Wednesday, May 13, 2009

risau. risau sangat.

my mother baru admitted. kidney stone problem. the last time they checked, the doctor said if the kidney dah tak function then they dont need to take out the stone yaddayaddayadda.

by now my mother feels a mass on the right side of her abdomen. the uro people tolak ke surgery, surgery tolak balik ke uro, uro kata mass tu probably ovary pulak, o&g kata ovary no problem, tolak balik ke uro.

dah dingdong dingdong pegi sana pegi sini, rupanya memang kes uro. the kidney swelled.

so now my mom is scheduled for surgery. to make things worse, these happens while she's in saudi.

please pray for my mom's safety guys. thanks..


reena said...

Moga ur mom cepat sembuh.Aminnn.

Yours truly said...

anis, siannya kat hang..
she's alone there ek? hopefully everything will be well.

anis-chan said...

thanks a lot, both of u *hugs*