs dah lepas, dua2 syiokkk!!! the first one was at ss2 where we had lots n lots of durian. me n hubby went there along with hariz's colleagues. i think between the six of us we must have had about at least 15 bijik durian.. kenyang gila ok, xmakan dah dinner lps tuh.

hariz on the roll

the one in front of me

last nite we went for naf's reception kat dewan felda. she looked sooo lovely, sgt unlike the everyday naf i know. tp thats how pengantin should look kan, all radiant n lovely looking with her gorgeous gown.
joh la plk...

nmpk besar lg kat skrin.. hehehe

teman sekelasku yg dah lama xjumpa: ain, aziah, k.fizah, azreen and ifi

anis dok sebok bergosip

most of the 0206 clan with puan am and the lovely couple

p wedding kengkawan nih, teringat my wedding last yr, rasa macam baru last month plk (dgn penuh perasan..) best tau!! kihkihkih..

yours truly's wedding

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

makan affair

ok, so i lambat skt nak cerita pasal my whereabouts last week.. hehehe.. sori.. arini cek xp keja, xsehat la (badan, but not my fingers, hence the post).


two main makan2 time, one at shogun on a weekday, another kat bawah jambatan (?) on a weekend. the first makan time was to celebrate hoong seng's birthday. its a japanese buffet. sedapppp, the sushi, n the choc fondue. but i wouldnt recommend the other cuisines. sejuk ok food dia, liat. tp nevertheless, sedapppppp sushi dia.. now, if only i have separate compartments like hariz to store more food i eat...

hariz beriye giler makan

if i wasn't married to him i think i should be terrified of his 'look' ;)

hariz n his yam seng (green tea) buddy hoong seng

pictures courtesy from hoong seng.

the other makan fare was to celebrate ifi's upcoming reception on the 23rd. everybody turned up in pink, but us being us, being all pink and girly didnt stop us from being very ungirly n very loud at the seemingly quiet jambatan in putrajaya. although the place was a bit hard to find, it was nevertheless a very nice spot to have a picnic (never mind my BIL jokingly described it as places trolls like to live!) n talk loudly of THE TOPIC ppl always talk at hen's nite (or in this case, evening) without being overheard.

food passed around n drinks flowed (n the cupcakes were the main topics for laughs), we gals had a blast! u can find more of ifi's hen nite at farina's and syu's!

the blushing (most of it due to the cupcakes ;)) bride-to-be

ouh n btw, if u wanna have a look at how the cuppies looked like, u can go to yayee's! mind u its not for the fainthearted! ;)

upcoming makan fare this week:

  1. all-u-can-eat durian affair!!!! (with feverish body now, i hope my temp goes down before tomorrow. wouldnt want to miss this!!)
  2. naf's reception at dewan perdana felda
  3. hariz's schoolmate's reception in cyberlodge cyberjaya
mari kita makan lagi! yeay! (n worry about bulging hips later)

have u ever heard of this:

if u wish, wish for the sky, because if u fall, u'll fall on the highest peak of the mountain. don't wish for the mountain, because if u fall, u'll fall flat on the ground.

but, what if the sky i wish for has nothing below but pavement, or marshes, or river full of piranhas, or the sea instead of a mountain?

what if?