Wednesday, August 13, 2008

on a tourney n a bulging tummy

went to accompany hariz to sunway sport's carnival for volleyball tourney. dah lama xtgk org main game. i lllloooovvveeee watching ppl play, but i myself don't like to play. sgt xpandai ok, hence all the body issues i always whine about. i'm more like indoor type, i so need to enroll into some dance class, or yoga perhaps would b fine too, if only there's anywhere convenient enough.

ok now i'm whining about myself again. focus focus!

hariz was in the red team, which (i think) comprised of mostly sunway medical n sunway monash staff.

sgt focus ok

happy lepas menang

i don't wanna brag about my hubby's skill in volleyball (although he was still quite good after ages of not playing ;)), instead it's about this fella in the yellow team, who, dgn sgt bangang nye bitching (blh x for a guy to 'bitch'? ke 'dog'?) about the red team at the red team's box masa tgh game. mentang2 la team merah tuh bkn jenis bising2 sgt, oohh dia sedap2 mengata.. dah la pakai baju 2 sizes too small. i was like, heeelllooo, gellllliiiiiiiii ok, dah tau perut tuh mcm org preggy yg nak due, pilih la jersi size besar skt. dah la bila main baju tu dok ride up his tummy! even the guys admit he's wearing the tee too small. gross! aku pun gemok tp xla smpai pakai baju kecik amat cmtu.

dari blkg mmg la xnmpak perut si no 11 tuh

aku tau aku sgt jahat to actually post a pic of the fella that i bitched abt, but at least i dint post the face! ;)


5h4z4 said...

owh..terase nk mrh juge....

tp knape , knape musti nbr 11?? spoiler btol r...

hurm..kak anis,mayb yellow team tuh nk save budget, order sume stdd size=D

anis-chan said...

hahaha... btl2 yah, come to think of it, dia je yg besau, org len x... ntah2 mmg order 1 size fits all.. hahaha..