Friday, July 18, 2008

clearer vision... yeay!

ouh, lupa nak crita... i've told u guys how the absence of my glasses has made me go crazy (or blind is more apt?) dah dapat dah.. yeay!

tp hampes btl si kedai focus point tuh. janji 2 minggu je, after 4 dem wks baru nak tepon aku ckp dah siap. juz when i started to get used to using only contact lenses... haaaaiiisshh..

doesn't matter. yg penting dah dapat, n FOC. seb baik under warranty lagi. kalo x mmg nak kena la si focus point tuh aku pangkah cukup2.

although i'm more inclined to use my contacts now (can't stand the chanting by my colleague, "haha.. anis dah nmpak tua balik".. tertekan siot!) at least i don't have to sit juz one foot apart from the tv when i wanna watch it these days.

bila la nk blh bt lasik nihhhh? xyah pakai anything dah. blh la nmpak muda sllu.


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