Saturday, November 15, 2008

nk muntah tau. dok anticipate apa jadi dgn hannibal in that hannibal rising. ye la.. dah baca pun kejap2 dah ttido.

korg mesti pk.. cne la si anis ni blh baca 2-3 buku dlm seminggu. free sgt kah? baca time keja kah? xbuat benda lain kah? asek pgg buku saja, laki dia x bising kah?

aku ni mmg jenis yg baca buku b4 tido. hari2. x baca x buleh tido. i dunno if anybody from my school remembered but i almost always slept with a book beside my head. that habit extended until now, hehehe.. except that letak tepi katil la skrg, juz kekdg kalo aku mmg ttido and hariz dah tido jugak (sllunya dia yg alih buku letak tepi katil ;)), then adala sebijik dua buku tepi kepala aku.

then there's the trips. ni cik farina mmg sgt arif. whenever hariz keje shift ptg, i always lepak di shopping mall while waiting for his shift to finish, then buleh balik sama2. usually i spent a good three hours there. if i didnt go on a shopping spree or ditemani oleh cik farina berjalan2, i'll juz sit somewhere with a milkshake or do pedi n read. sometimes when i know i'm about to finish one book, i bring another one for backup, juz in case.

thats how my life is these days. not that i'm free all the time, but i always try to find the time to read. hope that someday my children can pick up the habit, but not one yg i read smpai mak panggil makan pun x dgr:

mak: siti, mai mkn!

anis (x dgr pape)

mak: sitiiii!!!!

anis (x dgr pape lagi)

mak (masuk bilik tgk anak dia): org panggil makan pun x dgq2, ha, lenkali xpyh makan, makan buku tu!

i miss my mom.. :D



cikya said...

em..ada jugak org mcm kak ya. Cuma sekarang jenis buku dah berbeza.Zaman sekolah, abih semua love2 story book kakya baca. Ada satu masa tu 24jam baca buku,ni sbb die hard fan of judith mcnaughtla,dalam sehari abis baca,mkn pun tidak,dok bergolek atas katil baca.Habis tu mmg rasa nak muntah. hehhehee. La ni kt hjg kepala ada buku2 agama pulak.heheheh ada insaf sikit. Time free baca buku kewangan,resep,lanscaping dan interior. Buku cerita agak lama dah tinggal....

hoongseng said...

u know anis, the 'looking into the future' part seems very likely to happen! make sure u set the right example from the start haha :)

anis-chan said...

kak ya, dulu anis kan masa skolah semua benda pun bedal. judith mcnaught, readers digest, hatta dictionary pun kengkadang ada hehehe.. skrg byk buku cerita dgn magazine la, usually womens weekly.

xpandai la baca buku motivasi. mintak2 boleh pick up yg tu pulak :)

anis-chan said...

hoong seng, i've got a lot of books beside the bed, under the sofa, beside the tv to proof i'm setting the example hahaha

hoongseng said...

oh well if only your hubby can follow the example set by you too!

then again, maybe it's good that he can be the one to bring things back into balance!

anis-chan said...

he's too late to save oredi la hoong seng, hahahaha.. but then i bought him that tun mahathir's illustrated biography n he managed to finish it!

he's all about visual lah, like comics, but cannot give him too much oso.

ya lorr, thats the one difference between me n him that allowed us our own space, me slobbing on the couch with the book and he plays games on the pc. check-->balance!

hoongseng said...

hahaha u know your first 2 paragraphs make him sound like a little kid, esp the "cannot give him too much oso" part! like giving too much sugar...

do u read jodi picoult's books? im in the midst of her 19 minutes book and think it's quite good. yes, i know it's a chick book, but like the whole emo drama bits :)

anis-chan said...

we're both like little kids towards each other, not that its for public display hahaha

i never read a picoult lah, chick meh? nnti i want to borrow one from u lah, see if i like it hehehe

btw, the historian tu i couldnt finish. too slow i cannot tahan la.hope hariz has given it back to u.

hoongseng said...

yup received it already. not sure why he came to pass it on his off day.

her books are not really chick lit, but a lot of emotional turmoil that i guess females often relate to. this 19 mins (borrowed from a friend) is about a school shooting by a student and all the drama related to the child, mum, schoolmates, judge, police, friend has her other book called My Sister's Keeper is pretty good too.