Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out of the blue, a make up review..

dah lama tak review makeup kan? i recently found a long-lost love, hence this post :D

presenting, Eyeko Fat Balm!!!!

i bought this just b4 i found out i was pregnant (which has since led to a looooooooong pause on any cosmetics purchase, until recently ;)) n loved it to bits! its actually a lip balm, n a fat one at that (hence the name) but it's also tagged to be used as cream blush. n i AM a sucker for multipurpose cosmetics, so i must of course have it. i have one in strawberry, will post real pic when i have the chance.

the thing i love most is while its moisturising as a balm, and the tint is suitable for my complexion, it being a cream blush is not sticky much. just pat pat pat on the cheeks, blend blend blend blend, then pat pat pat on the lips, smack once, twice, then ur already done! it's effortless to do my face nowadays, which is crucial since other times are spent playing with umar ;)

the not so good news part is that when i head to its website,, i realized it's no longer there! upon further investigation i noticed that the brand has rebranded itself and has since focused on the eyes only, which i think is a little nonsensible. i mean, have u ever heard of a cosmetic brand that focused on only one area of the face? don't give me empro please hahhaha i know there are brands like that!

more googling, n i found out that some online shops still carry this gem, but yeah, they don't ship to malaysia. kalau rajin ada je personal shoppers at yg take orders to buy for you, which is how i get my eyeko in the first place :)

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