Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh ketch! oh hiro-pon!

once u see these crazy ppl's show u won't hesitate when it comes to silent comedy. this dynamic duo named GAMARJOBAT from japan has long been established since 1990's and never failed to bring smiles, if not thigh-slapping-and-tear-jerking laughters to their audience year after year.

aku p tgk this duo perform at actor's studio bangsar last tuesday. gila. i tell u. gilaaaaa!!! gila xtahan lawak diorg!! n to think that u can understand what they're conveying although they don't say a word throughout that 2hour show, except some 'oh', 'ah', 'oooooooohhhh'!

their opening act was simply hilarious. being japanese naturally they are punctual lah kan. yg masuk hall lewat tuh siap lah jadi target diorg. and for silent performers, they surprisingly managed to interact very well with the audience, coaxing their desired response. aku nak cerita kat sini mmg didn't do their comedy justice. u should go n watch them urselves.

they'll still be performing now until the 19th oct. don't miss it!!


Reen said...

oo mcm best jer..
i wished i'm in kl :P

anis-chan said...

best i tell u... hehehe... juz tgk kat youtube. they have their own channel. then u get the idea ;)

putdgreat said...

ush,best ye nak gi tgk je.brape tiket die?standard 66 buckske?

anis-chan said...

66 tu tiket row blkg skli. hahahaha... tp xjauh pun. dat theatre ada 7 row je. and dia mmg akan communicate smpai ke row blkg pun.. go go put! best gila!!!