Thursday, September 25, 2008

whats in the name

was reading at perezhilton when nicole kidman's daughter's name came up. dah baca about it then, tp usually its spelled, like, intentionally incorrect kan. when it was spelled correctly, sgt horror movie ok. sapa yg sanggup nak letak nama anak dia 'sunday roast'????? mcm ayam je. apparently nic thought its cute!

but then again, hollywood celebs are famous for naming their kids with quirky names. take gwen for example, her first boy was nice enuf, kingston (nama thumbdrive), then when the second came along, he was named ZUMA. zuma! game katak tuh! ape laaaa.. nicholas cage buleh letak nama his son, KAL-EL and that guy from my name is earl tuh name his son PILOT INSPECTOR.

ble tgk balik, maybe the girls have it better. there's jamie oliver's daughters DAISY BOO and POPPY HONEY, gwyn n chris martin's APPLE, geri halliwell's BLUEBELL madonna, jennifer garner's VIOLET. at least those are flowers or at most, herbs. which is not so bad.

but i think yg plg kesian is cher's daughter la. CHASTITY SUN. i know that chastity has a rainbow of meanings which includes the way a woman dresses, and mostly means virginity especially before marriage in some religions, but still.

reminds me of those metal chastity belt that mike myers wore in 'the love guru', ewwww!


Nadya said...

pilot inspector???

wahahahaha gile lawakkk

anak dia besar sok mesti kutuk die xigtnye..xmaafkan sampai mati kot??

p/s-ada sorang nie kt tmpt aku keje..nama dia ABDUL PENYU.
for real!!haha

anis-chan said...

when i googled it kan i found out that apparently si earl tu is a scientologist n that name, pilot inspector, ada some kind of meaning la.. but stil, kalo aku jadi anak dia mmg aku mintak tukar kat court. hahaha

abdul penyu??!!! kesian nyaaaaa.. mesti dari kecik smpai besar asek kena je..