Tuesday, December 23, 2008


hensem kan? walopun tua, tp masih ttp hensem hehehehe

if u can pls read thru, i find it amusing that the reporters thought King Khan is a lot more humble when he's in pain:

It doesn’t matter if he encountered a bomb threat at the Mumbai airport shortly before departing for KLIA, or a torn ligament that’s causing him excruciating pain. Shah Rukh says nothing can stop him from wearing the baju Melayu, samping (wraparound waist cloth) and songkok (headgear), and meeting his fans in Malacca.

“I am very happy that I’ve found a big space in the hearts of the people here,” he beams proudly. “I cannot repay my fans for what they have done for me. They have given me so much love, and that love has taken me to where I am today.”

Perhaps Shah Rukh in pain is a more likeable Shah Rukh. Gone is his cockiness – he (infamously) once told Malaysian reporters that he would pay them by the hour when they demanded to know why he was three hours late for a press conference.

Instead, the actor talks and argues less, preferring to smile, nod or shake his head.

to read more, source from: The Star Online

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