Wednesday, March 11, 2009

slumdog millionnaire (updated)

oh bukan the movie. but the BOOK.

to be honest with u i havent watched the movie. janji dgn hariz after dinner semalam nak tengok sama-sama, but after kemas dapur, basuh baju (ceh mcm penat pakai mesin auto) unpack barang dari kedah, n pack pulak barang nak p subang, left me tergolek atas katil before long.

but the BOOK. lambat skit nak review. i've read it last week. ok lah, sedap la jugak. aku mampu abiskan dalam 3 hours cmtu. buku ni pasal a boy named Ram Mohammad Thomas, left in a church when he was a baby. He was raised in the church by a Father, and having the Hindu and Muslim society query-ing about he raising a Hindu / Muslim boy (who knows anyway?) as a Christian, he ended up giving the boy a name of the three religions. every chapter depicts how he managed to answer a certain valued question in W3B.

the book tells his adventure in the slums,
-befriending Salim at the church, whose parents were killed in a mob, n share his passion towards Armaan Ali, a Bollywood actor,
-as a housekeeper to then Bollywood star Neelima Kumari,n how she ended up killing herself,
-'adopted' by Maman, who turned out a gangster who train children to beg for money, n running away from him,
- housekeeping for a contract killer named Ahmad Khan, n ended up substituting a picture of a film director who's grooming Salim to be an actor to that of Maman's for Ahmad to kill.

finally he went to Agra and bacame a tourist guide for Taj Mahal, befriended Shankar, an autistic child to his landlady, and fell in love with Nita, a prostitute.

at the second last chapter of the book i was told of the very reason why Ram/Mohammad/Thomas entered the game show in the first place - he only want to have revenge. the host, Prem Kumar, was Neelima Kumari's lover and had physically abused her and tortured her with cigarette butts and she ended with lots of cigarette burns all over her including her breasts. and then Nita, the prostitute, was hospitalised after meeting a client. when he saw that same burn marks on Nita's breasts, he knew it was the same person who did that to his Nita.

i cant compare with the movie, sbb as i said, i havent watched. nanti dah tgk aku bagitau. but from what i Wiki-ed, the book is somewhat different from the movie. bukan somewhat lagi dah, sangat jugak lah. nak tengok!

hariz dah pack dvd skali dlm barang, malam ni buleh tgk movie di subang! yeay!


movie dia, ok, wow. sgt different lah. btl lah peon, simplified oredi. ada satu je soalan yg sama dgn buku, n the flashback matched. yg lain, semua lain ok. xde amitabh bachchan, xde soalan cricket, three musketeers lagi la xde.

i can appreciate both versions. mcm nasik lemak dan nasik goreng. dua2 nasik. tapi dua2 sodap jo :D


Yours truly said...

oo citer nih based on novel jugak ker...hehehe baru kutahu...
aku tak sempat nak tgk movie die padahal dah ada the pirated DVD..nak tgk apa yg hoo-haa sgt bout this movie sampai menang Oscar tue..hehehe

peonate said...

ohh sgt lain laa dr movie kalau camtu.. movie ni die dah simplified jalan citer die

anis-chan said...

aku pun 'ter' jumpa ja buku tu yeen.. hahaha.. kalo x aku pun x tau..

tu lah baru nk tgk movie sbb nk tgk apa yg best smpai menang oscar melambak..

peon, tu la bila aku baca review movie cam lain je cerita dia.. bila pulak diorg bertiga, aku baca berdua je hehehe..