Monday, November 3, 2008

weekend happenings

quite a bit of things happened during the last weekend. (not so short) snippets:

friday: ended up spending the night at my sis's hostel. hariz met with an accident as he was coming to shah alam to fetch me from work. dont worry, he's fine. not a scratch on him. but his wanda (thats the name of his car, not my madu of any sort) was not so lucky. muka kemek, mata (lampu depan) buta sebelah, telinga kanan (right sideview mirror) putus. wanda dah cacat. aku dh xde contender lain (tp tunggu la wanda kuar dari hospital, rupa mcm baru hasil pembedahan plastik... hmmm.. at least aset2ku au naturel kan hahahaha)

come saturday, abah called, ckp nk turun kl. ada sorg pkcik aku (his younger brother) skt. my older cousins and my paklong dah ada di kl. so i thought, xpe la tunggu abah dtg, p visit sekali. turned out it wasn't meant to be. my uncle passed away at 4.30 that evening. abah would wait for my paklong to bring back his body to kedah. readers, pls kindly sedekahkan alFatihah buat arwah.

i was not so close to that uncle of mine. hariz xpenah jumpa dia. in fact, aku pun dah 3 tahun rasanya x jumpa dia. it was never about his disease, but rather the family dispute thats been going on for years (and doesn't look like its gonna wind down any time soon) that made the big family go astray. i'm sure every family has its own dark secret, black sheeps, and black knights, so juz let that be. a secret.

due to some circumstances, his body was sent back home on sunday. so i together with hariz and my sis went back to the hospital that morning to see him for the last time before they send him to rest beside my grandfather's grave back in kedah. he looked calm. that, i could see from his face. so thin, underneath those layers of kain kapan. may you rest in peace, pakcik.

after org yg uruskan jenazah tu dah siap mandi & sembahyangkan arwah, we need to wait for the clearance paper so that we could bring him home. while waiting, another body came in. this time, a stilborn baby boy. baby boy, thats what i surmised when i saw the person incharge there cut out three small layers of the white cloth. i recited alFatihah for him too.

was reminded of what i had to go through when i lost my little one (thank Allah, i only miscarried once - at the same hospital), even when it was not even in a human form u'll feel the terrible lost. what more when u carry ur little one for the full 9months and lost him/her while delivering. but there's the hikmah behind the incident. he will pray for u, and wait for u in heaven.

went to putrajaya to play with our nephews. fawwaz is getting chubbier by the week. tembaaaammm! naufal is getting cheekier, and is now officially an anak koala bear, he hugs ppl like that kalo org dukung dia. asal ada org dtg rumah dan layan diorg, tido lambat la budak2 tu.

made me think to always appreciate what we have, while mourning what we have lost. if its meant to be, juz let it be.

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