Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tadi p cabut gigi. sakit wooooooooo!!!!

on mc again today. dunno if i'm gonna use my mc tomorrow.

maka sekarang berlingkar tgk g.i.joe utk kali kedua. not so bad. well a hot fella in an action movie is (almost) always interesting. n i couldnt believe its sienna miller until i watched she being a blondie part. and its the cute guy from third rock from the sun playing 'the commander'?!! besar dah budak tu.. cute! i've always been a fan of cartoons (still am) and g.i.joe didnt miss my attention. aku yg pelik sbb hariz tak ingat cne lagu katun g.i.joe tu, aku yg ingat hahaha (pls dgr kat youtube for the cartoon version) i've always wondered if they included the song in the movie. tp takde.


baru tgk the proposal during the weekend. sandra bullock is always a favourite in a comedy. sgt klakar. meleleh air mata aku sbb gelak masa scene she rapped lagu get low in the woods. that song used to be aired in hariz's car for quite some time when we're still dating!! brings back happy memories ^_^

nak sambung tgk cerita. karang nk p masak, hariz dah nak balik! :D later!

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