Sunday, August 24, 2008

kawan kupu-kupu malamku

no.. not THAT kupu-kupu malam la.

hubby n me have known this couple like, many years back, through a mutual friend. even back then they were introduced as a couple (like us oso lah! ;)) why i call kupu-kupu malam? sbb xpenah jumpa time siang... hehehe.. asek jumpa time malam je.

we had the pleasure of attending their nikah n wedding at the bride's house. kak min sgt lawa (usually she's like the tomboyish kind) n raheez looked so nervous during the akad. later he said to us, he was a nervous wreck, until he saw hariz. then he thought, "kalo mamat ni dah selamat kawen, selamba je, xkan aku xbuleh?" then proceed to 'aku terima nikahnya....' smoothly! (sah after the 2nd sbb the first one org len bt silap)

that was really funny ok. hariz did get that kind of reaction from his friends. when they heard that we were getting married, most of them were like:

'haaaaa????? hariz nak kawen????? he's the last person i thought would get married first!!!'

well, lucky me ;)

back to the wedding. i must admit mkn kat nikah diorg la plg sdp skli! smbal ayam yg kaw giler pedas, gulai lemak nenas dgn ikan masin, daging kicap, ulam n sambal tempoyak... yumyum!!! time wedding reception pun xkurang, ikan sambal, dalca, kari daging, sambal udang petai, acar buah n, CENDOL!!!!

the bride

kak min n raheez, congratulations!!!!!

better get moving, am going to the groom's reception plk! :D

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