Monday, November 9, 2009

compressing a few things in one.

so many things passed my mind which made me think, oh, i wanna blog about that, tapi last2 ada dlm kepala je.

1. tak sabar gilaaa nak tunggu sherlock holmes. robert downey jr is soooooo hot!!

2. tgh pk2 should i put new moon in my must-watch list. in my honest opinion, new moon ialah buku yg paling tak best antara 4 buku twilight (walaupun ok la jugak, tp kalo nak compare that 4 kan). but i must say, this twilightbeauty's palette in rosalie is soooooo pretty!!! i want i want!!
rosaliemortal glow blushing creme
pic credit to

3. had fun listening to the songs i grew up with during my ssp years last week while helping farina refresh her mind on which track to play for our reunion. gelak2 rasa mcm nak pecah perut dgr lagu2 lama. i wonder what happened to all the boybands we used to(???!!!) adore?

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one of the boys i liked, J from 5ive. i sooo have a weakness for longish face, square jaw, stubbles annnddd brow piercing! and not to forget, muka mcm kaki pukul. kahkahkah

pic cred:

this was taken from one of the episodes in i'm a celebrity get me out of here (UK). stil a hotbod, rambut je kurang hahaha

4. had sooooo much fun berjimba masa reunion. we have outdone ourselves in being as loud as we were that night. everybody put their best foot forward, food was awesome, goodies sgt best and of course, i had the greatest companies for the night! love love love u guys!

my favourite pic :)


5h4z4 said...

lm dh xkomen here...heuheuhe...yup, i have to agree wif moon la buku yg paling BUHSAN!!! sbb sket je part edward...ngehehehehe...but d trailer looks awesome tho...xsabau!!

Yours truly said...

beb cantik nyer your mekap!!! i loike it so much!!!!!
hehehehe you did it on your own??

anis-chan said...

yah: hii!!! lama tak dgr cerita dah balik msia blm?

tu la trailer mcm ok la jugak tp ntah, mcm buleh pass je wayang dia hehehe

yeen: on behalf of the makeup artist, thanks!! yg mekapkn aku is the one on my left tu la :)

reena said...

Gediknya pic last tu! Hihihi. Tapi comel & makeup cun!

reena said...

Oh ohhhh..Cantik lah palette tu!

anis-chan said...

reena, betul, gedik kan hahahaha well we did want a closed eyes pic utk portfolio makeup artist sebelah i tu hehehe

i actually like both rosalie and bella punya palette tp bella punya mcm warm colours je :)

Yours truly said...

dear, mind to tell me guna produk apa for your mekap? sbb look so gojes lar beb! hehehe besides sentuhan tgn dr ur mekap artist tue :)

anis-chan said...

yeen, apart from my moisturizer (BB hydrating cream) nothing else is mine hahahaha nnti i'll check the brands of the stuff farina put on my face :)

anis-chan said...

oh yeah that falsies was a real hit that night hahaha ppl keep asking abt it. aku bli kat b.t.square at a shop named fennel.