Wednesday, June 25, 2008

happy time!

haa...contrary to what u might think, hidup aku ni xde la gloom n doom aje... so i'm posting a recent weekend outing:

rainforest reunion dinner

although kekdg jumpa jgk bdk2 klas ni, tp always time keje... so its good to have dinner ramai2 once in a while.. spot pun happening jgk, borneo rainforest di sunway, tiara jacquelina's place.. was quite skeptical when i saw lines of liquor bottles on the bar, so to be on the safe side, i juz ordered papaya salad.. n no, i'm not a foodie-pixsnap junkie, elok dah telan baru ingt, soo... hehehe.. xkan nak upload pix pinggan kosong kan... kesian plk korg..

penerang meja... apakan daya, ada discoball je, ni pun kena mintak ok

celebrating birthday girl, yan

anis, happy dapat gosip baru
naf, penat bercerita

sori la ye, although the pix are gloomy (discoball n neonlights only, away from the table, hence the gloominess) but the mood were definitely cheery.. n oh, the mango cake was very yummy too!

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