Sunday, June 14, 2009

pls add number 2 in front of that size 0.

no. i'm not UK size 20.

hmm.. dah lama takde mood nak mengupdate. shall i blame it (again!) to having writer's block?

takde alasan pun. malas.

same old same old lah.

or not.

muka dah makin macam pau.

a week of MIL's yummy cooking can do that to you ok. i told hariz that if we ever settle down in terengganu i can resemble a (CUTE!) puffer fish in no time.

cute konon. dah jadi macam bonsai, cute..

pls excuse my sarcasm, i need to throw it down the drain and summon some positive energy.

this must be the fact that i now have a nice size 0 mannequin in my house.

faceless it may be, but still oh so depressing.

now, where's my measuring tape?

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