Friday, January 9, 2009

sick sick sick

feeling better now. stil a bit heavyheaded, but otherwise fine. my nose's still runny though. the best part is, dapat mc, dua hari. its so sweet of the dr to ask whether i need 1 or 2 days off. so i said, 1 would be good, but 2 would be better! so i'm on leave from yesterday till sunday. yeay! plenty plenty plenty of rest :D

wednesday was so exhausting n made me soooooo damn angry it took some toll on me yg dah mmg x brp sihat. tgk, sampai mc sudah.

its a bit complicated and long to tell, but in a nutshell, all i can say is that i'm vowing to stay away from airasia as long as i can n to the woman staff that i deal with at the lcct, no thanks lady, ur help was no help at all. i spent a good 45 minutes with u n the best u came up with is a number from the internet that has been discontinued! some help u r. if i dont get my money back, u, of all ppl, will not live ur life easily. n what i wrote here is mild compared to what i actually felt towards u.

there. thats some load off my chest. thank you for reading this crap i'm writing here.


farahlily said...

get wel soon anis... drink honey lemon ehehe :)

aku pun dah jadi flu dah ni *sniff* *sniff* ahhhchoooo!!!

anis-chan said...

you too okeh! :D