Monday, April 20, 2009


wahhh start bulan 5 banyak la pulak movies keluar. banyak yang nak tgk. bulan 5 saja, hmm lets see:

first up, xmen origins: wolverine!

the character dah memang sangat interesting, the fact that its hugh jackman makes it even more interesting! he's one of the yummiest married man on earth! *drool drool*

tapi kejap, dia due 29th april ke 1st may? whatever it is i have to come back to malaysia first then only can watch ehehe

coming right after on may 8th is star trek. now i'm not exactly a fan of star trek series, that i admit, tapi when i saw the gazette macam menarik sangat, plus hariz looks excited about it so i'm positive we're gonna go and watch it

n by the way, that, on the poster, is eric bana. ok. i'll definitely watch this.

then the next week, coming up next is angels and demons on may 15th. well i've read the novel a few times already, n every time i'm amazed with its ambigram calligraphy yang sangat lawa. i wonder how they'll make the five brands in the movie.

the final week of may will witness the final chapter for terminator, terminator salvation. when i got to know john connor will be played by christian bale i know hubbs n i will find the time to watch this movie.

ok. now. four movies in a month?

tickets : rm 13 x 2 x 4 = rm104
popcorn + drinks : rm10 x 4 = rm40
shopping2 sebab every weekend pegi shopping complex = ????

oh well. that, is depressing.

no matter. yang penting happy! :D


reena said...

Yeah bulan 5 dan 6 (summer) yang paling ditunggu2 every year sebab masa ni lah movie best2 keluar.Hey, u lupa Hary Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen :)

anis-chan said...

those two bukan bulan 5 so i x masukkan hehehe save the best for last

xkira lagi apart from HP6 and transformers, ice age3, sherlock holmes (robert downey jr ittewww!!!) and NEW MOON yg ditunggu2..

barai poket laki aku. heheh..