Tuesday, March 11, 2008

did you vote?

seriously, did u? well, i.... didnt. its not like i didnt give a **** bout whats happening, its juz that i personally think that politics are where the most manipulative b******s who do some n keep some for their own sake, n also fight for their own sake. so for my own peace of mind, n avoiding from lashing out my frustrations regarding this matter n end up being all emo about it, i zipped my mouth shut (but still, some of whats inside my mind trickled out once in a while)..

i thought the same can be applied this time round when the election day came, but that didnt work.. my FIL was in the field b4 he retired after trganu was taken over by the full moon, so naturally when the day came, my PIL's house was buzzing with all news coming in, gossips n whatnots.. like 'haa? penang is out?' b4 the result came out on tv..

after all the results were tallied, all the questions came flooding in:

will the malays have a pillar to lean back on after this?
*will the oil price be reduced, or not?
*will the education expenses be reduced, or increased?
*will the medical expenses not be subsidised anymore?
*will the funds for meds in selangor restricted, since its not what it was b4?
will the tol rates go down after this, or not?
*will the riot continue?
*was the opposition getting stronger, or the government getting weaker?

whichever parties won, i sincerely wish that they think for the best of all malaysians, n keep the peace throughout the nation.. pls dont keep people's money in ur own pockets n go holidays with it.. n pls dont keep arguing about petty stuff that can snowball into something so huge u cant handle it among parties...

n for my own peace of mind, i'll make sure that i register myself b4 the next election...

amidst all that, what i remembered most was an incident with a 7 yr old:
at the house...

boy: aunty, can i have ur phone number pls?
BIL: eh, she's not available u know...

in the car...

boy: aunty, ni gambar sape kawen?
me: mine la...
boy: ur married already???!!! to whom???
BIL: laa.. uncle hariz la (who's driving)
boy: omg....(his face was soo bewildered)
MIL: yop xde can la... dah terlepas...

well, that should boost one's confidence.. flattery comes in all shapes n sizes... (winkwink..)

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