Friday, May 7, 2010

i was bogged down by a few stuff, hence the lack of entries. keinginan mengular dan online browsing is a lot more powerful than sitting down and writing posts.

tok meninggal last monday. honestly i can say i'm glad her suffering is finally over. she's been unable to recognize any of us, wasnt able to speak, and was immobile since last year. luckily i was able to see her alive when i last went back in april. teringat dulu everytime i spoke to her, i'd always hug her close, more to speak close to her ears than anything else, sebab dia tak berapa, i'm glad i did. n she always has something for me everytime i came by, because i'm the only cucu yg kecik2 dah dok jauh kat asrama di kl (most of my cousins are northbound). sleep well, tok. alFatihah.

now i cant talk about anything else. everything else just clogged in my throat. u guys take care, n dont forget to hug ur loved ones.