Monday, May 18, 2009

BOBBI BROWN free trimming session!

Hubbs has forgotten (again!) that he's on evening shift today, so i'm left with some time in my hand. luckily i brought along a novel, sbb kalo hariz x keja petang pun he'll be having volleyball game this evening, sama je..

while i was on fb, i found this ad on the sidebar:

In less than 5 minutes, lo and behold, i have an appointment tonight in Subang Parade!

Yeay!! i love freebies!

Un"fortunate"ly, mascara baru tu kalo best pun nanti2 lah baru beli, baru je stock up stuffs from stila, which by the way, mascara dia good enough for me :D

talk about stila, have u heard that they'll be having another 20% off on top of the discounted price??? read from a malaysian beauty blog somewhere tp x ingat yg mana. as if its not damaging to my purse already! it'll be up till 30th May i think.

hmmmm.... the last time i went to stila counter during workday (aku cuti la tapi) so counter dia sgt clear, tak la kena beratur mcm org nak beli tiket wayang wolverine tuh. kena ambik cuti kah? amboi3x si anis ni over nya hahaha

ok ok sudah2 la tu. as for tonight, miss, kasi i punya kening mcm u punya advert ni okeh! rupa kening i memang dah ala2 tebal mcm tu dah hahaha perasan gila

oh lupa nak letak link :

cepat! offer ends 24th May!



Yours truly said...

alaa baru jer beli blusher n eyeshadow from bobbi brown..tak ckp pun ada free trimming :(

dia ada gak apply the mascara...berus dia mcm kecik and not so bad ar...hehehe

anis-chan said...

aku rasa dia start on the 15th aritu. aku p trimming last2 rembat jugak potrouge n stuffs. xla free pun jadi nya. heh.