Friday, April 4, 2008

bosan weihhh...

yaaaa... sgt lah bosannye... i thot i was ready for the impending boredomness to dawn upon me when i took up the job...but sadly, no... i'm not... i know i was risking a few years of complete boredom after switching from hospital setting to juz administrating... i thot i was really bored then, when i was interning in hospital.. n nothing could be more boring than that... now i'm facing something even worse! but then again, there's a dear friend who always remembered.. during my diploma days, i've juz arrived for a class n already said i'm bored almost everyday! :D

Luckily my job allows me to go whenever n wherever we organise courses, which is quite often in a year.. n sometimes when i have the chance n time, i go dispensing at one of the government clinics.. that kind of retains my sanity in a way.. n i have someone to lean on (literally) n share my life with... since we travel quite far to work, all i wanted to do is laze around, curling up on the sofa reading a novel while he's on the pc during the weekends.. bila dah sampai umah tu jadi malaaaasss sgt nk kuar blk... wayang pun lama jgk x tgk... huhuhu... tp once in a while p shopping2 mcm kene let loose dari kandang la... hahahaha... i was like, owh goodie! mac n la senza nk bkk outlet di pyramid! yeay! then go buy a few pairs of sandals in a go kind of thing..

anyways, taking pasta a lot has taken its toll on me... n my dear cik abg as well.. smpai kene beli new clothes je.. (alasan..) tp mmg ah... x muat ken... aaaaahhhh!!! gonna get some help on this... but does that mean i have to sacrifice my love for food? i sure hope not!

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