Thursday, March 6, 2008

opening ceremony

while waiting for my beau to pick me up, i went shopping with a dear friend yesterday (those groceries i buy, like, every other day juz to stock up, and for the sake of buying, doesnt count as 'shopping' right..) we walked around, looking for something to buy for my hubby's upcoming birthday.. but, selfishly (but not surprisingly...hahaha) i ended up buying something for me first... a coral colored lippie.... wooohooo!!! then i walked around with that corny smile plastered across my face, u know the kind when u bought something totally sinful n satisfying kind of smile.. i finally did buy something for my beau.. wrapped it nicely n brought home...

come morning i was so teruja nk pakai that lippie to work... but when i sat back n think of it, i realised that was my first lippie that i bought with my hard-earned (but not breaking any sweat at all since transferred to selangor) salary! like, i've been working since 1 1/2 yrs ago okay! i think like whooaa, wait a sec.. did i actually wait that long to buy my first lipstick... no, seriously.. i like all kinds of lippies - balms, glosses, sheer lippies, even matte ones - u name it (although u might always find my lips were always in not dressed up state aka pucat mcm hantu..).. but then i realised that ever since i started to work, my lippies i have now are all pressies... from family n friends... n i dont use them so often apart from workingtime.. maybe thats why... but for the sake of buying, apsal laaa aku x beli awal2 lagi??!!

but anyway, i'm glad i shopped for my 1st lipstick (finally..) with a good company.... being all girly with a girlfriend sgt membuatkan diriku rasa remaja kembali... hehehe.. n its like an officiating ceremony for many more lippies to come... ;)

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