Tuesday, February 26, 2008

at last... finally i made up my mind to move my blog here from friendster... juz to get a fresh new start.. not so much happened (haven't seem to do much lately anyway,since a few days back right until now i'm feeling soooooooooooooo tired i was thinking whaddahelliswrongwithme?????!!!)

owh yeah.. bsb's coming down to kl!!!! (grinning sheepishly) juz watched 'everybody' on youtube.. was bobbing my head to the beat.. i was sooo feeling like a 16 y/o again... back then when i could manage to dance like it was in the clip (how the heck did that happen???!! anis yang montel tu blh menari ke????!!! ;D) talking about boybands made me feel so young (ahah! mengaku pon tua!) tp i'm not the kind yg like stuffy place like o concert lah... so to my friends yg going.. have fun ya! dont forget to bring drinks... karang habis konsert suara xde, byk sgt menjerit.. hahahaha..

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