Sunday, March 28, 2010

my take on war movies

this was supposed to be last week's entry, as this week i had nothing but boring, same old routine, albeit being more kelamkabut than ever in the office.

totally ditched alice and solomon kane, gone to watch greenzone instead. this movie is in the same league with the hurt locker, academy awards winner for best picture and a few other categories. now, hurt locker, i honestly dunno why it got the best picture. hahaha. its actually a story of a day-to-day routine of a bomb defusing squad in Iraq, like everyday a different story, so there's not juz one story in it. no climax either. n its very, VERY disturbing. there's one scene about a boy's body being made into a body bomb, meaning a corpse being stuffed with bombS and self detonate upon activation. i couldnt forget it. EVER.

but if u like the suspense and the anticipation of whether they live or die in each of their missions, this is for you.

i, on the other hand had to watch it since it was at my BIL's house and the boys were watching it.


greenzone wasnt what i expected. coming from jason bourne's director, we came to expect something along the same line. the message is clear:

a lie told can be very devastating.

in this case it tore up a whole nation- Iraq, and its only due to one simple lie.

i was wondering if ever this movie tak kena gonyoh dgn american govt, sbb dia terang2 tunjuk depa sendiri penipu besaq. but well, they showed the president was bush, not obama so i guess it didnt hurt him.

it is engaging while it lasted, but enough la war movies for me. i dont want to watch any more this year. its too disturbing, what's with the shreds of human flesh flying everywhere every minute.

this movie finally cemented my opinion about war-type movies - they're not MY type.


reena said...

In US, diorang kan sangat open. Boleh berlakon as President, buat cerita tentang President dan sebagainya. That's what i like about Hollywood. Jugak, dalam dok 'menipu' aundience, ada jugak filem 'Ada aku kesah hang President ka apa?' macam Green Zone ni. Hehe.

anis-chan said...

tu lah. bagus jugak sekali skala depa tunjuk depa jahat. takdak la nak tunjuk depa la heroes, depa la superman, batman, spiderman, gi joe semua.i mean like, independence day, day after tomorrow ka byk lagi semua tunjuk US la penyelamat dunia. but i can get ur point of view :D