Sunday, August 23, 2009

couldnt sleep a wink last night. beats me if i know why.

actually i do know why. something did keep simmering in my mind, n i juz had to lose myself in books to get it off my head.

well on the bright side i didnt miss teman hariz for sahur this morning.

yeah, i dont usually eat, juz a mug of milo and sometimes kurma / roti / whatever's handy. it didnt start off right, with me sahur with panadol yesterday, but pagi tadi aku makan nasik pulak.

maybe its easier to swallow something spicy when u havent slept beforehand.

iftar semalam and sahur pagi ni menu yang sama. mixed white/brown rice with bawal sweet sour, telur dadar and sayur kangkung. oh, and some cekodok on the side. i cant seem to get it stuck in my head that its not good to mix binatang laut n darat in one meal.

susah la nak pk telur tu binatang. hmm..

hari ni malas masak. nak p intai kat ttdi's bazar apa nak makan for iftar. better be going early to avoid the crowd.


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