Thursday, October 1, 2009

when clinique had a promotion out of womens weekly about them giving away 7-day foundation sample, i couldnt resist getting some for myself as i was conveniently around their counter.

the SA was thorough enough to ask me hows my makeup regime and threw in some tips for my skin as she spotted me having uneven skintone between my Tzone and the rest of my face. her unforgettable saying:

'u should exfoliate more than once a week la sayang. tgk ni, foundation susah nak lekat. kulit dah cantik, tapi kena jaga juga.'

kantoi la pulakkkkk that week tu aku malas nya ya rabbi nak cuci muka pun, apatah lagi pakai exfoliant yg menyebabkan i have to double cleanse.

fyi i'm using ginvera marvel gel to exfoliate, puas ati dpt tgk kulit2 mati tu nmpk atas tangan kan. baru tau betapa byk benda mati atas muka hahaha.. the downside of this product is u have to really clean all the 'debris' yg bergentel2 tu smpai really squeaky clean, or else nnti jerawat naik. so after marvel gel, i have to use scrub to clean them. jadi dua keja la kan?

time2 aku rajin almost every other day buat (it can be used everday) so nampak la muka berseri2 skt, tapi kalo sindrom M melanda habis laaa..

ok so the SA swatched some foundation near my jaw for match and recommended Perfectly Real Foundation in shade 63 (Fresh Beige) as i wanted the sheerest of coverage since i dont really use foundation much.

i used it during raya to see how it fares throughout the day. the verdict?

colour selection: good match!
coverage: ok. if u want it sheer then fine, because it wont cover up freckles taik lalat whatsoever. if not, stay out of this range.
staying power: my blush stayed on well until the evening which i considered a success!
cons: it does have this weird smell that a lot of foundation has, but with clinique somehow the smell is quite prominent. luckily tak kuat sgt and dissipated after a while. another thing it seemed to cake a bit near the base of my nose, and a lot of reviews seem to have the same prob.

since the SA gave quite a bit more than a week's worth of foundation, it'll last quite a while with me. i havent had any foundation since my MAC, so lets see if i havent find anything more interesting than this! :D

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reena said...

I pun redeem jugak Clinique foundation ni. Hihi. Baru ingat nak buat review jugak.

A'ah SA Clinique bagi banyak. Memang more than one week.

anis-chan said...

Tu la. n since mmg tak pakai banyak, tahan sebulan la jugak gamaknya ahaks!