Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sgt lah sukaa!!!

i know this is kinda late post but I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL JOHNS!!!!!! tersgt lah jatuh bergolek2 chenta ku pada nya ever since i watched the dolly parton week... b4 that i watched AI like, biasa2 je la... none that i really like.. tp when i heard his rendition of 'its so wrong but its alright' i was like, phewwwiiitttt!!!! michael i love uuuuuu!!!!! (abg jgn risau, i love u soooo much more... and he's in the box, married n so unreachable... hehehe) xpercaya? watch this:

see? see? what did i tell u... superb n fabulicious... sgt manly his voice is, n oh tersgtlah yummy looking...(drool...)

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