Sunday, June 22, 2008

have you read?

OMG... i dunno what else to say when i heard this in the news... the price of paper is going up-up to 40 freaking percent!!!

i know everything's going up these days, but for paper industry to drop that bombshell is quite a shocker.. i think that's quite shocking considering the fact that ppl are more focused on the price of oil, and the toll, and food, and transportation, and tuition n nursery fees for children, and house rent, and maid.. what else aren't we worried about these days?

now u'll have to pay more for newspaper.. (note: to read only online then can cutdown newspaper cost)

for novels and magazines.. (if its really 40% then u'll have to pay 50bucks for a book that normally cost u 35.. super YIKES!)

for ur children's textbooks and workbooks and photocopied exercises..

for all ur photocopied notes (note to self: pls... no more printing feedbacks, juz keep them in d dem pc)

for all items that has labels (well the manufacturer will definitely blame raw materials prices)

oh wait, i think even banks will charge more than 50cents that they charge when u print out statements from their ATM..

what's really bugging me is, how are we going to cultivate good reading habits in our future generations without deteriorating their eye vision from staring at the pc too much as a result from rising prices of PAPER?

is it juz me being paranoid? u tell me... juz click this..

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