Friday, May 9, 2008

iron man!!!!

dah lama gila ok since i went to a proper wayang.. being a lazy bum that i am, i always asked me dear cik abg to download n burn movies or series that i wanna watch (see... even THAT pun i dint do...i juz watch.. lol ;)) juz cuddle n go on marathons of desperate housewives (i practically dragged my dear abg to watch these with me for hours) n house n supernatural n bleach n naruto plus movies during weekends..

last weekend was one of the more exciting
weekend of my mundane n routine life... we watched ironman (duh... wayang je... i told u my life IS mundane)!!!!! i dint plan to watch this movie out of the dozens summer releases for this year, but i'm glad i did!! it was surprisingly good.. robert downey jr IS THE MAN!! he's definitely in his elements.. a very good potrayal of tony stark.. the outfit superb too!! the technology mmg far-fetched la... tersgt la canggihnye, but its a comic character anyway so who cares if it makes sense or not... hehehe... n technology for weaponry dah sgt evolved oredi, its juz that its not publicised so much, we sometimes overlooked it.. who knows if the pentagon or secret service or mossad or taliban or kgb or north korea or any body build yet another spying or asssasinating device or jets with mach 15 or nuclear bombs out there....???? ok ok skrg aku dah melalut... lol.. so back to the weekend...

i oso went for mph booksales on sunday morning.. thanks to miss farina i overspent my budget for books this month... kehkehkeh.. but honestly i'm really glad i went... thanks babe! a lot of books were on sale n the biggest bargain that i grabbed was a compilation of narnia stories which retailed at rm79.90 n sold there at rm18..yeay for me!!!

next stop for this weekend... (hopefully can go!!!!! (batting my short unmascara-ed eyelashes)
pweeetttyyy pweeeasssseeeee!!!)


farahlily said...

aku tahap lari dari opis sbb nk tgk ini movie, definitely worth lari-ing from office for :)

robert downey jr, i feel you!


i feel like watching the movie all over again sbb best sangat!!!!

anis-chan said...

btl2!! best la.. mmg mcm nk tgk len.. kehkehkeh..