Wednesday, November 16, 2011

recipe gone ermmmm... not quite right..

last night was my first try to make carbonara pasta. sangat senang sebenarnya, but i still manage to get it wrong. kena repair2 baru ok sikit rasa dia.

sorry no pictures, sebab rupa sangat kesian putiiiiihhhh je.

pasta carbonara

pasta of your choice (takde spaghetti masa nak beli maka bantai beli vermicelli pasta)

carbonara sauce:

1 cup cream (substituted with evaporated milk)
2 whole eggs
1 cup grated parmesan cheese (takde kat rumah so i used 4 slices cheddar cheese)
1/2 cup hot water
pinch of salt

this recipe calls for crispy fried bacon, but i just used leftover cold cuts of roast beef and chicken pastrami. u can also use turkey ham and slices of button mushroom.

to do:

1.boil pasta according to package instruction.

2.cut the cold cuts into bite-sized pieces. fry as u like, i just fry plain je.

3.combine all carbonara sauce ingredient. if u like it thick u can omit the hot water and salt, the cheese is already salty enough. mix with fork/beater, and simmer on slow fire. season with pepper and mixed herb (kalau ada chilli flakes lagi sedappp).

4. add in fried cuts and sliced mushrooms into sauce.

5. mix pasta into sauce, garnish, and you're done!

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