Monday, August 25, 2008

tagged by cik farina

unlike most ppl yg ada blog (this is what i summed up after much bloghopping), i like doing tags.. hehe.. dunno y oso. so when i noted i was being tagged by cik farina, rasa sgt hepi! so here goes:

13 random things u love (in no particular order):
1. my hubby
2. my parents n parent-in-laws
3. my siblings
4. myself
5. my extended family
6. books
7. movies
8. chocolate (sgt suka hot choc) and icecream or simply put, desserts
9. wedges (sandals, not potatoes (although cheesy potato wedges sedap kuikuikui))
10. apa2 yg mak masak
11. handbags
12. coccooning in a blanket
13. jewelry

12 movies u like (in no particular order):
1 & 2. ice age 1 & 2
3, 4 & 5. LOTR 1,2 & 3
6. all citer lawak p.ramlee
7. 10 things i hate about u
8. ratatouille
9. stardust
10. something's gotta give
11. the bucket list
12. all harry potter movies

11 bands/artists (in no particular order):
artists, hmmm, actors and celebs considered artists oso kan? ;)
1. chad kroeger
2. joss stone
3. maroon5
4. pussycat dolls
5. johnny depp
6. keanu reeves
7. search (malay band, not google/yahoo toolbar), or specifically amy search
8. eva longoria
9. charlize theron
10. malasnakpkdah1
11. malasnakpkdah2

10 things about u physically and personality wise:
1. putih (what ppl said lah)
2. chubby
3. comel
4. cantik jelita rupawan (quote from hubby kuikuikui)
5. kengkadang bijak tp kengkadang sgt LPU (Lambat Pick Up)
6. short tempered, flare easily, mood swings aplenty
7. i (sometimes unconsciously) show my emotions (sometimes a tad too) strongly
8. the most pendek among my siblings (i'm the firstborn)
9. sgt suka beli barang
10. doesnt really look good in green (i think)

9 songs for ur wedding (in no particular order):
1. wonderful tonight - eric clapton
2. i want to spend my lifetime loving u - tina arena and marc anthony
3. forever and for always - shania twain
4. i love u - celine dion
5. for the first time - rod stewart
6. i will always love u - whitney houston
7. angel - shaggy
8. ayu - VE
9. selamat pengantin baru - saloma

8 fav drinks/food: (in no particular order)
ouuuhhh, this is hard... kene shortlist jadi 8 je? hmm... then my choice would be:
1. spaghetti bolognaise
2. hot chocolate
3. creme brulee, bread and butter pudding
4. seafood pizza
5. udang masak la jenis apa pun
6. sotong pun: bakar, goreng, sambal, kerabu, sumer aku bedal
7. all kinds of soup: creams (pumpkin, cauliflower, wild mushroom to name a few) and clear (chicken, sup tulang, tomyam etc) ones
8. chocolate bars
hwaaaa!!! xcukup!! mana nak letak ice-cream, pengat pisang, KRISPY KREME!!!!

7 things u always wear:
1. clothes (obviously!)
2. tudung (kalo outside the house n if have visitors at home)
3. sandals (di luar rumah)
4. wallet dan handbag
5. glasses or contact lenses
6. wedding ring
7. frown/sleepy face (in the morning) alternating with smile afterwards, never a neutral face!

6 pet peeves: (in no particular order)
org dalam train yg:
1. ada BO tgh2 ramai2 org tuh
2. suka tolak2 org bila nak masuk dalam train
3. bersandar kat pole when for other ppl, there's no place to hold on to.
ok, lega skt blh lepas geram. continue:
4. kena marah xtentu pasal
5. org yg memekak tgh2 malam, org len nak tido pun payah
6. org pijak atas toilet bowl kat public restrooms; n restrooms yg xde air, pastu xde TP plk.

5 things you touch everyday: (in no particular order)
1. my own body and face (karang letak myself bunyi lain plk - read: touch myself(???))
2. my hubby (face lahhhhhhhh gerenti hari2 kihkihkih)
3. handphone
4. mouse (ones that can be clicked, not ones which squeak)
5. tv remote or book (whichever appealed to me b4 sleep)

4 shows you watch: (in no particular order)
1. desperate housewives
2. csi, numbers, chuck, bones, dan yg sewaktu dgnnya
3. ghost whisperer, supernatural (hariz tgk aku layan je, suka gak)
4. animes particularly bleach

3 celebrities:
sgt byk la... who i observe falls into 3 groups:
1. hollywood A-listers and their kids

2. fashion icons
3. food celebs

2 current wishes:
1. filthy rich n no debt, a valid reason to quit job ey?
2. have own kids

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

i am tagging:
1. azzyati
2. nasreen
3. yah
4. yayee
5. farah norlaily

happy buat tag! :D


Nadya said...

hmm..b4 my index finger clicked on the link..

i had this intuition..

'tah2 anis tag aku'

and BINGO!


hoongseng said...

hey have faith in your current wish no.2 ok, am positive will come true soon and i look forward to the day your hubby breaks the good news :)

ahah current wish no.1 a bit more susah!

Reen said...

hampeh kena tag pulok!

anis-chan said...

yayee & ayeen: hehehe, peace!! (sambil tersengih2 dgn jari tunjuk bentuk V) :D

hoong seng: i'm crossing my fingers hard.. thanks for the faith :)

Azyyati said...

me tagged? damnnnnn... soon my life wud be no longer private hahahaha