Wednesday, February 11, 2009

its official!!

Well folks, we’re offically moved! The last of the stuffs were carried last Saturday night, no thanks to the movers yg hampeh nk mati. Janji pukul 5-6.. pastu 7.30 lah.. last2 dekat pukul 10 baru nk sampai. By the time we’re at the gates of the new home was at about 11. Seb bek pindah x jauh, dan barang dah x byk. Tinggal yg besar2 je.. kalo x tah2 berembun.. hmmph..

The part that i thought i would take ample, ample time to think and go through catalogues and think and think again, the curtain types and colours and whatnots, were done in a surprisingly little time, i’d say, an hour or so.

And the shopping partner part was even more surprising – MY FIL. ONLY.

Jln2 dua org dalam ikea tu gila awkward ok.Dah la time weekday,sgt la xde org kan. But then, then fact that he’s sooo used to teman my MIL practically everywhere to shop n siap pegangkan everything that she shopped (which is A LOT) , made the trip for curtains easier.

I can get where hariz get THAT trait :D

Sunday and Monday was spent for more unpacking and endless, endless laundry while watching reruns of desperate housewives season 2 AND 3 and ironing clothes. Guess i am domesticated already. For the time being anyway since duit dh byk sgt pakai xbuleh p shopping

Later yeap! :)